Kick Out At Nitro! – 9/11/1995

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Welcome backKoaNitro copy, everyone, to our journey on the path of WCW Nitro and WCW history from 9/4/1995 on!  Today, we’ll be covering WCW Monday Nitro from 9/11/1995, coming to us from my new home, Miami, FL.  This is the true start of the Monday Night Wars as this is the first time that Nitro and Raw go head to head.  Nitro debuted unopposed the previous week, so they had the time slot to themselves.  This week, however, they’re up against the WWE.  The first thing that we’re presented with is the now iconic Monday Nitro set.  I personally love this set.  This is a real wrestling arena to me and one that I get upset isn’t included every year in the newest WWE video game.  Sure, we got it twice, but I want it every year since you can’t create it properly in the Create an Arena mode.  I just love the steel entrance and the giant metal WCW letters.  Brings me right back to high school.

We open the show with a quick rundown of what we’re going to see.  We’re going to see the WCW debut of Sabu!  Also, conspicuous by his absence, is Pepe, Steve “Mongo” McMichael’s chihuahua.  Fear not, however, as he does show up later in the night.  We get a run down of the Hogan/Luger face off and are reminded that we’re going to get Luger vs Hogan in the main event tonight for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.  The next news that we’re treated to is the news that Vader has gone A-W-O-L.  Yes, instead of just saying “AWOL,” Bisch and Heenan make sure to spell it out each and every time it’s mentioned.  Apparently he hasn’t cleared the proper paperwork with WCW Officials and this is going to keep him from being the 4th man in Hogan’s War Games team.  Yes…this, and not the fact that he just jumped to WWF.  What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander, I guess, in WCW land.  Bobby Heenan makes sure to mention that this news is going to put Hogan in “deep deep deep Nitro trouble,” to which Bischoff responds with an “Easy there,” playing down the worst sexual innuendo ever.

Match #1 is Sabu vs “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright.  My brother was a huge Alex Wright mark back in the day, so hearing that German club music hit and seeing AW groove his way down to the ring brought back some good memories.  As for the match, Sabu basically wrestles his ECW style.  Super crazy offense, jumping off chairs, out of the ring, flipping, etc.  He even attempts an Air Sabu outside, but Wright moves out of the way and Sabu nails the guardrail.  Bischoff really starts pimping New Japan Pro Wrestling here, saying that he first saw Sabu there on 5/3, where he won a title.  Sabu gets the win, the gets a table and climbs to the top rope to put AW through it, to which Mongo exclaims “Sushi!”  WTF, Mongo?  Anyway, worst referee ever Nick Patrick reverses the decision and DQs Sabu.  Patrick really is rough in this match.  He’s slow, counts slow, and apparently hurts his hand while counting as he is seen shaking it after almost every two count.  That mullet, though…

We head to commercial break with an “Up Next” graphic showing Michael Wallstreet and Sting.

Coming back from commercial, we’re in the ring with Mean Gene who brings out Ric Flair.  Flair talks about how he has been out partying in Miami and living the Nature Boy lifestyle.  Normally AA would be right there beside him, but this time he was in his hotel room, calling his wife and kid.  Flair flashes the 4 Horsemen sign, talking about how this is the symbol of excellence.  Out of nowhere, Lex Luger comes out to the ring, following the Randy Orton dress code, apparently, as he’s only in his trunks despite his match being later in the night.  C’mon Lex, not that hard to throw a shirt or some warmup pants on or something.  I’d even take some of those red, white, and blue Zubaz pants if you still have them in your bag.  This leads to the weirdest segment in Nitro to date, as Flair starts getting riled up over Luger and running down his stats.  6’6, 22 inch arms, “abs!,” etc.  Flair says Hogan has it coming tonight.  Luger laughs and leaves, leaving me to wonder why in the hell he came out anyway.  He didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, just let Flair gush over him and bounced.  Definitely a WTF moment.

We head into our next match as V. K. Wallstreet comes out to the ring.  Bischoff asks what’s with the V. K. gimmick as just last week we knew him as Michael, and Bobby plays dumb.  Bischoff starts giving out Raw results.  I forgot this happened this early into Nitro’s run, honestly.  He tells us that HBK beats “the big guy,” AKA Sid, with a kick you couldn’t beat a green belt with at your local YMCA.  Way to put HBK over there, guy.  I understand that you have to make your company look superior, but sometimes this comes back to look a bit stupid…as it does later in the night.  But, we’ll get to that later.

The biggest thing I realized at this time is that Mongo is too stupid to play off of Heenan properly.  Heenan leaves himself open so many times and you can tell he’s used to Gorilla Monsoon filling in and playing off of him, but with Mongo he just gets silence or he’ll get some other stupid comment.  Mongo makes a mention of his friend Reggie White to which Bobby asks if his brother is named Barry.  Mongo, instead of filling in the much desired “will you stop?!,” decides to give us an “I don’t know…” and leaves it at that.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mongo doesn’t seem to be able to call anything without making it a football reference.  He’ll talk about how football applies to wrestling, or how a football player would have worked in that particular spot, etc.  Most of the time it doesn’t apply and it just really comes off odd.

Anyway, this match is is Wallstreet vs the US Champion Sting, and it’s terrible.  Wallstreet looks rusty as all get out, sadly.  Sting wins with a flying cross body off the top instead of the Stinger Splash or the Scorpion Deathlock, which was odd, but oh well.

We head back to commercial with a graphic for Scott Norton and Randy Savage.  Gotta say, looking forward to this match at the time because of how Norton came off on the previous episode of Nitro.  We’re also shown the teaser for WCW Saturday Night (which I really hope WWE Network puts up sometime!) and the WCW debut of DISCO INFERNO!  Can’t wait to see that on Nitro!  No, I’m not being fake about this.

We come back with Scott Norton vs Randy Savage.  Norton is in a black singlet with silver highlights, leading me to miss the brick outfit that I know we’ll get in a few years.  Norton starts strong out of the blocks, really taking it to Savage.  At one point, Savage goes for a sunset flip and Noron stays standing, then lifts Savage up into a lifting choke.  Norton also catches Savage out of his double axehandle and ties him up in a bear hug, as well as powerbombing the crap out of him a few moments later.  Norton is beating the crap out of Savage in this match and the announce team is really playing this up.  Bischoff says quite a few times that this is the worst beating that Savage has taken.  Savage keeps kickout out of everything, but Norton is in full beast mode and just keeps delivering this ass kicking.  Savage starts his comeback and out comes Kamala and Shark, however.  The announcers keep calling Shark Avalanche, however.  They do this quite a few times each, so it was pretty interesting.  Shark tries to get into the ring and is met with a Norton punch which knocks him out, but he falls across Norton’s legs, trapping him.  Savage hits the elbow drop, gets the win, which brings out the Dungeon of Doom to take out Savage.  Norton isn’t going to bother selling any of this nonsense, however, and just leaves them to do what they need to do.  The DoD doesn’t touch Norton either, apparently because they were watching backstage and want none of the ass kicking that Norton has been doling out for the last ten minutes.  Sullivan is quite the tactician in this way, honestly.

We go to commercial with the Luger/Hogan graphic.  We come back to Luger’s entrance, then go back out to commercial.  We come back to Hulk Hogan’s entrance, to which Mongo lets us know that this is a “real man!”  Bobby asks what that makes Luger, and Mongo’s got nothing.  We get word from the back at this point that Savage is hurt, his back and floating ribs are hurt, leaving Hogan possibly down another man for War Games with the AWOL Vader and now Savage.  We start the match and get some chain wrestling…yes, chain wrestling…

I know that which ever person I state did the chain wrestling will be a shock, so I’ll just leave that linger there for a moment…

It was Hogan!  Every now and again Hogan will bust out some chain wrestling and it always baffles me.  We get a vertical suplex to Lex, who sells nothing and gets up and intimidates Hogan.  A moment or so later we reverse the spot, suplexing Hulk and getting no selling from him.  This causes Bischoff to exclaim that “Lex never faced this calibur of competition!”  He says that WWF’s champion never reached past midcard status in WCW as a way to put over WCW.  This makes sense, and I get it, but at this time, Diesel was the WWF Champion…so yeah, Bischoff is talking crap about the guy that in less than a year he’ll be filling his shorts over anytime he shows up.  Wonder what suddenly makes Diesel such a big deal come June…

Anyway, we get the Torture Rack and we do the arm check that we normally see with a sleeper hold, but Hogan keeps the arm up on the third drop.  Luger thinks he’s won, though, and after being told he hasn’t, he pins Hogan.  You know what comes next…kick out, Hulk Up, finger wag, irish whip, big boot, leg drop, 1-2…and the Dungeon of Doom comes out to take out Hogan.  Sadly, we’ll see this ending for about a year and a half once the nWo comes out, so I guess we might as well get ready for it now.  Savage comes to the rescue, as does Sting, and Mongo once again admonishes Pepe for being a Dungeon of Doom fan, telling him that he’ll never wear his horns and cape to the matches again!  This running gag that the dog is a DoD fan kind of tickles me, I’m not going to lie.  Hogan and Luger get in each other’s face, with Sting and Savage keeping them separated, as we go to commercial.

We come back and it’s a mirror image of last week…all four guys in the ring with Mean Gene.  We talk about Vader being AWOL again, and Hogan bitches a bit about Luger again, asking him why the DoD didn’t touch him.  Savage asks that too, leading Sting to stick up for Luger (a running theme for the next year if I remember correctly).  Sting says to add Lex to the War Games match in Vader’s place and Savage loses his mind.  He says he’d rather go in 4 on 3 instead of get stabbed in the back by Lex.  Savage then asks why the DoD didn’t attack Sting or Jimmy Hart!  Jimmy freaks out and lets Savage know that he was the guy who ran to the back to get Sting and Savage, so that’s why he didn’t get attacked.  They then vote on letting Lex into Club Hogan.  Sting says yes.  Savage says no.  Hogan asks Lex and Lex says after Sting begs Lex to say yes and not make him look like a dick for sticking up for him.  Lex says he has one condition…he wants his title shot.  Savage yells that Lex has ulterior motives…but then again, that’s kind of Lex’s deal.

We end on the announcers, finally letting us get a look at Pepe.  We’re told that next week we’ll get Paul Orndorff vs Johnny B Badd as well as the Blue Bloods either facing the Nasty Boys or the American Males.


So, we go off the air leading us into Fall Brawl on 9/17/1995.  We’re told that there will be match between Johnny B Badd and Flyin’ Brian to determine who will wrestle Sting for the United States Championship.  We also know that we’ll get the War Games match between Hogan’s Team and the Dungeon of Doom, as well as Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson.

Looking back on this show, I’m shocked at how excited I am for Scott Norton.  His debut last week and his beatdown of Randy Savage have endeared him to me more than he ever was back when I was watching this in real time and I can honestly say that I don’t remember much about him until he starts teaming with Ice Train, so I’m actually excited to see him week to week.  Hopefully this will keep up.

I’m not surprised at how much I’m hating Hogan, though.  His segments are rough and I’m just not into it…which is sad because I know that I’ve got a good bit of him to come.  We’ve got his run through now until around the middle of 1996 right before the nWo turn…and this is going to be hard to get through, for myself and definitely for Derick.  I’m certain that Derick will have to have psychiatric help before we reach the nWo run!

Hopefully you’re enjoying our foray into WCW 1995, though, and we’ll see you back here on 9/17 as we cover Fall Brawl!


WWF Raw Ratings – 2.5

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.4

(Raw 1, Nitro 0)


WWF Raw results from this week

The British Bulldog defeated Razor Ramon via DQ (7:10)

The Smoking Gunns defeated Rad Radford & The Brooklyn Brawler (2:46)

Dr. Issac Yankem defeated Scott Taylor (2:14)

Shawn Michaels (c) defeated Sid (w/ Ted DiBiase) to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship (7:21)

There was also a dark match involving Lex Luger.  This show was taped on 8/21, though, but still funny that Luger was on the show while also wrestling for the WCW World Championship.  Granted, he wasn’t on TV, but it’s still funny to me.  Of course, sooner than later we’ll be dealing with the same people on TV at the same time, so we’re starting to set that precident early.

Anyway, join us on Wednesday for Fall Brawl and then Thursday for our next episode of Nitro!





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