I am Chikara! aka Where is this rabbit hole taking us?

Posted: July 21, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Chikara - Down the Rabbit Hole, Shane D
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ChikaraSo, a little while back I made a post about a message board post from Icarus stating that he was going to be in Easton, PA, last night whether there was a show to be at or not.  From the information that I’ve read, Icarus made good on his word.  There’s an account of the night’s events over at this website.  From the looks of it, Icarus showed up a little after 7 PM to a group of about 30 people.  He was a bit upset that no other wrestlers showed up (apparently most were booked on other shows that have taken up the slots of shows that Chikara had running through the rest of the year), asked the fans to sign a petition he started and handed out t-shirts with the phrase “I am Chikara” on them, asking people to wear them to any wrestling event that they happened to go to.

I’m still of the mindset that this is all part of some grand reinvention of Chikara that will happen sometime at the end of this year or at the end of next year, but even if everything is truly legit and Chikara has actually died, I love Icarus…the man that people love to hate in Chikara…is the one leading the charge.  This goes beyond technicos and rudos.  This goes beyond story lines.  This is the fans and the wrestlers involved in this amazing company standing up and showing their support for it.

Icarus, we stand beside you, no matter what the outcome.  KickOutAt2 is Chikara as well!

Now, for the “down the rabbit hole” segment.  Condor Security posted some pretty interesting tweets last night.

They had been making some mentions of the Icarus thing since it happened, basically telling people it was a waste of time or that there was nothing to see there, but then, tides changed, and Condor seemed to be really shaken up over something.




So, to me, the interesting questions are:

“Who’s alive?!”

“Is the eye that they reference the Eye of Tyr?!”

“If it IS the Eye of Tyr…WHO HAS IT?!”

If they’re worried about it and we’re all “doomed” as they say, I wouldn’t imagine that it’s someone in either Condor or the Titor Conglomerate that has it.  So…who?  Quack?  UltraMantis Black?

Curiouser and curiouser…


  1. They’re talking about Dr. Cube at this weekend’s Kaiju show. He had the Eye of Tyr.

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