Kick Out At Nitro! – 10/9/1995

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Welcome back everyone to anther episode of Kick Out At Nitro!  This time, WCW comes to us live from the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, IL.  We start off with a quick replay of the Kevin Sullivan attack on Hulk Hogan from last week.  Really quick cuts, enough to let you know what’s going on, then we move on to the show open!  WWE could take notes from this as it got everything across in 30 seconds instead of playing the entire four minute segment as a replay.  Good job, WCW.

It took me a few times watching the new Monday Night Wars show on the WWE Network (for only $9.99!) but I finally realized that the opening to that show is an amalgam of the openings for Nitro and Raw at that time period.  Random explosions and fire happening like the opening to Raw coupled with the explosions and broadcasting the video clips on the side of buildings, etc, from the opening of Nitro…cool stuff.

October_9,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00007 The show opens on the announcers in Chicago Bears jerseys.  Mongo is in his old Bears jersey, Bischoff is in a #1 jersey and for some reason, Bobby Heenan is wearing a “?” on his.  Bobby lets us know that Hogan is in the arena, but that there is a restraining order on Kevin Sullivan and The Giant so they won’t be getting into the building tonight.

Out of nowhere, Sting interrupts the announce team and puts over Nitro.  He says he’ll be calling out Lex Luger and Randy Savage later because something has to change.  He says he has the remedy and he’s going to solve the problem.

With that, we cut to:

Match #1: United States Championship Match: Sting (United States Champ) vs Shark

Man, Shark was a terrible gimmick.  I’m not calling Earthquake anything special, but painting him up and calling him a shark…yeah…

That being said, is Shark the illegitimate father of Shark Boy?  Was this ever explored?

I have always loved how Sting isn’t announced normally.  The whole “This is Sting” part of his entrance was always so cool.  Just something that I always thought set him apart from everyone else.

Shark starts off with a “vicious shark attack!” on Sting.  That doesn’t last too long, though, as we get an attempted splash in the corner from Shark that Sting ducks and then hits two odd Stinger Splashes.  Usually the guy is in the corner fully with his back to the turnbuckles.  With this one, Shark was about two feet out of the corner, took the Stinger Splash to the back, then took a bump onto the top of the corner.  Weird.  Sting wins with a flying cross body from the top, which I really never remember Sting using, but out of three Sting matches on Nitro thus far, he’s won two of them with this move.

From there we talk about Hogan again and replay the entire attack from last week…looks like I spoke too soon on that whole “Vince could take a note from this” thing.  Guess he actually did.  Replaying something we just saw five minutes ago…nice.

Seriously, what the hell is Zodiac’s deal anyway?  I may have asked this last week, but I can’t remember.  Does he have a gimmick other than he’s just a weird black and white guy in paint and sections missing from his pants?  What was Leslie’s fascination with cutting chunks out of his pants anyway?  Granted, I’ll be marking out a lot when we get around to the Booty Man in a few months because I really liked him as a kid for some damn reason, but still…odd.

My favorite part of this Hogan attack stuff ever since Fall Brawl has been how Bobby Heenan starts cracking up and laughing maniacally every time it happens.  I love how much Heenan hates Hogan.

One quick thing…why do the clippers they use in wrestling always look so damn dull?  That shave Hogan got looked rough.

Match #2: Sabu vs Mr. JL

We come back from commercial to music playing that I really hope isn’t Sabu’s entrance music.  He came out to it, but it really didn’t fit him at all.  It sounded more like Alex Wright’s music than something Sabu should come out to.  After Sabu comes out, we are treated to the New F’N Show…well…the original, under a hood, New F’N Show anyway.  I remember being really shocked when I found out that JL was Jerry Lynn.

Sabu starts the match off by attacking JL as he’s putting his cape away.  I definitely remember this match, which is awesome.  This is the match that I kept coming back to when I spent a while convincing myself that, yes, Sabu actually did wrestle in WCW.  Nice to watch it again and be vindicated…if only vindicated against my own questioning memory.  Partway through the fans start chanting “Hogan sucks” which is awesome.  Sabu flips out of the ring and takes pretty much a full bump onto the floor, but it doesn’t faze him too much as he then sets up and hits Air Sabu onto JL leaning against the guardrail.

Back into the ring, JL whips Sabu into the corner and hits a running dropkick that the entire announce team pops huge for and puts over like it’s sliced bread.  I thought it was a cool spot, but damn, wasn’t expecting something like that from the announcers.  Sabu hits an Arabian press then a camel clutch that JL gets out by getting to the ropes.  Sabu goes up top but JL blocks it and hits a hangman’s DDT.  Sabu then goes for a top rope Frankensteiner that JL grabs the ropes and blocks, then goes off the top himself, but Sabu blocks that and puts him in the camel clutch again for the win.

That’s not it, though, as after the match Sabu throws JL out of the ring then sunset flip bombs him onto the floor from the ring apron.  We cut to the announcers and Bischoff tells us that they’re still fighting but that we have bigger stuff to deal with.  What we have to deal with, though, us Hogan again…really getting tired of Hogan taking us away from cool stuff happening in the ring.

October_9,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00008While Bischoff is talking, we can see Sting and Lex Luger getting into the ring behind him, which is pretty cool when he then kicks us to the ring so that Mean Gene can talk to them.  Never noticed stuff like that before and now I kind of get the major thing about Nitro being live.  You get a small glimpse behind the curtain that WWF didn’t give us at the time…and really still doesn’t give us now.  It also lends to the thing I’m really loving about Nitro right now that I never got back then.  It’s not presented as a wrestling show…it’s a sports broadcast that just so happens to be wrestling.  Stuff happens in real time on this show.  We’re not just watching things the way that they want them shown or through this pre-packaged sterile environment.  Things happen during down time and we get to see that.  That’s cool.  That’s why I really love the way that the show ends every week with a wrap up from the announcers.  I know that eventually down the line we’re going to get to the whole “We’re out of time!” gimmick, but for now, the fact that each show ends a tad bit early and we get final thoughts from the announcers just like we would a football game or something along those lines, that’s awesome.

We go to the ring with Mean Gene, Sting and Lex Luger.  Lex is rocking a shirt and jacket with blue jeans, which is interesting.  Sting says that everyone is there but Savage, so he calls him out.  Savage comes out, wearing full gear despite the fact that he’s not wrestling on this show.  Of course there’s a reason for it as Savage wrestled Sullivan in a dark match, but still, without that context, Savage in full gear is just a bit odd.  That being said, Savage is definitely the kind of guy that would just randomly wear his gear, so I guess it works.  Savage comes out and says that The Giant is winning the game and he’s out there chokeslamming everyone and he asks why he hasn’t chokeslammed Sting yet.  Sting tells him that he’s acting paranoid and that he has no idea why Giant hasn’t chokeslammed him yet, but that’s not the important thing.  The important thing is that everyone wants the WCW World Championship.  So, Sting’s solution is that at Halloween Havoc, after Luger wrestles Meng and after Savage wrestles Kamala, that the two of them wrestle to find out who’s getting the next title shot.  Luger says he said he’d wrestle Savage in a rematch, but he didn’t sign up for this.  Sting calls him a bitch, basically, and asks if he’s up to it.  He punks Luger out a bit and says that apparently he’s not talking to the Total Package, which gets Lex riled up and Lex finally agrees.

We come back from a commercial break to a limo pulling up outside of the arena earlier that day.  We’re told that there is a major star from Japan, Canada, Germany, among other countries, joining WCW.  The limo driver opens the door to reveal Chris Benoit, who says “WCW…where the big boys play” as he walks into the building.

I’m going to take a few moments here and address the elephant in the room as this is the first time that we’re dealing with Benoit on show.  We’re also addressing Benoit for the first time in a very long time as far as this site goes.  In fact, I believe the last time he was mentioned was my “He should never go into the HOF post.”  Benoit, especially in WCW, is going to be a weird subject for me as it’s here that he becomes my favorite wrestler.  Long before Punk…long before Ambrose…my guy was Chris Benoit.  I became a major fan of him at Halloween Havoc 1996 (so about a year in time from this point) and was a huge fan until the night that he died.  I’m not going to lie and say that a little bit of that fandom will not come out during some of these write ups.    That’s going to be weird because I’m usually very against the “remember the wrestler, not the man” mentality because I believe that one overshadows the other.  However, I’m not going to skip over it and act like his stuff doesn’t exist while I’m recapping these shows…and I’m not going to pretend that I don’t enjoy it.  I’m just not going to draw much attention to it when it comes up.  He’s in the show, he’s part of this history journey I’m on, and for this I’ll treat him no different than I would any other participant on this show.

Moving on…

We come off of this to Disco Inferno dancing in the entrance way, much as he did last week before the Guerrero / Malenko match.  I guess this is just going to be Disco’s deal…dancing during other people’s matches.  They cut his music so that Big Bubba Rogers can come out.  Big Bubba stares Disco down, but as Bubba goes to the ring, Disco grabs a boom box and starts playing his music again.  Out comes Road Warrior Hawk who gives Disco a death stare, but Disco mocks him as he turns his back and even steals a fan’s WCW hat and hangs it on one of the spikes of Hawk’s shoulderpads…leaving the hat’s original owner to stare open mouthed and wide armed in a “what the hell?” pose.

Bischoff takes this time to tell his daughter not to worry about the health of Hulk Hogan because he knows she’s concerned.  Ugh…

This match is forgettable until Disco begins dancing on the ring apron on hard camera side while the match is going on.  Hawk jumps him and tears up Discos shirt and starts beating Disco down, resulting in a count out.

October_9,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00015Back from commercial again to Mean Gene who calls out Hulk Hogan.  Out walks Hogan dressed all in black a full nine months before the nWo.  He’s even in a black neck brace.  His mustache is gone due to the Sullivan attack and terrible shave job we saw last week as well as twice on this very show!  Hogan starts his interview by telling Gene and Jimmy Hart to keep their mouths shut.  That’s odd since Hogan hasn’t really turned heel…he’s just going a more serious route…but that still allows him to act like a tool box apparently, so oh well.  Hogan says that the games are over and that it’s time to take care of family business.  He’s playing their game now.  He brings up Andre again and calls the Giant Andre’s son.  He says that if the Giant comes out, he’ll rip off his neck brace and beat the hell out of the Giant right here.  Gene tells Hogan that won’t happen due to the restraining order.  Hogan then just randomly starts talking nonsense at this point.  Seriously, it’s full of half started sentences that really don’t lead anywhere and all of these weird boasts.  He tells us he worked “just outside of New York City” for a promoter who tried to kill Hulkamania, so he brought it down to WCW so the Hulkamaniacs could grow from saplings into huge redwoods.  Now that promoter is choking on his own ego and he’s dying.  Little early into the war to start with claims like that, especially since Nitro has beaten Raw once thus far, but oh well.  Hogan then says that shaving off his mustache is akin to spraying graffiti on the Washington Monument or burning the American flag.

We cut outside to the Dungeon of Doom arriving in the Giant’s monster truck.  Giant is driving, Sullivan is hanging out the passenger window and Zodiac is just Zodiacing up on the top.  The police won’t let them in, so Hogan says he’s going out to them and leaves.

The cage starts to lower and we cut to the announcers, showing us that Mongo has Pepe here in Chicago Bears gear.  Poor damn dog.

The Rosemont police show up to tell Bischoff that Hogan and the DoD are being kept separated outside.

We cut quickly to the ring to see that for some weird reason, Arn Anderson has been given the jobber entrance and he’s already in the ring.

Match #4: Cage Match: Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson

The match starts with Flair taking it to Double A until Anderson hits a backdrop and slams Flair into the cage.  We get a few moments of wrestling and then go to commercial break.  Coming back from break, we see Double A in control but find out via split screen that during the commercial break, Flair got the upper hand as Anderson tried to get out of the ring and Flair stopped him, causing him to get crotched on the top rope.  Out of that split screen we get a beautiful Arn Anderson spinebuster.  Seriously, no one does that move better!

October_9,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00018We get some back and forth, both men getting sent to the cage and getting their faces raked against the cage.  Pillman comes out and tries to get into the cage through the door but can’t.  He then tries to get into the cage by climbing over the top but Flair meets him and sends him to the floor.  He hits a double axe handle from the top to Anderson, gets a knee breaker and goes for the Figure Four.  At first glance, it looks like Anderson gets him with a quick punch or an eye rake (this is what I thought it was) and then gets a three count.  On later review from a replay as well as constant jabbering from the announcers, we see that Double A socked Flair with a pair of brass knuckles for the win.

We go back to the announcers but a crazed Ric Flair storms the announce booth, ripping the headset off of Bischoff’s head, breaking it in half.  He screams into the mic that next week he’ll wrestle both Anderson and Pillman by himself!  He’ll try to find a partner, but if he can’t then he’ll go 2 on 1.

We end the show with the announcers wrapping up and Heenan telling us that he’s sick of Hulk Hogan being crammed down his throat and down all of our throats.  He says you can only eat so much garbage before you start to choke on it.  Man, I love The Brain!

With that, we go off the air with a quick run down of next week, which will feature DDP vs Johnny B Badd with the Television title on the line.  We’ll see the debuting Chris Benoit wrestle Eddie Guerrero in what I’m certain will be a great match.  We’ll also see Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Meng in what I’m sure will be terrible.


All in all, very interesting show if only on the quick side as far as matches went.  No match on this show lasted longer than four minutes and change.  Less than two minutes in the case of Sting vs Shark and Big Bubba vs Hawk.  Still, we got two definite matches and one potential match setup for Halloween Havoc.  We got the debut of Hogan’s new look leading into Havoc and a look into the future as all he’s lacking is the white nWo logo.  We also got the debut of a new star, so this episode definitely had a lot to offer.

That being said…I miss Scott Norton!  I was amped the first two weeks with how he was being handled…then nothing.  Hopefully he’ll show up soon.  I honestly don’t remember anything about him from this time until he starts tagging with Ice Train next year, so I’m really hoping there’s more coming between now and then.

See you next week!




Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.6

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.6

(Raw 2, Nitro 1) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2 weeks

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – N/A


Two ties in a row!  Granted, not sure how this one competed that closely with Raw when it only had two freaking matches!


WWF Raw results from this week

Owen Hart & Yokozuna & The British Bulldog defeated Diesel & Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker

Fatu defeated Skip


Two matches?!?!  Granted, one of the two featured six of the main players at this time in WWF, but still…two matches…

I know that two of our matches this week on Nitro went less than two minutes, with the other two in the four minute range…but still, that’s twice the number of matches in this show.  What’s up with that, Vince?



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