Fandango’s “ChaChaLaLa” on it’s way to No. 1 on iTunes!?!?

Posted: April 10, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Announcements, Robbie C
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Over the last couple days Fandango has taken the Internet Wrestling Community by storm. What has originally started with the Jersey crowd inside the IZOD Center has apparently spread all over the world. In a global effort the fans of WWE have taken it upon themselves to make Fandango’s theme song entitled “ChaChahLaLa” the No. 1 download on iTunes. A cause, that I believe originally started on Wrestling Memes Official Facebook Page has had huge ramifications. According to Nick Paglino of  “ChaChaLaLa” has climbed overnight from outside the top 1,000 and rocketed into the charts, currently sitting at No. 30 in the UK.

Like other sites have stated we all need to band together and download the song from iTunes. With the crazy night of Monday Night Raw that we all had the pleasure of seeing I think its time our collective voice is heard. We have a chance to show the world just how fun and crazy wrestling fans can be and none of us should pass up this opprotunity.

To download the song on iTunes: Click Here

To Follow the story as I am: “Like” Wrestling Memes on Facebook.

– Robbie Croy


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