Greetings Kick Out at 2 readers and welcome back to this week’s edition of RAW IS XANATOS! Raw was really good last night and I’m very happy to type that statement. With the Return of CM Punk, a Chris Jericho match, yet another Daniel Bryan match and Superstars galore, Raw if back to getting on the right track. I’m very happy with the direction WWE seems to be moving so lets see what stood out this week with… RAW IS XANATOS!

My Top Moments of this RAW:

1) The return of CM Punk – To say that I’m a CM Punk guy is an understatement. Again I will never be able to thank Shane enough for introducing me to Ring of Honor back in 2006. After the retirement of Shawn Michaels, CM Punk quickly became my favorite active wrestler. I could sing the praises of Punk all day long but it would probably be easier just to backtrack and read our other articles. Having Punk back and playing the good guy again will be very good for RAW.

2) CM Punk and Brock Lesnar Feud Begins.- I have been wanting this match since Brock returned last year. The minute CM Punk name dropped Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar during his now infamous promo in 2011 those two guys became relevant again in the world of WWE. So much so that both returns were inevitable. This feud has my undivided attention and I can’t wait to see the Heyman guys doing what they do.

3) The Return of Christian –Captain Charisma is back! I’m not sure how they are gonna use him or what feud they will begin with him but the fact that he is finally back puts a smile on my face.

4) Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton The match wasn’t all that great as an actual match but I see this story developing. This will be the story that allows Orton to return to being a top Heel and Bryan will rise to an all time high spot before Summer is up.

5) Mark Henry laying claim to the WWE Championship – Yes I hate John Cena these days. I have said there are countless other Superstars who deserve to be Champion over Cena any given day of the week. Enter Mark Henry. The 15 Year veteran has never held the WWE Championship and this is a problem that needs to be rectified immediately!  Mark being WWE Champion would make me happy. Mark taking the title off Cena, I would be ecstatic!

Well there you have it folks, a quick rundown of some of my favorite thoughts and moments pertaining to this week’s episode of RAW. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for the next issue of… RAW IS XANATOS.

– Robbie C.



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