AJ Styles should get off the boat before it sinks with him on it…

Posted: August 22, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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AJ-Styles-aj-styles-17267546-299-450An interesting status update showed up on AJ Style’s Facebook fan page today.

“Where do fans want AJ Styles to be? TNA? WWE? ROH? Japan? Lots of options. Tough decisions.”

The rumor is that AJ’s TNA contract is coming up very soon and that as of right now, he hasn’t renegotiated a new one.  When the Franchise player of your organization…the man who, at one point, was synonymous with TNA, is considering not being there anymore, you’ve got problems.

That being said, it does pose an interesting question:  Where do I want to see AJ Styles in the future?  Truth be told, I don’t want to see him in TNA.  I know that, at the end of the day, TNA may be the best place for him as far as having a company back him and really work to make him the face of the company.  However, what good is being the face of a company that has been steadily devolving into a joke over the last few months.  I’m not going to turn this into a TNA bash fest…I’ll let Derick and I do that as part of a drunken podcast sometime down the road, myabe…but I honestly don’t feel that TNA has a lot of time left anywhere near the spotlight without some major changes in that organization or another backer company swooping in to take it away from Dixie Carter.  I see flashes of 2001 all over again, honestly, and I don’t want AJ to end up dying off in the public view when that happens.

AJ has always had many parallels drawn between himself and Sting.  Sting WAS WCW, plain and simple, just as AJ Styles IS TNA.  Hell, they’re even reusing Sting’s angle for AJ almost letter for letter.  When WCW died, Sting basically died off too until TNA brought him back, despite many people wanting him in WWE at various points in the interim.  At this point in his career, I don’t feel that AJ Styles can afford to sit around waiting on that next big chance like TNA was to Sting.  AJ’s going to have to get off of the sinking ship that is TNA before captains Hogan and Carter take him down as well.  If he’d going to make a WWE jump, AJ needs to be more like Chris Jericho leaving WCW for WWE two years before it died than he does to be like Sting and show up somewhere else years AFTER it does.

Is WWE the right move for AJ?  If they want him, yes.  Look at the top babyface roster in WWE right now.  Heck, look at the overall climate of WWE right now.  CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose…good Indy guys in top roles.  Ten years ago I’d never have imagined that Bryan Danielson would be given the monster push that he’s been given in the WWE, but we’re at a time when talent is being recognized and the average viewer is getting more into good wrestling than whatever cookie cutter babyface they’re shoving at us this week.  If WWE would take AJ, this is the absolute PERFECT time for him to go.

ROH?  Honestly, I feel that ROH would be a step down from where he’s at right now.  Sure, TNA isn’t anywhere near top level, but it’s on national television in a prime time slot, unlike ROH.  Japan?  At one point I’d say that he needed to stay in America, but with stars like MVP thriving and enjoying being in Japan, if that’s where he wants to go, that’s where he should go.

In my heart, if WWE wants him, that’s where he should go.  I think that A J is probably one of the only guys out there right now that could bypass developmental entirely and just show up on TV when the time is ready.  Hopefully that’s the route they would go with him.  But, at the end of the day, it’s all up to AJ and where he wants to go.  I’m not going to lie, though…I’m going to be a little disappointed if all of this is legit and it comes out in two weeks that he resigned with TNA.  I’m not going to begrudge anyone their own decisions, I’m just stating what I’d like to see and what I think the best option is right now.  For someone of AJ’s talent…or Joe’s…or someone like Chris Daniels…TNA is not the place where that talent is being best showcased at the moment.


  1. Loved the post, and I couldn’t agree more. WWE is the place to be for top level technical athletes right now. With the right booking, he could be a huge success. And what evidence is there to suggest that he won’t get that? Punk and Bryan have been pushed to the stars, and I’m sure he could be too.

    Get out of TNA before it’s too late!

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