The Problem with PPV’s

Posted: February 4, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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For the most part over the last 2 years I have been pretty happy with the format WWE has been using for their PPV’s. However just like Shane pointed out in his column last year The Elimination has become “A Speed bump on The Road to Wrestlemania.” Don’t get me wrong I love The Elimination Chamber match in and of itself but the placement for this as a stand alone PPV is in the worst possible position it could be in from a scheduling standpoint.

The Elimination Chamber match is billed as the most fierce and grueling environment of any match that currently takes place in The WWE and since its inception in 2002 there have been many World Titles defended inside this structure as well as new champions crowned. Therein lies the problem with this match nowadays. The Elimination Chamber was designed for the sole purpose of having 6 of the best Superstars competing for the richest prize in WWE. Having such a high profile match between The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania takes away from so many things. It hurts the championship, the champion, booking, storytelling and it takes away from The Rumble Win being a “Golden Ticket” to Main Event Wrestlemania.

Last week on Smackdown we learned that this years Elimination Chamber Match would involve Smackdown Superstars and that the winner of the match will be awarded the number one contendership to Main Event Wrestlemania for The World Heavyweight Championship…. *sigh* Now this isn’t the first time this has happened but it just shows us yet again that this PPV needs to be moved. The most brutal match in WWE should not be used to determine a number one contender and it clearly has become an ongoing issue when it comes to booking.

My solution? Move the PPV or just have the Elimination Chamber match take place at Summerslam or one of the other PPV’s with a higher buy-rate. Shane and I were talking about this last night and we both agree that honestly there shouldn’t be a PPV between The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. After The Rumble there should be a freeze put on both World Titles until the challenger has made up his mind on which Championship he will chose to fight for at Wrestleania. It would put the focus back on the World Titles and also give them a solid 2 months to build stories and fill the card for Wrestlemania.

That being said I can also see why having a PPV between Rumble and Mania can continue to draw interest but the format needs to change. Perhaps they could bring back King of The Ring and have a solid PPV with 3 hours of the tournament. Of course you could make it interesting and even have the United States Championship and Intercontinental Championships defended in these brackets as well and it could just be used as a night of solid wrestling. I would love to see this tournament return and with people like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler in the mix I think it could be something that could be used properly and make an impact in returning to the PPV lineup.

Money In The bank is also another PPV that ran into some issues this year. For years The Money in The Bank Ladder Match was a staple of Wrestlemania and had became one of the things I loved seeing during the show. This year at the stand alone PPV both matches happened like normal however the WWE Championship side of things was a throw away match really. They changed the rules and only had former WWE Champions in the match and instead of 8 competitors they only had 4. As soon as I saw the booking on this one I knew they were struggling for a solid story for 2 Money in The Bank Winners. Money in The Bank should return to Wrestlemania. If it continues to stand alone as a separate PPV I can handle that but I would like it to return to the original formula of just one briefcase existing between both shows. The mystery of which Champion the Money in The Bank Briefcase holder would cash in on was one of those things that kept the element of this concept intriguing.

Sometimes in the huge world of WWE things can kinda get lost in the shuffle but sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go and sometimes its just the simplest changes like these that can go a long way.


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