Chikara – Down the rabbit hole we go (Post 1)

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ChikaraIt seems like after the events of the iPPV Never Compromise on Saturday, a lot of eyes are now firmly on Chikara Pro.  Of course, one of the things that turned those eyes towards it is the seeming demise of my most beloved of wrestling companies.  After the events of the final match on Saturday, it seems Chikara is no more as their remaining events for the rest of the year have all been cancelled.

There are a ton of rumors and a lot of speculation out there but not a lot of answers or info.  This is both frustrating and intriguing and, over the course of the last two days, I’m feeling like I’m being sucked further and further down the rabbit hole as I poke around looking for answers.

I know that I haven’t been writing a lot over the last few months here and I mean to rectify that…and a good mystery sounds like the best way to get back in the swing of things.  Now, I have a good amount of Chikara to catch up on, so my first few posts will be a lot of just throwing out the information that is out there into one place (using a lot of links, as people out there have already been digging into this and have posted a lot of good information in a lot of good places) and as my DVDs that were hastily ordered from Smart Mark Video begin to arrive and as more info comes out about this, the posts will begin to catch up more to current and we’ll go from there.

Quick rundown of what we know:

On Saturday night during the main event of Never Compromise, Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur and the members of Condor Security (personal security put into place by Wink) came out and interrupted the match, sending the wrestlers to the back and forcing the members of the crowd to leave the arena, tearing the set down as well.  In the aftermath of this, Chikara has cancelled all of their upcoming shows.

Thus far, the theme for the shows in Season 12 have all been quotes from Watchmen, Alan Moore’s dystopian look at the super hero genre.  The world in Watchmen is a dark place where heroes aren’t really what they seem and madman is planning mass destruction.  I’ll get more into Watchmen as we go and once I can really mark spoilers as I don’t want to get into ruining one of my favorite books for those that may not have read it yet in a post like this.


A while back, Chikara was purchased by Worldwide Media Development Corporation.  Signs are pointing to this being a subsidiary of the Titor Congolmerate, who also is the parent company of the aforementioned Condor Security.   Titor’s Executive Vice President of Acquistion is W. Conrad Vavasseur, Wink’s father.

At the end of Shoulder of Pallas, Mike Quackenbush was handed information from someone in a ballcap with the letters NPA (which may be tied to this website) and was subsequently removed from the roster page and not to be seen again in Chikara.

Possible Theories:

A lot of this all centers around one person.  Archibald Peck.

archieWhy, you ask?  Because Marchie Archie is a time traveler.  This has happened multiple times and has quite possibly resulted in a fractured timeline that is causing us to see a version of Chikara that shouldn’t exist.  I find it interesting that the trailer for Season 12 (this current season) of Chikara features the Chikara logo made up of fractured glass (:20) as well.  The Season 11 epilogue (linked earlier) postulates that there are two current versions of Archie in our world right now (the one wandering the world and the one that became the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger), which would definitely lend itself to skewing our timeline.

The rest is all hinging on exactly how Condor Securities, Titor and the Vavasseurs are tied to our beloved Chikara.

Sources / More Info

As I’m not really caught up on Season 12 of Chikara yet, I’m really just going off of what I’ve been reading/hearing thus far.  There are a few websites that I’ve been using to gather most of my information as well as some posts on that have done a great job of putting all of these together.

First off, check out  Or, search Mandible Claw on iTunes and download some of their podcasts.  Namely:

The Mandible Claw Chikara Special: 1.21 Jigsaws

The Mandible Claw Podcastravaganza Day 1: That Chikara Thing We Do

That Chikara Thing We Do, Episode 3: Nailz-ed It

The Mandible Claw Chikara Conspiracy Thing, Episode 4: A Banana of a Different Colour

I’ve listened to the first two thus far and they have added a lot of interesting background information on all of this as well as a lot of the theories that I’m now, honestly, subscribing to.

Check out The Wrestling Blog for a lot of great Chikara information.  It’s where I get most of mine from, honestly.

These two Reddit posts have helped me immensly and were some of the first things I found when I went looking for information yesterday:

That should get you started.  I’m already too far down the rabbit hole to look back now, so expect more posts on this as this develops.  This has the potential to be the greatest, most intricate wrestling storyline ever, and I am very excited to see it play out.  I hope you’ll follow me on this ride and I’ll try to be more coherent (well, as coherent as this subject matter will allow me to be) in future posts.



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