First and foremost I can not express the level of excitement that we here at Kick Out at 2! have for Sunday’s PPV!!! If you’re on this site you know how much we respect CM Punk and all of us have some degree of blood in our veins from “The Attitude Era” so seeing CM Punk vs The Rock is a real treat for us. Not to mention The Royal Rumble Match itself is the biggest match throughout the entire year! This Sunday will be Kick Out at 2’s PPV reunion meaning the first time we will all be watching live together since Night of Champions. With the addition of new friends and fans of CM Punk this is going to be nothing short of an awesome gathering! So lets get our picks out of the way and start a new year of PPV Predictions here at Kick Out at 2.

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. The Rock

Robbie’s Pick: The Rock – In the words of J.R. “Good God Almighty, This one here is gonna be a Slobberknocker folks!!” This is the most conflicted I have been for a match ever! The old school fan in me wants nothing more than for The Rock to become a 10 Time World Champion. On the other hand CM Punk, who will have held the title 434 Days Sunday, has been on the role of a life time. He has single handedly brought the much needed prestige back to the title and made it, along with The WWE, relevant again. I’m a huge fan of both guys so I will enjoy this match regardless of who wins. I want to say Punk will remain Champion but my gut tells me Rocky will be holding that title high once the smoke clears from what I’m sure will go down to be one of my favorite matches ever.

Shane’s Pick: – CM Punk – I may be wrong, but there’s a lot of me that sees this run with The Rock as “legitimizing Punk” as opposed to just putting the belt on Rock so that Cena can win it at the Rumble.  Right now, I have about ten different scenarios that could play out of the Rumble and into Mania that all include Punk, Rock and Cena, but for the life of me, I just don’t really see Punk losing the belt until Wrestlemania.

Derick’s Pick: The Rock – As much as it pains me to see CM Punk lose if it’s going to happen The Rock is the right choice. Punk has beaten everyone on the roster and The Rock is the most logical choice and something extremely fresh that RAW has needed. This could very well go down as being one of the biggest matches of Punk’s career. As a long time fan these are 2 of the very best and like everyone else I’m just enjoying this feud. At the same time I do find it a bit unsettling that Punk’s 434 day regin could very well be ended by a guy who has only Wrestled 2 matches in the last 7 years. Than again this could be part of what makes this so intriguing.

World Heavyweight Championship Last man Standing Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

Robbie’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio – I guess WWE didnt have the faith in The Big Show to headline going into Wrestlemania, which is understandable. Don’t get me wrong I respect the big man and his accomplishments but Show shines in gimmick matches but isn’t really known for long quality matches. Dropping the title to ADR on Smackdown just goes to show that Vince wants to give Alberto the push that has been on hold for some time now. Alberto is back where he should be on Smackdown with the title he should have won in the first place. I guess they didn’t want Show to look weak by having MITB cashed in on him twice so hopefully Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio is something I think I can enjoy in the coming months.

Shane’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio – From what I’ve been reading, ADR is their guy right now going into Mania, and it makes sense to build up a babyface champion so that Dolph can heel his way into the title run.

Derick’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio – I think something is up with The Big Show. He’s injured, ready to leave or pissed someone off. I thought they were gonna give Show a Mark Henry type run with Big Gold but apparently not. “Somebody’s Gonna get their ass kicked…somebody’s gonna get their wig split…” Sorry I mentioned Mark Henry so I gotta do this. “Beat ’em up, beat ’em up, break his neck, break his neck…..”

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Team Hell No! vs The Rhodes Scholars

Robbie’s Pick: Team Hell No! – Honestly I love both teams but I want Team Hell No! to do with the WWE Tag Team Championships what CM Punk has done for the WWE Championship. I want these guys to set a record and make the ugliest belts WWE has ever used prestigious as hell! (pun intended) I would love to see this team go on for a long time. I would have them successfully defend those belts for as long as possible to the point it gets ridiculous. I think once the group start to break up a story should be worked in where they hate each other so much they are purposely trying to loose the titles to get away from each other but simply can’t due to various reasons in each match. I think it would be a funny way to wrap this story up and give them both a nice accomplishment with a more than solid title reign.

Shane’s Pick: Team Hell No! – I’ m sorry, but Team Rhodes Scholars still just reeks of “throwing two guys together” instead of a tag team right now.  I know that is odd to say when they’re against another random pair, but Kane & Bryan have had a good run here lately and have a backstory and history.  Rhodes and Sandow work well together, but they’re still not a team in my mind.

Derick’s Pick: Team Hell No! – This will probably be the last time I pick Hell No to win. Rhodes Scholars are working pretty well together and had they not been split for a few weeks due to Cody’s injury I think they would have already won the titles by now. Kane and Daniel Bryan have been hilarious but its time we get D-Bry back in the main title picture again.

The Royal Rumble Match

Robbie’s Pick: John Cena – Good grief it hurts my souls to pick him as to who I think will win this thing. If Rock wins the title Cena wins the Rumble no doubt about it. We don’t need Rock vs Cena II but it will probably happen. Ryback would be the logical choice as a move to Smackdown and a quest for The World Heavyweight Championship would be the thing to boost his character back up after months of subpar booking. Dolph is my ideal choice though. Could you imagine him fighting for the title at Wrestlemania, losing the match but seconds later cashing in. Being able to brag he competed in 2 World Title matches at the same Wrestlemania and walked out Champion would be something awesome to add to the arrogance of his character. I would love any of the last 2 scenarios but sadly I see Cena winning this again…cause yeah he needs that at this point in his career. *rolls eyes*

Shane’s Pick: Ryback – The money’s on Cena, no doubt about it, but WWE has actually been putting Cena in high profile “he’s gonna get a title shot” moments and then pulling the rug out from under him for the last year.  Take Raw 1000, the TLC match from last month…I think we’re going to put some money into Ryback this year, so this is where I’m going.

Derick’s Pick: John Cena – I just threw up a little in my mouth at the thought of this. Unfortunately the Rumble has Cena in it so it will be like a normal match involving him. You will see everyone’s talents showcased only to take a back seat to John Cena “Overcoming the odds!” My God after after 10 years and 12 World Title Reigns are the odds really against this fool anymore? F***’s sake WWE, The Rumble Match hasn’t even happened and you have already pissed me off. GO F*** YOURSELF CENA!

WWE U.S. Championship Match: Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz

Robbie’s Pick: Antonio Cesaro  – I like The Miz and where they are going with his face turn and alignment with Ric Flair but I want Antonio to keep his title for awhile longer.  The fact this is happening on the pre-show and not the actual PPV does sadden me. The pre-show should be whatever random match the throw in that isn’t advertised. Something tells me we will be slipping back into that for at least one match on this PPV.

Shane’s Pick: The Miz – They’re gonna do something to piss me off, I just know it, and this is probably going to be it.

Derick’s Pick: Antonio Cesaro – It’s the beginning of a feud and Antiono was made to look like a fool in front of Flair. His in ring ability will speak for itself to show just how serious this dude can be.

**The Dark Match**

This is a custom made video I stumbled on on YouTube uploaded by N2074. Perfect Editing with the intense promos between Rock and Punk.  Some of the comments say it’s biased towards Punk but honestly there is more recent material to work with from Punk than The Rock. Nevertheless it’s an amazing video and gets the emotion across of the magnitude of this match. Enjoy

  1. BEF says:

    Oy vey. Hope y’all enjoy the show… I wouldn’t mind to see HHH, HBK, or Taker make an appearance.

  2. harleyisnarley says:

    Harleyisnarley Will cry if Punk loses. But I agree, if he going to lose, I find it easier to accept if he lost to The Rock rather than some puss like John Cena. But I am a CM Punk girl all the way.

  3. thatdoesntsoundright says:

    the only way i’ll be happy is if both Cena and Rock LOSE!! Not just because I am a huge Punk fan, but because there are more interesting storyline possibilities if both of them lose. I am pretty sure the idiotic shareholders will be huge on Rock/Cena at WM so that they get more money, what they don’t realize is that they will lose all that money, unless and until they build up the future, and that won’t happen as long as the story is Cena overcoming the non existent odds. But then I doubt that these idiots have that foresight. I want to be optimistic, and I am also excited about this PPV after a long long time – this is the turning point for the business – make the new stars now when you can – because not a lot of Attitude era stars are left who can elevate the current talent.

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