The #IAmChikara situation getting a bit more interesting…

Posted: August 27, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Chikara - Down the Rabbit Hole, Shane D
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On 8/24 people at the Wrestling is Fun! show apparently found a DVD on their car which contained the following video:


Icarus isn’t going to let Chikara die without a fight it seems, and will be at the Rocky steps in Philadelphia at noon on the day that King of Trios was originally supposed to happen.  Icarus is trying to rally us and the fellow wrestlers into fighting for Chikara.

It seems, however, that someone may have started perverting his message.

Icarus sent out a tweet about 13 hours ago stating that his Chikara 101 (Chikara’s main message board) account had been hacked.  Apparently it was directing people to sign a petition at where people would log their information when signing the petition.  If one tries to go to the website now, however, they’re greeted with a giant Condor Security logo and the message that their IP address has been logged and reported.


So, it looks like Condor and Titor have started using the underground resistance and its message against itself.  I’ll keep my ear to the ground and try to dig up as much of this as possible and as always will be here to guide you down the rabbit hole with me, but for now it seems that the best way to follow Icarus’s true message is through his twitter (@IcarusWRW and #IAmChikara) and through his personal blog,




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