Here we are at WWE’s Money In The Bank PPV. Considered to be one of the greatest match types ever created by the company this year we are treated to the return of RVD against 6 other Superstars in The Money in The Bank All-Star Match all consisting of former WWE Champions. Also the secondary Money in The Bank Match is for the World Heavyweight Championship all consisting of younger talent. You guys know the formula so lets get on to our predictions of who we think will walk out of the PPV victorious.

WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs Mark Henry

Robbie’s Pick: Mark Henry – I really think it’s time for Mark to be WWE Champion. If they like to play off the classic case of “it’s more fun to watch a face chase a title” then go ahead and let Mark be the credible Heel and Champion he has deserved to be over the last decade.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena – I was going to go with Mark Henry…I had even typed it out and gotten about a sentence into my explanation, when I decided that I actually think they’re going to run Bryan against Cena instead of Mark Henry.  We’ll see if come Summerslam we get a good Cena/Bryan match with Cena putting Bryan over.

Derick’s Pick: John Cena – As much as I hate to say it Mark Henry is gonna walk away without the gold. Cena is gonna keep burrying everyone cause “That’s what he does!”

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – I believe Dolph will pick up the win here and hopefully the title as well. If its a sketchy win where the title doesn’t switch hands though Ziggler will reclaim it at SummerSlam.

Shane’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – I have no idea why ADR got the belt…they could have done the turn without it, but I guess they want new babyface Ziggler chasing the belt.  

Derick’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – He never should have lost it to begin with!

WWE ALL-STARS Money in The Bank Match: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs RVD vs Christian vs Randy Orton vs Kane vs Sheamus

Robbie’s Pick: RVD – There are so many reasons for almost everyone in this match to win but I gotta go with the returning RVD. I’m pretty sure Brock Lesnar will guarantee that CM Punk does not win. If this happens the X Factor will be RVD and his relationship with the other “Paul Heyman Guys”. With Punk rumored to win the Royal Rumble next Year RVD as Mr. Money in The Bank would be pretty sweet!

Shane’s Pick: Daniel Bryan – It’s Bryan’s time, simple as that.  

Derick’s Pick: Daniel Bryan  -If Daniel doesn’t win this this the huge buildup with him over the last few months will have kinda been for nothing.

Money in The Bank World Heavyweight Championship Contract: Dean Ambrose vs Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro vs Fandango

Robbie’s Pick: Wade Barrett – He lost the Intercontinental Championship and isn’t in the Intercontinental Championship match this time around. I think it’s time for him to step up and be the Superstar he should be by now and I think MITB is the next logical choice for this guy.

Shane’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – This one was hard because no one really stands out as ready for the title.  Granted, this is exactly what I think that MITB should be…people who aren’t in the title picture yet and would need the next step.  I almost said Cesaro, but I doubt that…so, at this moment, Ambrose seems to be the hottest one in the match.

Derick’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Time for “Big Gold” to come to The Shield!

Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

Robbie’s Pick: Curtis Axel – I got a feeling he is in line for a long run with this title.

Shane’s Pick: Curtis Axel – They’re letting Miz wrestle on the main card again?!  Talk about someone whose stock has dropped.

Derick’s Pick: Curtis Axel

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Robbie’s Pick: Ryback – Chris Jericho is in the current state of putting younger talent over and Ryback hasn’t won a PPV match in almost a year. Jericho is a veteran so he will do what is right to help restore Ryback’s momentum that Cena threw in the crapper.

Shane’s Pick: Ryback – One month removed from the title match and he’s in random matches on PPV.  Nice.

Derick’s Pick: Ryback – God creative better fix this guy! Here is their first step in doing so.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs. The Shield

Robbie’s Pick: The Shield – When are we gonna get The Prime Time Players back in the mix?

Shane’s Pick: The Shield – Sorry Usos…just not your time yet.

Derick’s Pick: The Shield

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee

Shane’s Pick: AJ Lee – Please don’t take that belt off of her any time soon!

Derick’s Pick: AJ Lee

  1. Smackdown ladder doesn’t really intrigue me much. Ambrose, Cesaro, and Sandow all would make great champs, but none of it would make any sense at this point in their careers. No one in this match has the proper momentum. So they need to create momentum, fast.

    I don’t know what they’ve got planned for The Shield. But I’m going to go on a wild limb here and say Ambrose wins, Ziggler wins, and Ambrose cashes in THAT NIGHT after an ambush from the tag team champions. In one night, The Shield could pick up their lost momentum and hoard the titles. Plus you’d have sympathy for Ziggler for having yet another bullshit reign. Even Del Rio, too.

    As for Raw, I’m not sure I care. I mean I do. I just think there’s so many great directions it could go that I don’t care which they choose, as I know it’ll be entertaining. Bryan vs Cena, Bryan vs Henry, RVD vs Cena, RVD vs Henry… Ok, maybe not that great. But I’m going on the assumption that Bryan or RVD will win.

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