Who needs to impress at Wrestlemania?

Posted: April 3, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D, Wrestlemania Week!
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Wrestlemania WeekIf you’re going to show off in the WWE, the “Showcase of the Immortals” is the obvious place to do it.  It’s guaranteed to be the biggest PPV audience of the year as well as the biggest live crowd of the year and it’s pretty much the Super Bowl of professional wrestling, so all eyes are on you.  This year’s lineup of matches is a very interesting hodge podge and, while some matches seem kind of thrown together last minute, there are a few people on the card that I personally feel need to step up as high as they can and put themselves in the spotlight on Sunday night.

FandangoFirst up, Fandango.  I’m not going to lie…thus far, I’ve had no interest in this character.  I honestly feel that he’s destined to be Tensai’d in a few months and his whole dancing schtick will be dropped and he’ll be repackaged.  In a lot of ways, I feel that this match against Chris Jericho will determine whether he’s repackaged in a good way and pushed on Raw, or whether he’ll be on Main Event or NXT for the next few months.  From what I’ve heard, buzz-wise, Johnny Curtis has the goods.  From what I’ve seen thus far, he’s got a hell of a look, an awesome legdrop, and the ability to get heat without really even doing anything thus far in the ring.  These are all good things.  However, debuting at Wrestlemania is huge.  Debuting against Chris Jericho is huge.  Doing both…yeah, that’s putting yourself in a situation where success is really the only way out.  They’re not going to blame Jericho if the match goes south…that’s all going to rest on Fandango’s head.  He needs to come out and be memorable.  Be awesome.  I need to be talking about him and anxious to see him on Raw Monday.  Here’s hoping he pulls it off.

SwaggerNext up…the All American American.  I dislike this angle, I’m not going to lie or sugar coat it.  It has nothing to do with Swagger, who I WANT to like.  It has nothing to do with Dirty Dutch, who I think is doing excellent in this role.  It’s more the fact that I don’t see it going anywhere outside of this match.  Sure, I guess there’s a few ways to spin his uber-Right Wing thoughts off onto other superstars, but thus far he’s basically just been attacking Mexican immigrants.  After he takes on Del Rio, who’s next?  Sin Cara?  Rey Mysterio?  Sheamus?  I’ve really yet to see much room for growth out of this and that saddens me.  I really think Swagger has what it takes to be a big name.  Will he be Austin?  No.  However, I think he could make a good, viable 6 month run on Smackdown with the title.  He’s talented and I dig his new unkempt look.  Less Biff Tannen is a good thing when it comes to Swagger.  Swagger needs to look like a huge threat at the end of this match and, honestly, he needs to win the title.  He needs to do it in a way that is going to show us that there is life to this character and that it’s not going to be the same song over and over.  We already have that over on Raw…

shieldThirdly, The Shield.  Now, I’m impressed as all get out with these guys.  They’re one of my favorite groups in wrestling right now and I can’t wait to see them really bust loose.  Sadly, they’re going to lose on Sunday.  The only way I see them winning is with a Randy Orton heel turn.  That’s it.  Outside of that, the Super Friends are going to the pay window.  In losing they need to come off still looking like badasses.  I’m afraid that by feeding them to three main eventers that we’ll see a five minute match where the three guys all eat finishers and the babyfaces rejoice.  That can’t happen.  The Shield, whether they continue out as a unit or whether this is where they break into singles runs, need to come out of Mania strong.  These guys are the mid-card of the next few years.  They need to show that they can hang with the big boys, but that they still need just a little more polish.  Plus, I’m waiting on them to actually start wearing ring gear.  Their SWAT outfits are still the only thing I don’t really like about them…

Lastly, we can’t…or shouldn’t…talk about showing off without including Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler is the man we’ve all been watching over the last few months, just hoping…waiting…wondering when he was going to cash in that damn briefcase.  Ziggler has become one of my favoritedolph-ziggler-2 wrestlers to watch over the last two years and I’m waiting on him to finally make the run.  Oddly, he’s in a match for the Tag Team titles as opposed to a singles match, but honestly, I dig the combination of Dolph and Big E Langston, and I actually hope they win the tag straps. 

This one is hard, though, as I already said that I think Swagger needs to win the title to keep him strong.  So, Dolph gets a Choose Your Own Adventure run with this one.  If Swagger wins, Dolph and Langston need to win the tag straps.  They need to have an amazing match and go on and look awesome as champs.  Langston needs to play the Diesel role to Ziggler’s HBK and make Dolph look like a star in this match and over the next few months so that we can lead into him cashing in the MITB.  If Alberto retains, Ziggler needs to cash in immediately and win the title.  If this happens, I want the World Heavyweight Championship match to be AFTER the Tag Team Championship match, so that people feel that they’ve already seen Dolph’s big Wrestlemania moment…then BOOM!  Double gold, baby!

So, there you have my choices for who needs to bring it at Wrestlemania.  I’d throw an honerable mention out to John Cena, as well, but, truthfully, the people who love him will love him win or lose and he’ll continue to be John Cena win or lose…although we all know he’s going to win.  I’m just hoping for a lot better match than last year and that I don’t hate it too much when he gets the pin.

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