If you’ve Cena once, you’ve Cena thousands times….

Posted: June 30, 2014 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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It’s no secret we have been quite here at KickOutat2.com since the departure of CM Punk, but like him, we lost our passion for the art form that we love. There comes a time when you have to take a break. Sometimes no matter what you are doing in life you need to take a little time, clear your head and find your center, that passion for what you love again and start things from a fresh perspective. The thing is WWE absolutely refuses to do anything fresh. For 12 Years John Cena has been WWE’s “Golden-Boy” and for a lot of people that’s a good thing, for most it’s a problem. While this could easily turn into a “Cena-Hater” post keep in mind I respect the man for what he does, he has a work ethic unparalleled to anyone currently in the company and the things he does for charity, especially the “Make-A-Wish Foundation, can truly be heart touching and appreciated by anyone.

That being said this should not be the grounds for closing in on the greatest title reign of all time. Currently the record is held by the Legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. An accomplishment that took a 40 something year to accomplish. After tonight Cena is currently sitting on a 15 Time World Championship record. Again he has only been there for 12 Years so this simply isn’t fair to the ring veterans of yesteryear. Now this isn’t Cena’s fault but mostly a bad call of WWE hot-shoting the title back and forth on a month by month basis in 2007. They are just simply too afraid to take chances on anyone else and this has been a problem for years.

Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are the two newest individuals to suffer from the wrath of WWE’s booking and John Cena’s “God Like Superman” abilities. The feud with Bray Wyatt was awesome. Not since CM Punk has someone brought out the best in Cena as far as this ring work. It was a good feud and in no doubt helped make Bray Wyatt but in the end Bray should have been the victor. Sadly once it was announced he would be facing Cena in a “Last Man Standing” Match, Bray Wyatt’s fate was sealed and Cena was “protected” according to the status-quo . Tonight the fans were no doubt ready for a new Champion, for a new era in WWE but sadly WWE returned to the well and played it “safe” with their Golden-Boy yet again.

There is no reason in this world that Roman Reigns should not be WWE World Heavyweight Champion as you read this. There are many who say that “It’s too early” or “It isn’t time” but at what point do they decide it is time?  WWE needs to focus on newer talent and promote these guys that the fans want to see to the top spots. John Cena isn’t going to be around forever and they need to learn to stop putting all their eggs in one basket. The Main Event picture should not be stale and boring constantly. Seeing the same thing over and over again is enough to make anyone’s passion wear thin. It’s no doubt that fans and superstars alike walk away from something they simply can not enjoy anymore…. P.S. We Miss You CM Punk!


-Robbie C.

  1. BEF says:

    Good article, all points covered. Cena does do a lot of work inside and outside of the ring, and that is a great thing. However, the new talent does need a chance to show what they have. I feel that Roman Reigns has what it takes to be the next Champ as does Daniel Bryan. Sure wouldn’t mind seeing the WWE give Antonio Cesaro a personality, and a real title shot. Lets not forget all the hard work Dolph Ziggler and many others have put in just to earn a Mid-Card status when they are worth so much more… Dean Ambrose is the perfect psycho, while Seth Rollins is several wrestlers rolled into one man. Bray Wyatt… well he is just Bray Wyatt (ha ha ha). The point is that there is a lot of talent being passed over, and thats not good (and please keep in mind that I like Cena because of what he does outside the ring for the children – “Make A Wish”…), but there is new talent that is being over looked.

    P.S. I miss HBK!!!

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