Greetings Kick Out at 2 readers and welcome back to this week’s edition of RAW IS XANATOS! Last night’s RAW, fresh of the heels of Money in The Bank was awesome. We got to see more stories develop and paths were finally crossed we had been waiting for with anticipation. Not just that but some simply great wrestling matches. The WWE Product has ben rejuvenated and I’m looking forward to what the Summer holds. That being said let’s take a few moments and highlight some of the best parts of RAW last night with this week’s edition ofRAW IS XANATOS!

My Top Moments of this RAW:

1) Daniel Bryan being named the No. 1 Contender for The WWE Championship – I love the fact that Daniel is in line for a WWE Championship match. It’s Cena’s time to step away from the championship and focus on the future of the business. I love the fact that Daniel didn’t win MITB simply so he could get the title legitimately and not the almost heelish shortcut that is the briefcase.

2) CM Punk and Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman confrontation- If anyone ever needs any lessons on how to cut a promo just watch Punk and Heyman. It doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them whenever they speak you hang on their every word. Two of the best speakers to have ever worked for the company. Brock and Punk coming to blows this early before the PPV was great. it had the old school feel of two people who hate each other and simply can’t wait to beat the hell out of each other. There needs to be more of this before big PPV matches and less “Face to Face” segments.

3) Chris Jerico vs RVD –Is there anyone Chris Jericho can’t have a great match with!!?!? (Ok probably Hornswoggle and The Great Kali) RVD getting his first return match on RAW against Y2J almost made me feel like it was 2002 again. Lettign these guys have a 22min match on RAW simply means there were no losers in this match and everyone won. Especially the fans!

4) The Wyatt Family Not sure why they had to attack R-Truth but im sure more random attacks are in order. I just can’t wait to see the method to this madness unfold but at the same time there is no reason to rush it.

5) Mark Henry – Even though Mark lost I liked the way they kept him strong. Single handedly getting the upper hand on The Shield for a few moments was nice and classic Henry. I really hope the rumors of the big man’s retirement are simply that…rumors.

Well there you have it folks, a quick rundown of some of my favorite thoughts and moments pertaining to this week’s episode of RAW. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for the next issue of… RAW IS XANATOS.

– Robbie C.



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