Like Father, Like Son.

Posted: June 19, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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Fresh off the heels of one of the better WWE PPV’s in recent memory Joe Hennig, now known as Curtis Axel, has finally started to fulfill the shoes of his father Mr. Perfect. Being re-packaged as the proper Superstar he should have been since day one, Curtis laid claim to The Intercontinental Championship last Sunday at WWE’s newest June PPV, known as Payback. Since Joe’s debut in NXT he has always had the goods to deliver but simply failed to do so. Being a second generation Superstar it was up to him to rise to his potential. As Michael McGillicutty he wasn’t allowed to do that because honestly we didn’t accept him. We knew who he was but weren’t buying any of the McGillicutty persona. Sure he had a Tag Team Championship run with David Otanga but is that really the success you want to brag about when your the son of a WWE Legend the likes of Mr. Perfect? I think not.

Teaming him with Paul Heyman was a stroke of pure genius. As far as managers go in this day and age Paul could be referred to as a modern day Bobby Heenan, who many remember was a great manger for Mr. Perfect, so the paring of these two just fit like a glove. Heenan was the guy who helped develop and mold Superstars of the past and Heyman is doing the same with this generation. With The Intercontinental Championship around his waist, Paul Heyman in his corner and the blood of a WWE Icon coursing through his veins hopefully Curtis will be the Superstar who restores some prestige to the Intercontinental Championship. A Superstar that steps up to help add to his fathers legacy and a Superstar that can pay respect to the old school art of professional wrestling.

You have been dealt a terrific hand kid, its up to you to play it right. Don’t let us down Axel.

– Robbie C.


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