Ragging on “smarks”…aka, “we’re all fans here!”

Posted: January 28, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D

RR13_Photo_100Everywhere from Twitter to Reddit to Facebook, my respective news feeds have been pretty polarizing when it comes to the Royal Rumble last night.  When it comes down to it, the most predictable and probably the most profitable thing happened…we’re setting up for The Rock vs John Cena for the WWE Championship, which is going to be a huge match at Mania this year.  For the WWE’s bottom line, I’d imagine this was the plan all along.  The reactions, though,  have pretty much come in two extremes…those upset that it’s going to be the John Cena show again after a year of Punk as Champion and those that are complaining about the people complaining about this.

I’m going to go ahead and just lay this out there as to get it out of the way.  What happened last night was the last thing I wanted to see happen.  I didn’t want Rock to win the title.  I didn’t want John Cena to win the Royal Rumble.  I don’t want to see Rock vs Cena II in March.

Laying that out leads me to what prompted me to write this little reactionary piece.  I saw quite a few people in my Twitter feed saying things along the lines of “stupid smarks upset about Rock Cena will still watch Raw tomorrow” or “they’ll still buy Wrestlemania.”  I don’t really know when it became cool to berate someone else just on their own personal opinions or to treat the people upset at Punk losing as just angry “smarks” or the “IWC.”  Me, personally, I don’t care who someone cheers for or who they want to win, because it doesn’t effect me in one way.  However, it seems like some people just get up in arms over people being upset someone else happens to voice their displeasure about what happened.  If you’re unhappy that Punk lost last night, you can be.  If you’re happy that Rock won, or that Cena won, you can be.  That’s the beauty of having a roster of so many different personalities and wrestlers.  You can cheer for and be happy with whoever you want, and you can hate or boo whoever you want.  Continuing to watch the product despite not liking that a certain wrestler won or lost the night before doesn’t make one an idiot.  It simply means they’re continuing to be a fan.  I don’t remember seeing tweets from Alabama fans that said “stupid Notre Dame fans upset that they lost…bet they’ll still watch next year!  #Marks”

Will I watch Raw tonight?  Yes.

Will I watch Wrestlemania?  Yes.

So Punk lost…so the main event of Wrestlemania really isn’t a match I want to see…those two things do not the WWE make.

  1. BEF says:

    This is the part I don’t care about too much when it comes to sports, or even tv shows. We should all have a respect for each other and each others opinions when it comes to these things. Trust me there are bigger fish to fry.
    I’m not a punk fan because of some of his references, and the red circles in his palms. In my thoughts Punk thinks he is JESUS – and that’s not cool at all. However, I do not bash my friends who like him (although I wished they didn’t – ha ha).
    It is a diverse world we live in, so let’s be kind to all, and enjoy the ride…
    Oy vey
    Wooooo Haaa
    I can dig it
    I like eggs!
    Be of good cheer

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