Pulling the trigger too soon…

Posted: April 19, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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20130408_raw_cena_henry_ryback_light_r1I’m  not going to lie…last week, when Ryback stared down John Cena…then laid him out after helping him up, I marked out.  It was two-fold.  1) John Cena was getting beat up.  2)  Ryback was being shown to be a main player.  Both of these things excited me…

But, of course, I was skeptical.

In my heart of hearts, I wanted it to be Ryback just sending a message.  “You’re not invincible, Cena, and I’m coming for you eventually.”  That’s a clear message and it’s the right message to send.  With The Rock pretty much gone, Brock still embroiled in a feud with Triple H and Cena having already beaten everyone else ten times over, Ryback is in the position to be the big man on campus through this year.  However, in my mind, WWE got antsy and rushed it, and in doing so, hurt what could have been awesome if they’d have waited until this summer.

I really didn’t want Ryback to be the heel in this.  It’s  not time for him to do that yet.  People like him and he’s been building into a good babyface for the WWE.  Within a few months of him being pushed correctly, he could have easily taken the spot as their #2 babyface on Raw.  I don’t really like to play Tuesday Morning Booker on this site a lot, but I think running Ryback for the rest of the spring and into Summerslam as a babyface would have been the way to go.  Have him cross Cena’s path a few times, just to let him know he’s there, until you’re ready to go at Summerslam…or hell, Mania next year if you can wait that long…with the big match that lets Ryback get the title.

All that crashed when I heard his Promo on Monday, though.  I liked it, truthfully.  It said a lot about what I feel about the Cena character and did actually give Ryback some motivation in taking Cena out last Monday.  However, it clearly put him as a heel in this program.  The way that they followed up that night with the two in the ring cemented in my mind that this is going to be a month program…two at most…with Cena overcoming the odds and then Ryback’s shuffled off into odd heel territory that he shouldn’t be in afterwards.

I’m hoping they can pull something different out of this, but at the moment, that’s what I see.  Super Cena overcoming Ryback at Extreme Rules, then Ryback as a mid-card heel floundering for a few months afterwards.  In my mind, at least thus far into the program, there was a better way if they hadn’t jumped the gun.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.



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