The Streak…after I’ve had time to digest it

Posted: April 7, 2014 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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streak 1So, I’ve had some time to digest what I’m calling the most shocking moment in wrestling history.  Up to this point, I would say Bash at the Beach 1996 took that spot with Hulk Hogan turning against Randy Savage and aligning himself with the Outsiders, creating the nWo.   Last night, though…last night they silenced 75,000+ fans with one strike of a hand against canvas.  They stopped me in my tracks and left me staring blankly, slackjawed at my screen for almost five minutes.

They ended the Streak.

They ended the $*@#ing Streak!

I’m sure I’m like most wrestling fans out there that figured the Streak would never end.  As long as Taker could go, just have him keep adding numbers until he finally calls it quits and rides off into the sunset.  Or, if it had to go, it would go to some up and comer who would benefit greatly from the rub.  I think that’s what was the most shocking from last night…not the fact that it ended, but WHO ended it.

I’d have never picked Lesnar to be that guy.  That’s not a knock against him, truthfully.  I love Brock.  We here at Ko@2 are pretty staunch Brock supporters.  I’m not worried about him not giving 100% to the business.  I’m not worried about him being a part timer.  I dig him.  Plus, even if he doesn’t LOVE the business like someone like Cena or Bryan, I don’t doubt for one second that Brock knows EXACTLY what was just handed to him and what an honor it was.  I just never would have figured it would be him.  Punk last year was the only time I’ve ever thought it would happen, honestly, and that was only a small glimmer of worry.  There was nothing  about last night’s match that gave me any worry of the Streak ending.

This guy is as Internet famous as they come today!

This guy is as Internet famous as they come today!

I think, after having almost 24 hours to deal with it, that’s the only thing that I have a problem with in this whole ordeal.  If they were going to have Brock win, I think it should have went longer.  They had all the makings for a really epic story.  Taker challenged Brock this year.  It’s the first time in half a decade that Taker wasn’t the one goaded into the match.  Maybe they could have played up that he had beaten the best over the last few years so now he was going to try his hand at the biggest badass in the WWE.  Maybe they could have stretched this out since at least the Rumble instead of just throwing it together in a few weeks.  That’s the problem I have…there wasn’t any buildup.  It simply looked like they just said “Okay…Taker…and, um….Brock, yeah, Brock!” and suddenly there was a match made.  There was no credible threat other than Lesnar himself.

At the end of the day, I’m okay with the Streak being gone.  I wasn’t last night.  Oh, I wasn’t ready to accept it last night.  I thought Derick was crazy when he told me he was okay with it.  But now, yeah, I can deal with it.  I’m just worried about some stuff, I guess.

The big rumor these last few days (like it is EVERY YEAR!) was that Sting was being brought in to take on Taker at Wrestlemania 31.  If that holds true, then I am way more excited about that match now because with the Streak gone, something like Taker VS Sting can be more than Taker’s normal Wrestlemania match where you know who is going to win.  Sting has a chance.  That could make for some very interesting TV.  Of course, now there’s a kink in that…

From what I’ve been hearing today, it looks like Taker is done.  He had to go to the hospital last night after the match due to a concussion.  I don’t know if it was the concussion 100% or not, but Taker looked pretty bad last night too.  That match just didn’t flow right and you could tell Taker wasn’t all in.  If that was due to the concussion, then that’s one thing.  But if the concussion was only part of the problem, that really points to the possibility that Taker doesn’t have it anymore.  With Taker being 50 next year and Sting being around 55, that doesn’t make for the greatest match of all time to begin with…but if Taker has other issues and is really calling it quits, then where does that leave Sting?  He has stated a few times that he’d love Taker to be the final match he has.  If he really did sign with WWE, who is there for Sting to take on next year?  Cena?  Triple H?  Those matches don’t really seem to have that magic that Sting and Taker would.  Who knows…maybe they’ll come up with something.  At any rate, as long as Sting signing (if he has) means I get a biography Blu-Ray set, action figures and Sting in WWE 2K15, I’m all for it, no matter what happens.

I guess we’ll see tonight what is in store for Taker and where the fallout from this will take us.  I do have to hand it to Vince, though…he took away the predictability last night.  If Taker can lose, it really is true…

…anything can happen in World Wrestling Entertainment!


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