Totally slipped up on us so here are our quick predictions for this months PPV known as Extreme Rules….. Why is Sheamus on the poster again?

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match: John Cena vs Ryback

Robbie’s Pick: John Cena – BOOOOOOOORING! Man alive… 1 month into his undeserved 11th WWE Championship reign we are back to the same old stuff. In the process Cena has destroyed all of Ryback’s momentum and after the PPV Ryback will slip back into midcard Heel Hell. Lost in the shuffle due to the broken system of the Super-Cena face character. Anyone remember when the WWE Championsip was relevant? If only there was a Best in The World and a phenomenal young talent trained by Shawn Michaels and William Regal who could actually Wrestle for the World WRESTLING Entertainment Championship.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena:  This is happening way too early, in my opinion.  This should have went down at Summerslam.  I just have a feeling that we’re going to get this match and then Ryback is going to be feuding with Kofi for the US title in two months.

Derick’s Pick: John Cena – YAY! EVERYONE LOOK! JOHN CENA IS BACK IN THE MAIN TITLE PICTURE….SAID NO ONE EVER!!!!! Seriously didn’t we already see Cena in the main title picture in 2005…and 2006…and 2007…and 2008…and 2009…and 2010…and 2011…and 2012…and OH MY GOD WILL SOME MAKE A WISH KID ASK THIS F***ER TO TURN HEEL ALREADY!

Steel Cage Match: Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

Robbie’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – This has been my favorite part of RAW second only to The Shield. It’s time for Brock to get a solid Win and to avenge his loss from last years Extreme Rules.

Shane’s Pick: Triple H – I’m hoping for a really good match with this one, but I just don’t see Brock pulling it off this time.

Derick’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – Seriously still conflicted over this entire feud. These are two of my favorite guys who just absolutely love to beat the hell out of anyone they are in the ring with and I love it. Seeing them tear others apart always puts a smile on my face but seeing them go one on one with each other is nothing short of a War. Just please Hunter this time….leave the fog machine at home.

“I QUIT” No 1 Contenders Match for The World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

Robbie’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio – Time for Alberto Del Rio to get his rematch for the World Title and for Swagger to go play time out and put the doobie down for 30 days.

Shane’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio – I’m shocked Swagger’s still around and hasn’t been sent home for a while, but maybe this is it.  Or, who knows.

Derick’s Pick: ALLLLLBBBBEEEERRRRRTTTTTTOOOOOO DEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  – Later pothead! Kick Out at 2 is a drug free zone. Hey while your coming down off that high hopefully you will finally realize you’re not Kurt Angle. Also Alan Parrish is looking for your buddy, they have a game to finish….. I gotta calm down….

United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose

Robbie’s Pick: Dean Ambrose –I swear this whole scenerio is turning into a modern day Fout Horseman or Evolution and I love it. The Shield holding 3 of the 4 titles on RAW? Now to add a chick to the group & Punk to return for his WWE Championship and finally be revealed as the leader all along and I’m happy!

Shane’s Pick: Dean Ambrose –Ambrose has become my favorite part of the Shield and I can’t wait to see how this match plays out.

Derick’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Yeah….what Rob said. Total Wrestling Nerdgasm!

WWE Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match: Team Hell No vs. The Shield’s Reigns and Rollins

Robbie’s Pick: Reigns and Rollins – Time to get the new group rolling and Daniel Bryan back in the title picture where he belongs.

Shane’s Pick: Reigns and Rollins – Yeah, lets get these guys all blinged out. Yeah, I just said it.  Bling is cool…when it’s on The Shield!

Derick’s Pick: Reigns and Rollins – Hold on… still having that Nerdgasm….

Strap Match: Sheamus vs Mark Henry

Robbie’s Pick: Mark Henry – Because that’s what he does!

Shane’s Pick: Sheamus – I want it to go the other way, but, I see Sheamus on this one.

Derick’s Pick: Mark Henry – Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked! Me and Mark Henry’s music plus being stuck in traffic doesn’t mix well. I’m looking at you Chinese couple on Interstate 81…..*shifty eyes*

Randy Orton vs The Big Show

Robbie’s Pick: Randy Orton- Remember when this guy was the no 2 face in the company? Yeah time for him to be the no 2 Heel again in the company.

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – Time for them to do something with him.  Yeah, I know that he’s 2 strikes down and the 3rd one is termination, so maybe they’re just hesitant to be put in a position where their champ has to get fired, but for goodness sake, just do something with Randy.

Derick’s Pick: Randy Orton – This guy needs to get back in the game with the quickness. I’m not even mad at him…. I’m just disappointed.

Chris Jericho vs Fandango

Robbie’s Pick: Chris Jericho – This guys has come back time and time again for 32 years now to put people over. Time to give him a solid win to reasure us Y2J is the man and reward him for his time and dedication to the WWE fanbase.

Shane’s Pick: Fandango – I don’t think Jericho’s done in the “putting Fandango over” station of this return yet.  Hoping for a good match.

Derick’s Pick: Chris Jericho – Yeah again what Rob said…. I swear sometimes this dude is literally right in my head sharing my thoughts and knows exactly what I want to say….sketchy!


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