Greetings Kick Out at 2 readers and welcome back to this week’s edition of RAW IS XANATOS! Is it just me or has RAW just been bad since The Royal Rumble season? I mean what happened!? Go back to this time after Wrestlemania 28 and the fans were still on fire. “YES!” was the big thing. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Kane were involved in the WWE title picture. Kane was on RAW being featured as a contender for the most prestigious title…AND IT WORKED! Now RAW is just bland, predictable and unbelievable. The point of this weekly segment was to talk about the positive things from each episode, sadly enough this is getting harder and harder to do with each passing week. Let’s see if we can find something to reflect on from this dismel state of the WWE with this weeks…RAW IS XANATOS!

My Top Moments of this RAW:

1) The Shield – I truly and honestly believe Vince knows RAW is in the crapper. To settle the unruly IWC there is no doubt in my mind that the trigger was pulled to bring 3 of the Championships to everyone’s favorite stable to appease us in these dark days of RAW. The Shiled is the only thing that is currently holding RAW together. Until some major changes are made to the product no one is going to really care about anything outside of this stable.

2) The Miz and Chris Jericho teaming up- Anyone else remember those few weeks in 2010 when these two teamed up? I do and I loved it then. Back when they were both heels I really saw them building something with the “Ego-Maniacs” but nothing ever came from it. Seeing them team together again last night was pretty cool.

3)Titus O’Neil in Singles Competition –I have liked Titus since day one of his NXT run. The dude is just massive and I could see the big man having a bright future in the company. I know a lot of people have issues with the fact that there have been no black men to hold the WWE Championship. I would love for Titus to be the man that breaks this trend and move on as a serious competitor.

4) The Shield vs Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston This match lasted 20 mins or so, took place on RAW and consisted of 3 former ROH Champions. Do I need to say anything else?

5) New Paul Heyman Guy – Currently mixed on this but if anyone can save the Hennig Legacy its Paul Heyman. They haven’t done much with him since the McGillicutty character so hopefully the acknowledgment of his father’s legacy will help him. In all honestly this is how he should have originally debuted. I guess only time will tell if this run is better than the previous attempt.

Well there you have it folks, a quick rundown of some of my favorite thoughts and moments pertaining to this week’s episode of RAW. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for the next issue of… RAW IS XANATOS.

– Robbie C.



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