The rabbit emerges! Chikara is back!!!!!!

Posted: February 9, 2014 by Kick Out At 2! in Chikara - Down the Rabbit Hole, Shane D
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Last week the wrestling world was treated to one of the best shows of the year thus far…for absolutely free!  That’s right…an amazing show, for free, featuring a pay off to a nine month buildup that left everyone watching it amazed and excited about what was going forward.  No, I’m definitely not talking about the Royal Rumble, which pretty much polarized the wrestling world and left many calling for WWE’s blood.  I’m talking about National Pro Wrestling Day and the return of Ko@2’s beloved Chikara!

Sadly, one result of my slacking off on writing duties for this site has been that my “Down the Rabbit Hole” posts have gone by the wayside.  I was having a lot of fun keeping everyone updated on the Chikara goings on as well as playing detective myself and trying to find out what was going on with the evil Titor Conglomerate and their personal army Condor Security.  Quite a lot happened, though.  I’ll point you towards as the good folks over that way have taken the liberty of summing up the last 9 months so that everyone can see what has been going on.

Chikara-ReturnsThe important thing, though, is that Chikara looks to be back with a vengeance!  Seemingly outnumbered, Icarus’s band of Chikara loyalists had some hidden help from other members of the roster disguised as Dr. Cube’s henchmen and began an all out assault on the groups of villians that have been plaguing Chikara and their sister “Wrestling Is…” promotions for close to the last year.  Just at the end the scales were tipped in Chikara’s favor by a Delorean arriving from either the past, future or Parts Unknown with Archibald Peck (which version?!) and 3.0 inside.  They ran the villains to the back as Icarus held aloft a banner with 5-24-14 scrawled on it.  Shortly thereafter, went to a new front page with the same date on it and a link to sell tickets.  NPWD was closed off with a signature 10 man tag team match, showing the world that Chikara was back in full force.

Chikara took 9 months to tell one of the most ambitious stories ever told in professional wrestling.  Think back to the past…remember when the nWo arrived and threatened to close down WCW?  Nitro never left the air during that time period.  Or when Vince brought them into the WWE to kill it…that never happened either.  Chikara, however, died.  Conrad Vavasseur had his way and Chikara was torn down, liquidated and put out to pasture.  They actually closed down the wrestling promotion to tell their story.  That’s heart.  That’s commitment.  That’s amazing!

IcarusThe best part of all of this, however, was the redemption story of Icarus.  I have been watching Chikara since around late 2008 and can honestly say that Icarus was my most hated man on the roster.  He was so good at being the heel that I actually bought into it and rooted for him to get beaten.  This is one of the wonderful bonds I’ve had with Chikara, honestly.  In any other promotion, I’ll cheer for whoever I want, heel or face alignment be damned.  In Chikara, however…I booed the rudos and cheered the technicos.  I can’t explain it…I just did.  Even when I started to really like certain rudos, like Chuck Taylor or Johnny Garagno, they still got boos from me as I wanted the technico teams like 3.0 or The Colony to triumph.  I wanted good to win.  But throughout all of that was my disdain for Icarus.  Then, Chikara died…and Icarus seemed like he was the only one who wanted it to keep living.  He fought for it.  He pushed for it.  He rallied us.  He fought the man on his terms and pushed forth unrelenting until he brought back the company he called home.  That’s storytelling right there!  That’s heart.  That’s wonder.

Chikara returns on 5-25-14.  I can’t wait.  I’m more excited about this than I have been about anything in wrestling for a very long time.  I’m excited to see what they come back with.  Titor sold off everything, remember?  I have emails offering me their stuff, for goodness sake!  Will they have new belts?  Will their champions still be recognized?  It looks like they may have come up with a slightly new logo based on the shirt they’re giving away (if you buy all three of the new shirts available), so we may have some changes.  I’m hoping against hope that they come back through Florida like they did last year.  I moved down to Florida last year and would love to take in an entire weekend of Chikara magic if at all possible.

As co-founder of this site, I like to use it as a way to not only comment on my personal feelings about wrestling, but to try to open people’s minds to the the things that I like.  Throughout the last ten years or so, I have made it a point to try to introduce my friends and family into new types of wrestling.  I was the one making friends borrow ROH DVDs in 2004 and 2005 and I was the one giving people Chikara DVDs in 2011 and 2012.  I want to use this site to let people know about good things in wrestling…and I can honestly say that Chikara is one of those GOOD things.  I’ve never seen a wrestling promotion more in tune with and more worried about pleasing their fans.  I was listening to Mike Quackenbush’s episode of The Art of Wrestling podcast last night with my fiancee and was telling her about how great of a company they are when it comes to their fans.  Quack had made a comment about wrestling being one of the only art forms where the fans could truly interact with the performers.  It came alive to them in a way that movies, comic books, etc, never could.  She made a comment along the lines of “but only a few people can get high-fived…is that really coming alive?”  My response was “Well, yeah, only a few people can get high-fived, but Chikara makes sure that you go home happy as a fan.  The one show I got to go to, Robbie, Derick, Jamie and I had a good three minute conversation with Quack after the show.”  That kind of blew her mind, but it is absolutely true.  You can look back into the history of my posts, but the Ko@2 crew took in The Zodiac Crimes in Gibsonville, NC in November 2012.  After the show, the entire Chikara locker room was on hand to meet and great us.  It was an amazing experience as we got to talk to Quack (one of my personal favorite wrestlers), get pictures pushed on us by Jakob Hammermeir and get annoyed by Kobald.  It was an experience that I’ve never had before and easily the most fun I’ve ever had at a wrestling event.  This is why I urge everyone to check out Chikara.  National Pro Wrestling Day is free on YouTube.  I’m linking to it at the bottom of this post.  Watch it.  Take a look at something that you’ve never seen before in professional wrestling.  Enjoy a fun, lighthearted and family friendly couple of hours watching a wrestling promotion that cares.  Then, once you’re hooked like we are, tell your friends.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, try to get into the show on 5-25.  Check constantly to see if they’re coming to your area.  Check to see if you can get DVDs.  Just give it a try.  It’s a very special flavor of ice cream that, quite possibly, not everyone will be into…but I promise you, it’s unlike any wrestling you’ve ever seen before and I truly think you’ll dig it.

-Shane D

The link to National Pro Wrestling Day can be found here!  It’s put on by Wrestling Is, so it’s not EXACTLY Chikara, but this it shares many of the same talent and is a great indicator of the fun that you’ll see on a Chikara show.  Plus, the last 30 plus minutes of it is DEFINITELY Chikara, so please check it out and enjoy.  They did have a few issues with the stream during the middle, but it does work out.



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