Greetings Kick Out at 2 readers and welcome back to this week’s edition of RAW IS XANATOS! I hate to be so negative here latley with this post but man alive RAW seems to be on a steady downhill slide. The Extreme Rules PPV is this Sunday and aside from the Triple H vs Brock Lesnar feud there has been no real build to any of the matches. That being said the new information for The Shield was something I called last week and hope the result is the one I have in mind. For now though lets reflect on the (very) few shining moments from RAW last night with…RAW IS XANATOS!

My Top Moments of this RAW:

1) CM Punk & Anti-Cena signs on Front Row – There was a small group of people in the front row last night with some signs that just absolutely reflected most of my thoughts about RAW in the previous weeks. “Wake Me Up When The Best In The World Returns!” “RAW Needs Punk!” & “Turn Cena Interesting!” cracked me up and genuinely put a smile on my face. People front row telling Vince we are not impressed with his current product should be a wake up call to the man in charge.

2) Dolph Ziggler not being stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship- As soon as I heard Dolph had suffered an concussion last week my first fear was he would be stripped of the title. I’m happy to hear they did a work around and are able to keep the title on Dolph going forward. Hopefully by next month’s PPV he will be good to go.

3) The Shield –I can not express how happy I am that Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston for The United States Championship was added to the Extreme Rules PPV. At first I originally thought The Shield would capture the Tag Team titles and defend them under the “Freebirds Rule” but now it looks like Sunday The Shield will have 3 Titles in the group and this makes me very, very happy! I have mixed feelings with The Shield taking their first “loss” due to a disqualification but how are you gonna keep their momentum on them when fighting Super-Cena. Easy answer book Cena to take a clean loss…oh wait, I’m talking about WWE… my bad.

4) Triple H vs Brock Lesnar Interaction I swear each time I see this I feel like I’m watching WWE through a wormhole set in 2002 and that is not a bad thing. Honestly this program is a shadow of what wrestling used to mean to me. I really do miss days like this when stories were interesting, personal and lead to a solid feud with a good conclusion. I’m sure Hunter and Brock will not disappoint Sunday.

5) Mark Henry – I like the way the big man has been used. Back when he won the World Title a year and a half ago I figgin loved every second of it. Again another reminder for me of Old School Wrestling I just wish we would have seen this version of Mark 10 Years ago or so.

Well there you have it folks, a quick rundown of some of my favorite thoughts and moments pertaining to this week’s episode of RAW. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for the next issue of… RAW IS XANATOS.

– Robbie C.


  1. BEF says:

    Wooooo Haaaaaaa!!!! I still like Cena though…..He he he

    • Kick Out At 2! says:

      You must really like being bored and watching the same thing week after week. Just sayin’ 🙂

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