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KoaNitro copyWelcome everyone to one of the Internet’s top WCW loving websites!   It’s kind of odd to me that a website that we started because we had a ton to say about wrestling and needed an outlet for it has become primarily a ground for me to relive my childhood, but honestly I feel that says a lot about how we here at Ko@2 are feeling about today’s product…I don’t watch Raw anymore, but Nitro is a weekly staple in my house.

But, enough about that…I don’t want to start out on a down note…that’s a whole blog post in and of itself that I kind of want to do at a later date with all three of us here at Ko@2…today, though…today, we’re going to talk about Nitro!

And what a Nitro it is.  Even my wife, who has been watching all of this over my shoulder over the last few months and never saw any of it live, thought it was a good show.  Nitro comes to us this week from the Veterans Memorial Colosseum in Jacksonville, FL.  I thought this was pretty cool because I was just in this arena about three weeks ago for a Garth Brooks concert, so to see it show up on TV on my Nitro journey so soon was pretty interesting.  Tonight is going to be a pretty big night.  Of course, we haven’t yet approached “the greatest night in the history of our business” levels of hype yet (rest assured, those days are coming), but still an interesting and novel night.  Tonight, the fans will chose the main event!

We open on our announce team, with Pepe dressed as a clown this week.  Mongo says that “we got a lotta clowns in this league, and I’m talking about one Jimmy Hart, and this is in honor of him.”  Eric Bischoff runs down the way that the main event is going to work.  Basically, you can call a telephone # and vote.  I’m not certain whether it’s the normal WCW hotline # as the WWE Network’s feed had the number blacked out.  Anyway, call the #, 99 cents a minute, and vote for a wrestler from the red locker room and a wrestler from the blue locker room.

In the red locker room we have Ric Flair, Meng, Diamond Dallas Page, The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal and Earl Bobby Eaton), Big Bubba, Shark and Scott Norton.

In the blue locker room we have Sting, Johnny B Badd, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dave Sullivan, Alex Wright, The Nasty Boys and JL.

We go to a replay of last week’s Halloween Havoc, showing Lex Luger torture racking Randy Savage.  We get word that Savage is injured, but he’s in the building.  Doctors however won’t allow him to wrestle, so he’s in the back flipping out and throwing things…so par for the course with Macho Man.

Bobby Heenan lets us know that the match he wants to see is Gene Okerlund vs Tony Schiavone.  With that, we go to the ring for…

Match #1: Cobra vs The Giant (w/ Jimmy Hart)

November_6,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00002Someone messed up on the music during these intros.  Cobra’s music is just Morse Code, but they had the Dungeon of Doom music playing under it the entire time.  That only marginally improved Cobra’s music.  Seriously, it’s JUST Morse Code.  That’s it.  I don’t ever want to hear about Cesaro’s siren music again…THIS is bad music.  The Morse Code came across way weird on my TV, too.  I thought it was an audio issue for a good while until I figured out what was happening.

Heenan tells us that backstage Arn Anderson has been ripping phones off of the walls so that fans couldn’t vote for Sting vs Flair.  Keep track, kids…they’re going to try their damnedest to steer us down this Sting/Flair road all night.

The Giant makes his entrance still wearing the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt.  When he gets to the ring, Giant picks up ring announcer David Penzer with both hands and says something to him, resulting in Penzer announcing that this match is for the Championship.  Looks like Giant was true to his word last week and he will be a fighting champion.  Of course, Cobra is getting a title match?!  I thought we were three years away from guys like this getting title shots.  Was “Thunderfoot” Jerry Flynn busy tonight?

If that name doesn’t sound familiar…stick around…you’ll be seeing a few title shots in his future down the road.

The Giant grabs Cobra, chokeslam, pin.

Winner: The Giant

Bobby is straight marking out for this quick win.  Mongo says that Bobby probably hasn’t seen anything that quick since his honeymoon.

We go to Mean Gene in the red locker room, which despite getting a full run down of who all was in it at the top of the show, took me to the moment they showed it for me to realize that it was full of heels.  Norton and Shark are standing right beside each other as Gene is putting over the gimmick for the main event, leading me to wonder why, after last week, these two weren’t kicking the living crap out of one another.  Of course, I didn’t have to wait long because the moment I typed that note down they started shoving one another.  Gene makes the heels part and we see that the Blue Bloods are sitting in the back having tea and reading a book.  Gene acts like reading is the worst thing they could do.  Honestly, he comes across like he has some serious venom for the books.  It’s odd.

Gene kicks it over to Schiavone in the blue locker room which is full of babyfaces.  Everyone is talking over everyone else, screaming at the camera while Tony is trying to talk.  They’re drowning him out and you can’t hear a word he’s saying.  This got pretty annoying, I’m not going to lie.  It was only saved by the fact that Hacksaw is walking around in the foreground throwing crap across the room.  He throws his 2×4, he throws a chair…he does this probably three or four times.  Hacksaw really comes across as a legit crazy person in this skit.

We get a commercial break hyping World War 3 in three weeks.

We come back from commercial to a video package about Hulk Hogan while he’s off in Venice Beach, CA.  He’s gone back to his roots, Bischoff informs us.  He’s hanging out with Macho Man, who is also now dressed all in black.  Hogan says that Jimmy betrayed him, but they’ve found a new manager, and it’s this crazy homeless guy who just seems to spout off random crap.  In the background there’s also this weird guy playing this odd Hogan song on a guitar.  Hogan tells us that now Macho knows that the prayers, vitamins and commandments are the important thing.  Way to go “dark,” guys.  Savage starts talking about how Hulk Hogan can sit here and take the low road, but he’s going to go back to WCW and take the high road.  He’s going to go back and find out who is really friend or foe to Hogan.  Honestly, this would have been a pretty cool promo if it wasn’t for random Homeless Jimmy hanging out in the midst.  Although, at one point, Savage mentions that Sullivan stole Hogan’s mustache.  This baffles me.  Yes, Sullivan shaved it off…but it’s not like it was a THING that he’s holding hostage.  Hogan can just grow another damn mustache.  This happened over a month ago…unless Hogan’s follicles are now afraid of the Dungeon of Doom, he should have had a new one by Havoc.  Who knows…maybe Jimmy wasn’t the only one to betray Hogan…maybe his facial hair follicles betrayed him to and jumped ship to the Dungeon of Doom.

Speaking of the DoD, we head back to the ring where their music is playing.  Bischoff lets us know that he thinks he heard a little Jimi Henderson playing in the background.

No, I didn’t mistype that.  That’s what Bischoff said.  WTF?!

Match #2: “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Renegade

Renegade makes me feel bad.  I always want to rip on him for being Warrior Lite or Not-Warrior, but every time I think about it, I remember that he committed suicide and I then refuse to make fun of him.

November_6,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00006Renegade hits the ring all fired up and hits four straight clotheslines to Sullivan, the fourth knocking him to the floor.  On the floor, Jimmy Hart distracts Renegade, allowing Sullivan to attack him from the back and get the upper hand.  He picks Renegade up and crotches him on the steel barricade and then clotheslines him off.  He slams his head into the steps, then back into the ring to jump on the second rope and double stomp him in the gut.  Isn’t that Sullivan’s finish?  Why not pin him there?

Heenan takes this opportunity to start talking about the plight of Japanese wrestlers in WCW and how they’re not represented well in the organization.  He’s going to change that, though, as he’s just brokered a deal with Sonny Onoo and we’re going to get a half an hour of Japanese wrestling on Saturday mornings.  Wow…WCW’s second most useless show…right behind Sunday’s Main Event show.  Nice.

Speaking of Japanese wrestlers in WCW, Renegade gets the upper hand by hitting The Great Muta’s handspring elbow in the corner.  He goes for a running kick in the corner but misses when Sullivan moves, which ties him up in the Tree of Woe.  Sullivan gives him the knee to the gut and hits a second double stomp (to the “belly welly” as Dusty would say) for the win.

Winner: Kevin Sullivan

After the match we see Jimmy Hart with a red solo cup and a towel.  He throws the contents of the cup into Renegade’s face then wipes away the paint with the towel, talking crap to him the whole time.  He tells him that he’s not the Renegade, he’s “just plain old Rick,” taking some extra time to run down Hogan as well.

We go to the back with Mean Gene in the red locker room again.  Shark and Norton are back in each other’s face then start shoving each other, fighting out of the frame eventually.  The lights randomly go off and are off for a few moments while Ric Flair is cutting a promo on Sting.  He says the lights go off and on at his command, just as the lights come back on.  He says he told Sting that if he didn’t like it to do something about it and tonight all eyes are on them and he’s stylin’ and profilin’.  Yep…WCW’s really pushing for this to be the match we get tonight.

Commercial break and we get the Up Next graphic showing us Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

We come back to a promo for WCW Saturday Night (6:05 Eastern on Superstation TBS!), where we’ll see Arn Anderson vs Kurasawa, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the debut of Disco Inferno’s music video!

Match #3: Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

I am very happy that this seems to be a rivalry that’s building in WCW.  These two, with Dean Malenko in the mix, is nothing but smiles for me.

Bischoff tells us that the video we saw earlier of Hogan, Savage and Homeless Jimmy was recorded earlier today and that Savage then jumped a plane and headed to Florida to beat down Luger but that the docs aren’t letting that happen.

I always liked Benoit’s music.  My favorite part is always right as he gets into the ring…the beat drops and the song goes silent for just a few seconds, then picks back up.  Always liked that!

Eddie’s in my favorite black tights tonight.  Benoit is in garbage yellow ones.  I cannot wait for him to join the Horsemen and get better tights.  Heenan puts the match over, telling us to call our friends because we’re about to see one of the best scientific matches we’ve ever seen.

Benoit starts off strong, clotheslining the crap out of Eddie and then nailing him with that snap suplex.  Bischoff says that these two are wrestling for the benefit of promoters worldwide, which doesn’t quite makes sense to me since they’re already signed by WCW…but Bischoff explains that they’re still nailing down exactly where they’re holding the matches for the new Cruiserweight Championship, so it makes a little more sense.  Benoit hits a nice spinebuster and then locks up Eddie in the Liontamer.  I remember this being used by Benoit a few times.  Heck, I know that at Fall Brawl in 1996 he uses it against Jericho before Jericho starts using it as his own finisher.

We cut to a table and we see Sonny Onoo eating sushi with some wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling.  We can clearly see Masahiro Chono, Kensuke Sasaki and Jushin Lyger sitting there.

Eddie takes over as the pace quickens.  Benoit goes to the floor and walks off but Eddie dives off of the top and takes him out.

November_6,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00008Bischoff talks a little about Homeless Jimmy and Mongo says he’s a reject from Haight-Ashbury, showing us that Mongo was a square during the 60’s, man.

Eddie hits a beautiful jumping brainbuster and then goes up top, presumably for the frog splash, but Benoit climbs up too and hits a hell of a superplex for a two count.  He then hits Eddie with that devestating snap powerbomb for two.  Man, I will never NOT mark out for that move.  It’s so nasty looking.  Short arm clothesline to Eddie for good measure.  It’s hard not to gush over Benoit, honestly.  I talked about the whole situation a few weeks back, but man…I’m remembering why I became a fan of his.  Everything he does is so explosive.  Eddie wraps Benoit up for a 2 count off of an Irish whip.  Irish whip again and Benoit hits him in the gut with the knee but Eddie rolls through for another two count.  Benoit hits a bridging German suplex for two, rolls through for the second one but Eddie blocks it and goes for a clothesline, which Benoit ducks and rolls into a Northern Lights Suplex for two.

At this point, Bischoff pitches the phone # gimmick again and really talks up Sting vs Flair, showing us yet again that WCW is going to make this match happen whether the fans vote for it or not.  Of course, it’s totally rigged for that to happen.  I’m certain they didn’t even have to make up the votes.

Back in the ring, Eddie is on the apron, Benoit in the ring and the two start punching the everloving crap out of each other.  Benoit goes for a back suplex into the ring, Eddie rolls in mid air, comes down in a cover and gets a three count despite Benoit’s feet being all over the ropes.  Benoit is pissed as he argues with the ref and Bobby Heenan is livid at the end of the match.  Sure, it was an odd finish, but I’m all for it if it gets me more of these matches.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

We go to Tony in the babyface locker room and Hacksaw is still throwing crap around in the background.  Tony interviews Sting, talking about him getting beat down by Flair at Havoc.  Sting tells Flair that he doesn’t like him, he hates him and he’s going to leave him for dead due to Flair double crossing him and using the Little Stingers as bait to lure him in.

Okay, guys, we get it…you want for us to vote for Flair vs Sting.  Seriously, they’re the only two you’ve mentioned…and really the only two that have any beef with each other besides DDP and JBB.

Bischoff tells us that the VHS of Fall Brawl 1995 will be in video stores tomorrow!  Man, a video release only two months past the event?  I didn’t think VHS happened that quickly.  I really feel old now.

We go back to that and Eric Bischoff informs us that after the fan vote, the main event is going to be Diamond Dallas Page vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan!!!!!

Just kidding…it’s Sting and Flair.  The announcers put the match over while Heenan is sipping sake.  Man, now I really want some sushi and sake.

Match #4: Special Interactive Main Event – Sting vs Ric Flair

Penzer makes me happy by giving me the “This…is…STING” line as part of Sting’s entrance.  I can’t get enough of that.  It really does show how much they put into Sting since he’s the only one who gets a special announcement like that.

Being this far removed from WCW and after so many years in the WWE, it’s odd hearing Flair’s music without the “Wooooooo” in front of it.  Flair comes out without his trademark robe as well.  At least he’s not wearing that cashmere sweater he was rocking in the red locker room.  As Flair gets near the ring, Sting is chomping at the bit to get at him.  Flair grabs a girl in a Nitro shirt and bright orange Hooter’s shorts and cowers behind her.  When he gets in the ring, Sting goes off.  He takes Flair to the ground, pummels him then picks him up for the gorilla press slam.  We get the 10 punch in the corner, leading to a whip to the opposite corner where Flair gives us his famous flip over the turnbuckle and is met with a clothesline off of the ring apron, just like every other time Ric Flair has been whipped to the corner.  Now we’re fighting on the floor.  Flair chops Sting a few times but Sting sells none of it, causing Flair to beg off.  Sting gives him no mercy and starts punching him again, but Flair pokes him in the eye and suplexes Sting on the floor.  Flair backs up and leans against the guardrail to catch his breath and we see him begging off as Sting flies in with a Stinger Splash, but Flair moves and Sting eats guardrail as we go to commercial break.

We get another commercial for WW3.  With everyone in the battle royal, who is going to wrestle in matches on the PPV?  It’s two weeks away and I really don’t feel that anything has been built up.

November_6,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00012We come back and Flair is in control.  Bischoff tells us that during the break, Flair hit a kick that Bischoff is glad he didn’t have to apologize for since it happened off the air.  Mongo just tells us it was a low blow and moves on with his day.  Flair puts Sting in the Figure 4, grabbing the ropes for leverage when the ref isn’t watching.  Sting goes down to the mat a few times, causing the ref to count.  I always hated the count during the Figure 4.  I know that basically he’s controlling the move at that point and if the guy’s shoulders are down, they’re down, but it’s not a pin…it’s a submission hold.  I know that sometime next summer he beats either Konnan or Eddie Guerrero with a pin out of the Figure 4, which was my first real “that doesn’t make sense” moment as a wrestling fan, so I’ve got that to look forward to, which is nice.  Sting stops selling the Figure 4 after a while, rolls over and Flair bails out of that move faster than I think I’ve ever seen.  Mongo says he’s never seen anyone get out of the Figure 4 like that, showing us that he’s never seen anyone put in the figure four before, because I’m pretty certain that any Figure 4 not resulting in a submission has ended with the opponent rolling to reverse the pressure.  Flair chops, Sting no sells and looks at Flair like he’s stupid.  Flair tees off again to the same effect.  I’ve always loved it when Sting would no sell.  Irish whip, gorilla slam, whip to the corner, hiptoss and a thumb to the stops Sting’s momentum.

We’re told that Flair is an 11 time champion at this point.  So, he wins the title 5 more times within the next 5 1/2 years?  Have I talked about this before?  I feel like I have.

The two men brawl to the outside where Flair eye rakes Sting all the way to the barricade.  He runs across the ring to get a steel chair and then takes off running at Sting, only to have referee Randy Anderson take the chair from him at the last minute.  Flair gets in Anderson’s face and receives a chop for his troubles.  Bischoff says that going after the ref will cost him money and Heenan says that Flair doesn’t care, he has the money.  I like that.  I like the idea that Flair is so crazy with his money that it’s nothing to smack a ref around…he’ll just pay it.

We’re told that there is a big announcement after this match.  Flair tries to get a few pins using the ropes but nogo.  Heenan guesses that the announcement will be Hogan’s retirement but Bichoff says no, stop speculating.  Sting powers back, goes for a backslide and gets a 2 count, just like 99.99% of every other backslide in existence.

Flair goes up to the top rope and Sting tosses him off.  How does Flair not just destroy his hip over the years taking bumps on it.  He’s said that after his back was broken he just never felt comfortable taking flat back bumps, so every bump he takes is on his side/hip.  It seems like that would be WAY worse than a back bump, so I’m shocked that Flair’s hip isn’t just mush at this point.  Sting punches Flair in the corner and the ref gets between them.  In a cool spot, Sting picks Anderson up and walks him across the ring, sitting him on top of the turnbuckle before going back to take out Flair.  While this was happening, though, Flair slipped on some brass knucks.  He pops Sting with them and covers.

For a two count!

We get the chop, nosell, gorilla press slam spot for the third time in this match, but this one leads to him putting Flair on the top turnbuckle and hitting a nice standing superplex off of it.  Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock, walks to the center of the ring, and Flair gives up.

Winner: Sting

After the match, though, Sting refuses to let go of the move.  The referee calls out other referees and we’re told that Lex Luger comes out but we don’t see him.  We do see Eddie Guerrero and JL, however, and they come down and try to talk Sting into letting go.  Out comes Dave Sullivan as well.  Bobby and Bischoff tell us that Luger was stopped by WCW officials, that’s why we don’t see him.  Hacksaw and Johnny B Badd come out as well and they forcefully pull Sting off of Flair.  Out comes Doug Dillinger and he and the babyfaces escort Sting from the ring.  It’s at this point that I really notice that Sting has stopped dying his hair.  His roots are really coming in dark.

Sting runs back into the ring and puts Flair back into the Deathlock, bringing out Lex Luger finally.  I really think that the announcers missed Luger’s cue and he wasn’t ever supposed to come out until this point, so they had to make up the whole “officials stopped him” line to explain why he wasn’t out there.  Luger gets in the ring, wearing some ugly ass stripped pants, and gets in Sting’s face, saying something to him.  Sting finally breaks the hold and leave the ring with Luger as the babyfaces as well as Eric Bischoff are left to speculate and be confused.

We go to one last commercial break before coming back the ring with Mene Gene, The Giant, Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan.  The Giant is still wearing the title belt.  Gene says that’s not right, Giant isn’t champ.  Jimmy (not the Homeless version, thankfully) tells us he’s going to let us in on how stupid Hulk Hogan is.  While Hogan was in Hollywood making his B-grade, straight to VHS movies (his words, not mine), Jimmy had his power of attorney in WCW and he was here doing business.  While Hogan was doing charity work all across the world with Randy Savage, Jimmy was here making deals.  He was the one who signed the contract for the match with the Giant because of that power of attorney.  Jimmy says that Hogan didn’t realize that when he signed the contract he added a stipulation saying if Hogan were disqualified, he would lose the title.  This means that the contract is legal and binding and that The Giant is our current WCW World Heavyweight Champion!  Sullivan says he signed the contract with The Giant and it isn’t their fault Hogan got himself disqualified.

Okerlund calls out WCW lawyer Nick Lambrose and asks him about the contract.  He says that Jimmy is partially correct.  He did have power of attorney, but Lambrose has been on the phone all day with WCW commissioner Nick Bockwinkle.  He says Bockwinkle knows about all of this, but due to the dubious nature in which Hogan was disqualified, the WCW Championship is being held up and will be awarded to the winner of the 60 man battle royal at World War 3!

Mean Gene tries to take the title from The Giant but he refuses.  Sullivan says this is just another part of Hogan and WCW’s agenda.  He says they can take the belt but at World War 3, no one will beat The Giant.  Sullivan gives Lambrose the belt.  He says when The Giant wins it back, the lawyer will crawl on his belly like the snake he is to give it back to him.  This Lambrose guy isn’t selling any of this, either, which makes that look really cheesy.

We go off the air with the announcers pitching World War 3 and the Jacksonville crowd chanting for Hogan.  We have no WCW Champion!  Heenan says this makes the battle royal even more dangerous because people were just going for a title shot…now they’re going for the title!  Someone will get hurt and go to the hospital!

We get a quick “Next Week” graphic showing us we’ll get Savage vs Meng, Johnny B Badd vs Eddie Guerrero for the Television Championship and Sting vs Dean Malenko.  Nitro next weeks is sounding pretty damn good!


All in all, this was a pretty good show.  It was kind of hamfisted getting the idea of Sting vs Flair shoved down our throats, but it wasn’t too bad since that was really the best match they could make and the only real one they could pull off that would come off like a main event.  Really, DDP vs Bobby Eaton is gonna main event?  The Benoit/Eddie match was the best of the night, but I’m pretty sure that on almost every card that match could be on, it’ll be match of the night.

Sting vs Flair was really good.  They really got across that Sting is pissed about being betrayed for the milliondyth time.  I like the whole angle with Luger being the only one that can talk him down, too.  That was neat.

Until next week, WCW fans!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.6

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.0

(Raw 4, Nitro 3) (Tie Weeks – 2 )

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


Hate seeing WCW lost this round with such a great show and good main event.


WWF Raw results from this week

The British Bulldog (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Marty Jannetty

Henry O. Godwinn vs. Terry Richards ended in a no contest

Kama (w/ Ted DiBiase) defeated Tony Roy

Isaac Yankem DDS & Jerry Lawler defeated Bret Hart & Hakushi (w/ Barry Horowitz) by DQ


Another bad-on-paper Raw.  Two matches against jobbers.  Hart & Hakushi as a team sounds cool, but you have Isaac Yankem on the other side just throwing all that in the garbage.


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