Chikara liquidation and an interesting rant from Condor Security.

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ChikaraIt’s time again for another round of Chikara – Down the Rabbit Hole.  I have two interesting pieces today that may help shed a little bit of light on just how far we are into this thing.

The first I have is the information I received in email in regards to the tweet from a few days ago about interest in liquidating Chikara’s assets.    This is the message that I sent to, the email in the tweet:


I was wondering if there was any information on the liquidation of Chikara’s assets.  Would there be an auction for said assets or is it possible that they would be offered up piecemeal.  
Thank you for any response.
This is what I received:


Thanks for your interest. We are looking to sell these items by month’s end.
1) Collapsible entrance way made of metal scaffolding. Easily fits into the trunk of a compact car when disassembled. Comes with two curtains (both black.) We have a silver curtain with the kanji “chikara” on it as well that we’ll throw in at no extra cost. This assembles with a screwdriver and an allen wrench. We are working on getting exact measurements and assembly instructions from the builder, as this is a one-off custom piece. In all, it weighs about 24 lbs. and can be put together by 2 people in about 10 minutes. Asking price is $999.00 plus delivery fees. CA residents will pay 9% sales tax on this item.
It is pictured here:
2) VocoPro Rechargeable Sound system (UHF). 3 wireless mics (microphones show moderate wear and tear) included. Asking price is $499.00 plus delivery fees. CA residents will pay 9% sales tax on this item.
3) “DJ Supply” Mega LED blast bars (3 total working units + 1 non-working unit) 50RBG RC (remotes included.) These will ship in their original boxes, with instructions. Asking price is $399.00 plus delivery fees. CA residents will pay 9% sales tax on this item.
We may have a speaker system to offer as well, but we need to assess the condition first, as they were damaged at a recent event may not be operational. Let me know if that interests you and we can get our guys on that.
Regards, Anton
Good thing is this is not what I was expecting when I first saw the tweet.  I was expecting to be offered the rings, boxes of merch…basically a full out liquidation of Chikara seeing as how the term liquidation seems to carry a lot more weight than “we’re getting rid of some sound equipment and an entrance way that we don’t always use.”  Maybe they’re just cleaning out some stuff that they’ve upgraded and that we’ll see the new stuff when Chikara makes a triumphant return in the future.  We’ll see.
The second thing was a pretty lengthy rant on Twitter about Chikara from Condor Security (@CondorOSSWE…who apparently also follow ME now!).  I’ve compiled this together from the run of tweets.

condorSince we’re not gonna tweet for a while, let’s talk about Chikara, shall we?

A week ago, history was made. And the fact you still can’t accept what happened says a lot about all of you. We assume that is difficult to see how your heroes fall, how everything you believed in collapse, but here’s the thing…

Do you believe in Mike Quackenbush? Who, despite being the patriarch of Chikara, left without a fight?

Do you believe in Soldier Ant? He wasn’t able to confront the new missions assigned to him. Face the facts: He wasn’t AWOL. He is a deserter.

Do you believe in Derek Sabato? That gaunt pest, who was the referee of the BDK, the liaison to Gekido, and now, he is some kind of martyr?

Do you believe in Icarus? The worst in the world? The most booed man in history (even Nixon)? A colorful singlet made him a hero. Wow.

And, for the Pièce de résistance… Do you really believe in Archibald Peck?

The fact of the matter is, boys and girls, you should always compromise. ALWAYS. Life isn’t a fairy tale, and tough decisions are to be made. Tough times require tough choices. And Mr. Vavasseur took one of the most difficult, pressuring and hard decisions ever made. He saved you from something beyond your comprehension. He was the best Director of Fun Chikara ever had. Paraphrasing KISS, You wanted the best? He gave you the best. He gave you the best F.I.S.T. line-up ever. He gave you his CHIKARAbermetrics, something very close to his heart…in order to create the best teams in Chikara history. You dare to say that 3.Akuma wasn’t cool? The new Swarm? The new Colony? And speaking of colonies, he gave you The Colony: Xtreme Force™. None of you could handle the awesomeness, the radness… Totally Radical!™ But no, you always brought Wink as the culprit, as the scapegoat of everything. But at the end, Mr. Vavasseur sacrificed Chikara for a greater good.

And what about us? We were always there to protect you, to defend you, even if you didn’t see us. We saved you, ungrateful fans. You can put your hopes in monsters, demons, rockers, heroes, envoys, ants… but at the end, was Condor Security who saved the day. We’ll be gone for a while. We have a very important deal to attend. But you’ll know from us. Believe what you want…believe all the things nutjobs and conspiracy theorists say to you. It doesn’t matter. Some day, you’ll understand. Always compromise.

Condor Security: We See You.

Some very interesting stuff there.  Setting up and tossing a few very  key people under the bus there, too.  Quack, pretty much regarded as Chikara’s leader.  Soldier Ant, the man outside of Quack dealt the worst hand out of all of this as he saw himself taken from his team and placed in the enemy camp all the while witnessing a former enemy usurp his place in the Colony.  Derek Sabato, evil ref and BDK stooge turned whistle blower on this whole Titor Conglomerate situation.  Icarus, who has been turning from his rudo ways and moving toward the side of the technicos.  And last but not least, Archibald Peck…the man who most of the controversy is currently surrounding.  Why would Condor be looking to discredit these particular individuals?  Perhaps they’re the strongest links in the Chikara chain at the moment and the most likely to start the revolt…

winkCondor Security would have us believe that Wink Vavasseur is the hero of the story, it seems.  He’s saved us from something that we cannot comprehend and has brought us amazing changes, they tell us.  Of course, most of the things they show us that he’s done have resulted in the destruction of almost every established team in Chikara…but, I can’t argue that 3.Akuma wasn’t pretty cool.

The biggest thing, though, is Condor saying that they’ve also saved us.  From what?

That seems to be the biggest question, doesn’t it?  Why did Wink have to sacrifice Chikara?  What is this thing that we couldn’t possibly understand and why did we have to be saved from it?  How do the people that Condor has thrown under the bus play into all of this?  What is the important deal that Condor has to leave to take care of?

Questions on top of questions…



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