The John Cena Problem

Posted: February 20, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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For the last 10 Years now John Cena has been an integral part of the WWE. However over the course of this time frame the John Cena “Character” has grown beyond stale and to quote Peter Griffin most fans have found him to now be “…both shallow and pedantic.” Yes he has main evented time and time again and has even had some pretty good matches with the likes of CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Triple H and Shawn Michaels however for the most part if you’ve seen one of his matches than pretty much you have seen them all. Over these 10 years I have had a love hate relationship with this guy. He has earned my respect for some of the things he has done both in and out of the ring but now he has just become so mind numbingly dull it’s almost nauseating when his music hits and I usually find myself trying to fast forward live TV on my DVR.

This Monday Night on RAW, Cena opened up the show. Watching live with some friends, we all braced ourselves for the obligatory, “I’m going to beat The Rock at Wrestlemania and become WWE Champion…” speech that we knew would soon follow his normal routine. You know the one, the one that involves his out of date entrance music blaring over the speakers while he bounces back and forth off the ropes, all the while looking for the first 5 year old he can find that won’t throw his hat and shirt back at him. Cena grabs a mic and begins doing his same old deal we get to see week in and week out. During the incoherent ramblings of, “..overcoming the odds,  Winning The Rumble and ‘earning’ a WWE Championship Match…”, the 2nd half of The WWE Universe let out a collective sigh when that all to familiar static hit and “Cult of Personality” begin to fill the arena.

It’s no secret that we here at Kick Out at 2! are “Paul Heyman Guys”, so any time CM Punk is on the screen of course we are going to take notice. Punk begin to speak the truth about John Cena and the way his character is portrayed in the WWE. Punk was in the middle of making some extremely logical and valid points only to be interrupted by Cena’s words of “For once it’s not about CM Punk…” Once Cena uttered those words, I instantly channeled every wrestlers reactions of disbelief from The Miz’s “REALLY!?” all the way up to Booker T.’s “Tell Me He Didn’t Just Say That!” Hearing that comment from Cena genuinely enraged me.

Whoever wrote this line for Cena is an idiot and Cena is an idiot for saying it, plain and simple. A guy who has been in the main event for the past 8 years. Who has headlined Wrestlemania after Wrestlemania. Who has been booked to look like Superman, has no right to complain about someone else finally being in the spot light. Cena has had his turn and its time to move on. I mean Its really downright laughable when you think of it. The fact that they are so concerned about not making Cena look weak has hurt them in so many other potential areas they could be capitalizing on. During the first part of CM Punk’s Title Reign, John Cena was featured as the main event of the PPVs, not The WWE Champion. Ryback, who for all  intents and purposes, was positioned to be WWE’s own version of Goldberg, hit the brick wall that is John Cena and lost all his momentum. During the match against The Shield Sunday, Ryback takes the fall while Cena looks awkward trying to act confused moments before the pin fall occurred. Dolph Ziggler, who should currently be World Heavyweight Champion right now, has spent the last 2 months jobbing to Cena. I mean really, where does it end?

We can always hope right?

It becomes more and more apparent that with each passing year John Cena has become the modern day Hulk Hogan. The only difference between Hulk Hogan and John Cena is Cena took the hand away from his ear and put it in front of his face. Unfortunately, we CAN see you Cena and a change of scenery is long overdue. The biggest thing that Hogan ever did was when he turned heel and formed the nWo. It was a moment that changed the landscape of professional wrestling and had huge ramifications on the business. If Cena were to have his moment of going heel I guarantee the WWE would erupt and people would eat it up like candy. Unfortunately its just wishful thinking and I don’t see Cena ever going heel for the remainder of his career.

Yes Cena is a huge part of The WWE but I really do believe its time for him to step away from the title picture. Perhaps he could be used as a “special attraction” instead of a title contender, much like The Undertaker and Triple H have been used for years now. Being a 10 Time WWE Champion and 2 Time World Heavyweight Champion there isn’t anything he really has left to prove. Taking Cena out of the title picture would breathe some fresh air into the title division and give many of the others on the roster their much needed chance to advance. WWE needs to learn not to build a show around one person and to utilize and showcase the talents of everyone they employe. If they would do this they wouldn’t struggle so much to find new talent, ratings would improve and you wouldn’t feel like you were watching the same thing week after week.

Robbie C.


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