Does The Rock need to be kicked in the skull?

Posted: March 16, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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This is the question that is on my mind this evening. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of The Rock but for the last 2 weeks something has been bugging me that I hadn’t been able to put my finger on… until last night.  Last Monday, CM Punk and The Undertaker generated more buzz for their upcoming match at Wrestlemania then John Cena and The Rock II has since the early stages of the ground work being laid for this re-match.

Last night I was re-watching my  “CM Punk: Best in The World” Blu-ray and I got to the part that covers CM Punk’s World Heavyweight Championship Title reigns, in particular his first Championship reign in 2008. Punk and Michael Hayes do a wonderful job explaining this point in Punk’s WWE career. Although it was one of his highest accomplishments it wasn’t given the proper respect and attention that it deserved.

They both explain that the focal point of professional wrestling should most always be the championship itself. The title means you’re currently the best and on top of your game and everyone should be coming after the gold that the Champion possesses.  Hayes discusses that there were some rivalries going on during that time that superseded the title. Sometimes there are stars that are bigger than the title and the call was made that the Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels program did need the title.

What resulted from this call was CM Punk losing his chance to defend his Championship at Unforgiven and was “incapacitated” by a kick to the skull from Randy Orton backstage before the match.  Chris Jericho was added as his replacement and won the title in the Championship Scramble. The title was now involved in the story that had everyone’s attention and WWE was happy the attention was now on their main draw again.

This brings us to the current stories and settings. Without a doubt, especially after Monday, all eyes are focused on Punk and Taker for Mania. Yes, The Rock vs John Cena for the WWE Championship will probably headline Wrestlemania but honestly this match didn’t need to be for the title. It was inevitable this match would happen again simply because Cena’s shoulders were cleanly pinned to the mat, giving Rocky the win. Had WWE knew The Undertaker would be medically cleared in time for Mania I believe Punk would still be champion going in and that it would have been Punk’s insanely long Championship reign vs Taker’s Undefeated Streak.

Punk and Taker will be the match that everyone will be talking about after that night comes to a close. Like Michael Hayes said “Sometimes there are stars bigger than the title.” It’s good to see that Punk’s career has come full circle and now he’s one of those guys that “supersedes the title” and everyone is looking at. Even without the title this is without a doubt THE STORY that this Wrestlemania season will be known for.

There’s still time for Randy to slip in, punt The Rock and get the title back on CM Punk though, right?

  1. My original prediction for the Rumble was the Rumble closing (why not? People already paid to see the show so it’s not like they’re going to retroactively lose sales by Rock’s match not closing). I’ve ‘improved’ upon my original idea because hindsight’s 20/20.. but…

    Punk pins the Rock, cleanly. CM Punk perhaps sits at ringside or does commentary during the Rumble. You have the ring fill up, and Cena comes out, does his signature moves, but eliminates no one. Rock comes out as a surprise entrant, does a few Rock Bottoms, and is face to face with Cena. They get competitive and take turns eliminating people. Then, someone like Big Show comes out, and both Rock & Cena eliminate him together. Cena’s positioned in a way where he’s closer to big show, so Rock sneaks behind him and dumps him out too. Then, does the ‘just bring it’ hand gesture over the ropes. Cena grabs his arm and pulls him out, a la Sid/Hogan.

    I originally expected Undertaker to be the number 30. Didn’t know he was in such rough shape at the time. But my idea was for taker to win the rumble (yeah, again, but it’s for the greater good) and immediately set up a match versus Punk. Similarly, you’d have Rock/Cena immediately set up as well.

    The more I think about it, though, the way they did it works just fine. But the streak vs streak match could have happened as Rock/Cena doesn’t even need the title. But, what’s worse, having the title on The Rock? or The Undertaker. Both are part timers, but one is physically capable of dropping the title or defending it when needed. The way they did it makes sense because you wouldn’t have a month-long reign from Taker or force him to wrestle more than he has to. Similarly, The Rock hasn’t had to wrestle more than he’s had to, and Elimination Chamber was a bit of a bonus. Months ago, no one really would have expected Rock to wrestle on a “B-PPV.” A Rumble-Mania reign isn’t 460 days, but it’s acceptable for the sake of setting up a story (even if we don’t want to hear it).

    That all being said, I don’t have a problem with the match happening, but HOW it’s happening.

    • Kick Out At 2! says:

      Agreed. It’s usually the build up that entertains us and gets us excited for the big matches but it seems like the main three were way too predicable. Don’t feel bad for picking Taker to win The Rumble again after all Cena went 2 Time Rumble Winner this year just for the (lackluster) story. Your idea would have had that old school wrestling vibe behind it.

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