WWE’s newest June PPV is here. WWE’s Payback. I’m not sure why WWE changes their June PPV theme seemingly year after year but this is their new attempt and the card is actually decent. So lets see what our thoughts are for this month’s PPV.

WWE Championship 3 Stages of Hell Match: John Cena vs Ryback

Robbie’s Pick: John Cena – Still boring as usual. I mean business… No I was right the first time.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena

Derick’s Pick: John Cena – What can I say? Ryback is not John Cena’s Kryponite and that’s a shame…a damn shame.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – His concussion was a setback and they kept the title on him. Hopefully they have something big planned for Dolph.

Shane’s Pick: olph Ziggler

Derick’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – I agree with Rob. I want Dolph to do with The World Heavyweight Championship what CM Punk did with The WWE Championship. Give this man a long run and restore some credibility to this title. It is THE Championship, not a mid card title so use it right. Ric Flair held this belt for God’s sake!!!

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

Robbie’s Pick: Chris Jericho – This is what I have been waiting for weeks. The return of “The Second City Saint” but for Y2J to be his return opponent is awesome! As far as the Payback Theme this is the only match on the card that fits the setting. As much as I would like Punk to win I really see this being the turning point of the Heyman/Punk team. I look for Heyman to screw Punk which will lead to Punk vs Lesnar at Summerslam.

Shane’s Pick: CM Punk

Derick’s Pick: Chris Jericho  – Punk should pull a no show. It would absolutely piss everyone off and maintain his status as the ultimate bad guy in the company.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

Robbie’s Pick: The Shield – Bryan has been on fire and I would love for Orton to go Heel in this match and turn on Daniel. A red hot Bryan vs an evil Orton throughout the Summer would be something I would really enjoy. Both guys doing what they love and playing up their natural talents would be amazing to see.

Shane’s Pick: The Shield

Derick’s Pick: The Shield – These guys are keeping WWE afloat at the moment. No need for them to lose their titles just yet.

Intercontinental Championhip Match: Wade Barrett vs. The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

Robbie’s Pick: Curtis Axel – In a perfect world Axel would be IC Champion and Punk would be recapturing his WWE Championship during this PPV. Later that night it would be revealed Punk was the leader of The Shield all along and the “Paul Heyman Guys” would be running the WWE. However that is in a perfect world and we are doing predictions for WWE…

Shane’s Pick: Curtis Axel

Derick’s Pick: Curtis Axel – Michael who!?!?! Yeah time for this guy to be who he was meant to be and hold the title that his father once did.

United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

Robbie’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Yeah, that title isnt going anywhere.

Shane’s Pick: Dean Ambrose

Derick’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Again, The Shield…WWE…Afloat….

Divas Championship Match: Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee- Dolph and AJ. WWE’s newest power couple.

Shane’s Pick: AJ Lee

Derick’s Pick: Kaitlyn – Seriously guys… WHO THE F*** IS KAITLYN!?!? WHEN DID SHE BECOME CHAMPION!? Wow this division is easily forgettable.

Pre-Show Match: Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

Robbie’s Pick: Sheamus – This guy is still insanely over as a huge face. A win here early in the show will set the mood for the show.

Shane’s Pick: Sheamus

Derick’s Pick: Sheamus – Sheamus is on the pre-show? Guess he got the “boot” from the main card….see what I did there?


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