Kick Out at Nitro! PPV Special! World War 3 – 11/26/1995

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KoaNitro PPVWelcome everyone to another edition of Kick Out at Nitro! PPV Special!  Tonight we’re covering World War 3 from Norfolk, VA!  The last few weeks of Nitro haven’t left us with a clear card for what is going to happen tonight outside of the main event, the 3 ring, 60 man Battle Royal where the winner will be declared the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

We open with the WW3 video package telling us that the “card is subject to change” while what will eventually be La Parka’s music plays in the background. Guess Sabu isn’t using it anymore. That being said…what card?!

Looks like our announce team is going to be Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan, but Tony does run down the entire announce roster. Tony picks Hulk Hogan as tonight’s winner while Bobby goes for “Macho Man” Randy Savage, but then changes his mind to The Giant, but when Tony prompts him to find out who he picks, he says “I’ll tell you later.”

We find out some matches for tonight…Luger vs Savage in a grudge match, Sting vs Flair, and Tony mentions the WCW US Championship title change in saying that Kensuke Sasaki will defend against Chris Benoit.

FireTony pitches to Mean Gene along with Savage, Hogan and Sting. Guess they’ve worked out their differences. Macho is back in his colors and not in the black and white anymore. Hogan says the fans stayed with him. He walked along the dark side and if he had taken the final step, he wouldn’t be here with his two best friends. Hogan says that the dark side of Hulk Hogan is over as he strips off his black bandana and shirt, revealing the red and yellow. He tosses the black in a trashcan and sets it on fire. Hogan says he wants to be Sting’s friend and Savage says he was wrong and Sting is the coolest dude in the world. Hogan says they’ve been laughing all day backstage at the joke that Macho Man had a legitimate injury…that was a plan, brother! Sting starts freaking out a bit as the fire keeps going and he starts spending a lot of time trying to put it out, eventually pouring a bottle of water on it. His eyes really don’t leave the direction of the trashcan through the rest of the interview, actually. Hogan finishes his promo and Mean Gene tells us that we’re going to get DDP vs Johnny B Badd.

We go to a promo on Saturday Night where DDP is running his mouth and Kimberly starts to talk, DDP tells her to “zip it,” and they get into an argument. Kimberly says that she will put herself up as a prize to the winner of the match as DDP apparently cares more about his WCW TV Championship more than her. Kim storms off and DDP freaks out and leave after her.

Match #1: WCW Television Championship – Diamond Dallas Page w/ Diamond Doll vs Johnny B Badd (C) – Winner gets the Diamond Doll

DDP comes out still with JBB’s confetti gun. I love that DDP constantly restocks this thing. Conspicuous by his absence is Maxx Muscle.

Out comes JBB with the WCW Television Title that he won last month at Halloweek Havoc.

The match starts with a lock up and they move into the corner where DDP starts a clean break and then chops JBB’s chest. JBB runs at DDP and tackles him and they start brawling to the floor. Back in the ring JBB hits a cross body off of the ropes and DDP rolls it into a pin, moving for JBB to grab him in a crucifix slam. The match slows down for a bit as JBB takes control with a headlock.

I’m just going to take a moment here and must mention how beautiful Kimberly is. Although all time, my favorite wrestling woman is Sunny, there will always be a special place in my heart for my first wrestling love, Kimberly.

I wonder if the JBB/Eddie Guerrero stuff ever resolved itself. I was really hoping we would see the rematch of that match here at the PPV instead of a rematch from Havoc. That being said, this match is still pretty good.

DDP is sent to the floor and JBB follows but Page hides behind Kimberly then shoves Kim into JBB and sucker punches him afterwards. Tony says that she should walk away from him right now and Heenan says that would be crazy since DDP is about to become TV champion and has 13 million dollars.

DDP 1Page takes the match back over and slows the pace back in the ring. DDP hits a tilt-a-whirl reverse pancake and calls for a “10” from Kim who refuses it, looking disgusted.

It’s interesting that at the PPVs, the announcers sit at ringside where at Nitro they have the announce booth up behind the entrances. Unlike what we see now, where there is a recessed place at ringside, Heenan and Schiavone are just at a regular table pushed right against the main ring. Wasn’t there an announce booth at Halloween Havoc? Seems like there was.

Johnny B Badd hits a move and calls for a “10” but Kim says no, but grabs a cardboard placard with “10+” on it. JBB hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. DDP throws him to the turnbuckle and pins him with his feet on the ropes for two. DDP sends him to the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl side slam. Kim starts outright cheering for JBB at this point. JBB goes for his finisher “The Bad Mood” which looks to be a slingshot body splash from the apron into the ring but DDP gets his knees up and stops it. DDP picks him up and hits a gutbuster for two. DDP goes for a tombstone piledriver but JBB reverses it into one of his own for a two count.

JBB hits DDP with a left hand, sending him to the floor and then hits him with a flip over the top to the floor that Schiavone calls “The Bad Mood” making me wonder which move is actually called that. I do find it pretty stupid that one of JBB”s major moves is done to the floor and he then has to get the guy back into the ring. He does, though, and then hits a slingshot leg drop into the ring for the win.

Winner: Johnny B Badd (retains championship and wins The Diamond Doll)

After the match Kim looks shocked and slowly gets into the ring. Bobby makes a point that JBB doesn’t open the ropes and help her in. Kim hugs JBB and JBB grabs Kim’s “10+” sign and holds it up, pointing at Kim as well as we go into the match replays. Heenan plays up that now Kim is going to be poor as Tony kicks it off to Mean Gene at the entrance ramp.

Gene says we thought we had heard the last of the WWF’s steroid scandal, but apparently something happened on Wednesday that changes all that. This is odd as I don’t remember anything else coming up from that. Gene welcomes Johnny and Kim as Johnny tells us that DDP doesn’t treat a lady like that. Johnny says he’s love to offer Kim the opportunity to manage the WCW TV Champion and that she doesn’t have to decide tonight but he wants her to do what she wants and to fulfill her dreams. Kim says she’s happy to get the choice and that the best man won tonight. JBB says he’s looking forward to winning more matches with Kim at his side, but tonight he’s now set on the Battle Royale.

Match #2: Taped Fist Match – Big Bubba Rogers vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

As Big Bubba makes his way to the ring he’s jumped by Hacksaw. Both of the men have both fists taped up and Hacksaw has is 2×4 roped up and slung over his shoulder. We’re told that the tape makes their fists harder and that recently Hacksaw has traced his taped fist roots back all the way to Ireland.

After brawling at ringside the two men get into the ring and Hacksaw teases hitting Bubba with his 2×4 but decides against it and just takes it to Bubba. They go back to brawling on the floor which prompts Bobby to ask why they keep going to the floor…what do they think the ropes are on the ring for!? Hacksaw rolls Bubba into the second ring and then as they move to the ring apron wedges Bubba’s head between two of the turnbuckle posts of the rings.

If you haven’t seen a World War 3 setup, they’re really interesting. I’m going to try to get a picture in here, but if I can’t, thing of the first ring, but then with two other rings off of the back two corners, making a Tri-Force of rings, basically.

WW32Back in the main ring, Bubba takes control and just starts pummeling Hacksaw’s head with his fists. Hacksaw rolls out of the main ring again and heads to the third ring, making sure that all three get some use tonight. I can’t wait until this PPV happens next year or the year after when the roster is full of high flying cruiserweights. I’d love to see if they use those in their matches. Bubba pulls out more tape and tapes his hands up a little more, prompting even Tony to wonder what good that will do.

Tony makes a good point and says that since Ring 1 is the official ring, the referee could technically just count them out once they enter Rings 2 and 3.

As they enter Ring 1 again, Bubba pulls out his tape and tapes Hacksaw’s hand to the top rope, trapping him there, before teeing off on Hacksaw’s head again. Bubba runs towards Hacksaw, who simply holds up his fist and Bubba runs right into it, bumping flat afterwards. The ref helps Hacksaw work his way free just as Bubba runs at him again, allowing Hacksaw to just back bodydrop him over the top. These two have spent so much time out of the ring in this match. Hacksaw hits a power slam then goes to the corner into the 3 point stance and hitting the clothesline.

Out comes VK Wallstreet with a chain wrapped around his fist but as he tries to get into the ring Hacksaw hits him in the gut with the 2×4, but not before Wallstreet was able to toss in the chain. Bubba picks it up, wraps it around his hand and uppercuts Hacksaw. With both men down, the referee starts his 10 count, which Bubba stands up at 9 and wins the match.

Winner: Big Bubba Rogers via KO

As Bubba is trying to leave the ring he rolls under the ropes but is heading for the announcers, prompting Heenan to say “No…no…no…” but Bubba leaves anyway, saying “Tell them how great I am, Bobby!”

The announcers run down some of the other matches and then tell us that if we’re on CompuServe we can chat with the wrestlers.

Tony tells us that tonight we’ll see a grudge match between Flair and Sting and sends us to Mean Gene who is with Flair. Flair says that the whole wrestling world knows that the Nature Boy is going to style and profile. Gene brings up the Battle Royal and says that Flair could be crowned champion for the 12th time. Flair says this was his master plan. He’s got Sting, Hogan, Savage and Luger all in the same place at the same time and that it’s time for him to rule WCW one more time.

Match #3: Cutie Suzuki & Mayumi Ozaki VS Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto w/ Sonny Onoo

With this match we get our Kick Out at Nitro debut of Mike Tenay calling commentary. We’ve seen him once before doing a Mean Gene type of role, but this is how I know Tenay best…calling a match with either Japanese or Mexican wrestlers.

I love how WCW really tried to offer a lot of different options to their fans at this time. Could you imagine WWE offering Joshi matches out of nowhere on a major PPV right now?

Nakano and Hokuto start off ambushing the other two ladies and then Nakano launches into the thing I remember her most for…grabbing a woman by the hair and hurling her across the ring! It’s crazy. Hokuto gets in the ring and grabs a reverse chokehold on Ozaki and taunts her partner by grabbing the hand and waving it inches away from her partner, trying to allow the tag. Nakano tags in and holds Ozaki again just outside of tag range which brings in Suzuki to just jump Nakano, but she’s sent back out by referee Randy Anderson. Nakano and Hokuto are straight up dominating this match, mostly through Nakano’s strength. Hokuto tags in and Ozaki finally gets some offense that allows her to get the hot tag to Suzuki who comes in and grabs a half crab. Nakano comes in to stop it and Ozaki puts her into a Boston Crab. Hokuto makes it to the ropes, though, causing the break.

WW33Tenay lets us know that Hokuto and Nakano were a tag team at a two night event earlier this year in Korea that broke all pro wrestling attendance records, drawing over 150,000 people each night. At that event Hokuto met Kensuke Sasaki for the first time. They were engaged on their first date and married later in Japan. Ozaki and Suzuki hit a barrage of moves from the top rope but Nakano gets up, double suplexes both women. The two babyfaces try to superplex Hokuto but Nakano breaks it up. The babyfaces start hitting moves in tandem to the heels but always for two. Then we get into suplex city, a half nelson suplex for two and then Hokuto hitting a nasty German suplex that lands pretty roughly on Ozaki’s neck for two. Nakano sends the babyfaces outside and sets them both up so that Hokuto can hit a flipping splash. Nakano brings Ozaki into the ring and lets Hokuto nail a Doomsday Device for two. Nakano goes up for a hell of a guillotine legdrop that looks like she lands right on Ozaki’s face. Hokuto holds off Suzuki long enough for Nakano to get the three.

Winners: Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto

I really liked having Tenay out for this match. It really did add a different flair to the match having someone who knows who these people are calling the match. That being said, I really liked this much more than having him out for full commentary in TNA.

We go back to Mean Gene along with Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart. Hart says that we’re looking at the next WCW World Champion. Luger goes for a high 5 afterwards but is left hanging for an eternity as Jimmy walks off for a moment to look at the crowd. Luger says we’re looking at the future and he’s going to break Savage into a million pieces and he won’t even make it to the battle royale. Gene finishes my saying he wants to know if the oil on Luger is 10w40 and how much it goes for a quart.

Match #4: WCW United States Championship – Chris Benoit vs Kensuke Sasaki (C) w/ Sonny Onoo

Benoit is finally in Horsemen tights! He’s wearing the red ones with the black 4H but still has the white boots.

Sasaki won the title 10 days ago, we’re told. Onoo tells us that Benoit is an American wannabe, which gets a laugh out of Heenan.

The match starts with the two locking up and Benoit taking Sasaki to the corner and getting some slaps and kicks in before flashing the 4H sign. Heenan says that this may be the best version of the Horsemen ever. Tony says that a Horseman would usually be booed but that the fans here really want to see the US Championship back in the US. Heenan says that Benoit stands a good chance of being the new champion tonight. Tony runs down the rules of the battle royal a bit, mentioning that once the rings get down to around 10 or so people, they’ll all condense into ring 1.

This match is coming across a lot better than when they wrestled on Nitro a few weeks ago. Instead of Benoit taking all of the punishment, it’s a much more back and forth match but with Benoit leading a bit more. Sasaki eventually powers out with a couple of snap power slams and goes to a headlock on the mat. Heenan says that Benoit told him that he was named Canada’s greatest athlete. Tony asks if he called the Canadian government to verify that and Bobby says they were out that day and he got the answering machine. Sasaki gets Benoit with a gorilla press slam but Benoit comes back, taking Sasaki outside and then hits a nice suicide dive through the ropes to the floor, hitting his head just a bit on the guard rail. Back in the ring Benoit nits his trademark snap suplex for a 1 count. Benoit snapmares into a head scissors.

Tony calls over Sonny Onoo and apologizes that he and his wrestlers were kicked off of Main Event and asks if he will be asking for money back from Heenan. Onoo says that they have made an agreement for money coming from Starrcade but that at the moment he and Heenan are good.

WW34Benoit hits two German suplexes but is stalled out on the third one. Sasaki goes for a tombstone which Benoit reverses into one of his own then heads up top for the diving headbutt for a two count. Benoit chops Sasaki into the corner and takes him up for a top rope Frankensteiner for two. Hennan asks if Tony realizes that if Benoit wins this, the US Championship will go from a man from Japan to a man from Canada. Sasaki picks Benoit up for a big impromptu power bomb and then goes for a neck hold but Benoit gets to the ropes. He hits a big clothesline and follows with a brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Kensuke Sasaki (still WCW United States Champion)

I really like that these two got a bit longer to have a good match than they did on Nitro. It really paid off.

We head to Mean Gene again who is with The Giant, Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart again. Gene tells The Giant that his father would be ashamed of him if he could see him. Sullivan calls The Giant the uncrowned champion and Gene says that a lot of people are betting on him. Jimmy says that they saw “the three stooges” out there earlier talking about how Hogan was back in the red and yellow but he’s not scared. Giant closes it out saying that it does matter if 60 men are in the match because it’ll come down to him and Hogan and he’s going to throw Hogan back to Venice Beach. He says that “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m going to kick your butt to Kalamazoo.”

Tony pitches Starrcade, WCW’s main PPV coming up in December. This year it will be on a Wednesday, however, which strikes me as odd.

A video package plays letting us know the history of the Luger / Savage feud, going all the way back to before Fall Brawl. Kinda cool to see that this feud has been going on the entire time that Nitro has been on the air seeing as how this all started with Luger’s arrival in WCW. Coming back from the video package, Mean Gene is joined by Randy Savage. Savage says that he’s said it all along…”what it is is what it is.” Gene asks him if he’s jittery and he says it’s part of his personality…it’s part of his charm. In just a few moments, Luger will find out that the Macho Man is the total package. Gene says that Savage has a problem with the arm, how is that going to play in tonight. Apparently Gene missed the part at the beginning where Savage said that was all a ploy. Savage says he’s a “million percent…that’s better than 100%.”

Match #5: “Macho Man” Randy Savage VS Lex Luger w/ Jimmy Hart

Heenan brings up the arm during Savage’s entrance, saying that Savage may think he’s 100%, but he saw what Luger did to his arm…there’s no way he’s 100%.

WW35The moment Luger gets into the ring, Savage is on him with the axe handle and a clothesline out of the corner. Tony points out that Savage’s arm is heavily taped up so it’s apparent he’s not “a million percent.” Tony says that all of this came from having a personal agenda. Savage, Luger and Sting all said they had designs on being WCW Champion…well, tonight they get their chance. Heenan asks if Savage’s arm is so great, why does he have it all wrapped up? Tony says he thinks he brought that up a few moments ago.

Savage controls the match through the early parts, leading Lex outside and bashing his head into the guardrail a few times before taking him back into the ring, scoop slamming him and going up for the elbow drop. Savage hits the elbow but Jimmy Hart has Randy Anderson occupied on the ring apron. Savage grabs Luger and throws him through the ropes, trying to hit Hart with him, but Hart jumps out of the way. Savage takes Luger around ringside again until Luger reverses an Irish whip, sending Savage into the side of a ring. Tony tells us that tomorrow on Nitro, Luger and Sting will be a tag team. Luger puts Savage in the torture rack on the outside, dropping him at the count of 7 to roll back in but he jumps back out and brings him back in instead of taking the count out. Luger pulls Savage into a modified half camel clutch, pulling back on the injured arm until the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Lex Luger

After the match, Lex refuses to let go of the hold, which brings out Sting. Sting talks Luger down, just the same way that Luger talked Sting down a few weeks back on Nitro. Luger leaves with Hart and Sting stays with Savage.

After a replay of the match we’re treated to a video package showing the feud between Flair and Sting. The package ends with a segment of Sting saying that last time he hooked on the Scorpion Deathlock he let go because the right person at the right time got in his ear. That won’t happen again. If he gets it again, he’ll never let go.

Match #6: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair VS Sting

Tony tells us that a lot of WCW’s greatest matches involve these two men, starting in 1989 at the first Clash of Champions where Ric Flair and an unknown named Sting had a match.

WW36Sting’s almost complete brunette at this point. He’s basically just got blond tips at this point and you can tell he’s growing the hair out longer as he’s usually sporting that short flattop in this look. Sting and Flair start off in each other’s face, Flair running his mouth and Sting just staring at him. Flair swings first and Sting blocks it, hitting his own punch. Flair rolls outside, heads to Ring #1 where he runs the ropes and gets fired up. Sting follows to Ring #2, Flair swings again, Sting blocks and strikes again then lifts Flair with a gorilla press slam. As he goes in again, Flair gets a thumb to Sting’s eye, backing him into the corner with chops and punches. Sting is eventually able to power back, getting a 10 punch rally in the corner, a hip toss and a dropkick. Flair rolls out of Ring #2 and heads to Ring #3.

Randomly, Col. Parker and Sister Sherri walk out to watch the match in person but just end up making out in the entry way.

Back in the ring Flair chops at Sting a few times who no-sells and rallies back with punches and a clothesline to the outside. I love when Sting no-sells. It’s always just so awesome. On the outside, Flair takes a long walk down the entry way before finally heading back.

Heenan calls out Roanoke!

“Tony, the whole course of WCW is going to change here in 1996…I just feel it!” Oh, how right you were, Bobby! How right you were!

On the outside, Flair sends Sting into the guardrail but Sting stops before he hits it. He turns and notices Flair not looking on the opposite side of the ring so he runs and goes for a Stinger Splash but Flair moves and Sting eats guardrail hard. Flair grabs a chair but the referee takes it from him. Flair and Sting roll back into Ring #1, taking us back where we started. Flair chops Sting and Sting throttles Flair. Flair reacts with a low blow, sending Sting to the mat.

The camera pulls back and we get a glimpse of Col. Parker and Sherri sitting alone together on a platform watching the match.

In the ring, Flair has the upper hand, stomping and beating down Sting before hitting a knee drop…a knee drop that, according to the 1991 Fleer WCW Trading Cards was his finish maneuver, which always baffled me. Sting stand and Flair kicks him in the back of the knee. Heenan says it’s appropriate that Sting’s wearing yellow and Tony asks why. Heenan says that’s the colors of a coward, right? Tony says no…yellow and red are the colors of Hulk Hogan, and there’s nothing cowardly there. I get where he was going with it, but it really came off as awkward, especially since yellow IS the color associated with cowardice. On the outside, Flair continues to work on Sting’s knee then follows with a chop. Hennan says if he were Flair he would stop chopping Sting because that’s what seems to ignite Sting. The two men enter Ring #3 and Flair takes Sting’s leg out from behind yet again. Flair hits a back suplex and locks on the Figure 4. With it on he pounds on Sting’s knee and starts slapping Sting in the face which wakes Sting up and Sting reverses the Figure 4. Flair is able to escape the hold. He Irish whips Sting, who reverses and backslides Flair for 2. Flair gets in the referee’s face and Nick Patrick shoves him. Flair chops Sting again but Sting is in no-sell mode and Flair bails into Ring #1. Sting chases as Flair Begs off, Irish whipping him and gorilla pressing him. He follows with a tandem of clotheslines until Flair pokes him in the eyes gain before going to the top rope. Sting hits Flair in the gut and launches him off of the top rope with a slam. Whip to the turnbuckle, Flair flip over the top and clothesline on the apron. Roll to the ring, 6 punches in the corer but Flair stops him, walks him across the ring and hits him with a reverse atomic drop. Sting superplexes Flair and locks on the Scorpion Deathlock for the win. He does, however, drop the move the moment the match is over, not living up to his vow to never release it.

Winner: Sting

We go quickly to the announcers where Tony runs down the list of wrestlers who have had matches tonight and talks about how they must be at a disadvantage. Bobby says that his pick is now not one of the men who have already wrestled, which rules out Randy Savage, his first pick. We go to a quick video package running down Jimmy Hart’s betrayal of Hulk Hogan and how the WCW World Heavyweight Championship became vacated, setting up the World War 3 battle royal. Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with Kick Out at Nitro, or this is your first visit, the title was vacated because Jimmy Hart caused Hulk Hogan to be disqualified at Halloween Havoc. Hart had setup the contract, due to having Hogan’s power of attorney, to allow for the title to change hands via disqualification, something which normally doesn’t happen. WCW’s lawyer came out and said that was true, Hogan was allowed to lose using that stipulation, but that the Championship Committee was holding the belt up and it would be awarded to the winner of tonight’s 60 man battle royal. We also find out that there will be a “giant” in each ring; in one ring, the Yeti…in another, The Giant…and in the last one, the “true giant” of wrestling, Hulk Hogan.

Mean Gene gets a quick word with Hulk Hogan where he says he’s gunning for The Giant and he will take him out and be champion “forever and a day.” He says he told Sting and Savage that they may end up in the ring together tonight and if that happens, it’s every man for himself. Tonight, in one fell swoop, he has the ability to prove that Hulkamania is the most powerful force in the universe. He says that with him and Sting and Savage together, things will go their way and that they will be the final three. The power of The Giant and the Dungeon of Doom are nothing compared to the power of Hulkamania.

Tonight we’ll be getting three broadcast teams due to the three rings. We’ll have Tony and Bobby as well as Eric Bischoff and Dusty Rhodes over at ring #2. Bischoff and Dusty hype up the match and Dusty tells us that we might see an underdog win it tonight. Bischoff sends us to Ring #3 with Chris Cruise and Larry Zbyszko.

Match # 7: 3 Ring, 60 Man Battle Royal for the WCW Television Championship.

Featuring: Arn Anderson, Alex Wright, Brian Knobs, Ricky Del Rio, David Talyor, Scott Armstrong, Sting, Jumpin’ Joey Madds, Pistol Pez Whatley, Disco Inferno, Meng, Stevie Ray, Mark Starr, Buddy Lee Parker, James Earl, Lex Luger, Eddie Guerrero, Cobra, The Giant, Paul Orndorff, Chris Kanyon, Bobby Walker, Robert Eaton, Chris Benoit, Randy Savage, Marcus Bagwell, Yeti, Kurasawa, Hugh Morris, Zodiac, VK Wallstreet, DDP, Scott Norton, Flyin’ Bryan, Craig Pittman, One Man Gang, Super Assassin #2, JL, Bunkhouse Buck, Kensuke Sasaki, Mike Winner, The Shark, Steve Armstrong, Hawk, Dave Sullivan, Scotty Riggs, JBB, Big Train Bart, Steven Regal, Dick Slater, Maxx Muscle, Super Assassin #1, Mario Brother Fidel, Kevin Sullivan, Jerry Saggs, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Booker T, Big Bubba, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

First off…Chris Kanyon, everyone!

As Michael Buffer is doing his run down, in Ring #2 it seems everyone hates Disco Inferno as they all take turns shoving him around the ring.

How do you book something like this?!

WW37The screen basically is split into three boxes where you can see something going on in every ring and the announcers trade off. Flair and Hogan start off in one ring and seem to be paired off for most of the opening runs there. The announcers say that we’re keeping our eyes on Sting and Savage. In Ring #3 it seems one of the Super Assassins has someone on the floor beating them down. In Ring #2 Arn and Flair have Sting on the Floor beating him down but I don’t think they’ve been eliminated. We’re told that Yeti has been eliminated within just a few minutes. Outside Hogan is carrying Ric Flair around…kinda stupid for guys to be on the floor in a damn battle royal isn’t it?

Wow…writing this thing is ridiculous. In Ring #1, Flair and Hogan are still going at it and Flair is trying to get Hogan eliminated. We hear that in Ring #2 Lex Luger was thrown out but made his way back in without the referee seeing him.

We get two of the three screens cutting to two angles of guys trying to throw out Hogan, showing us that none of the other rings are as important as Hogan is…

Tony says that after about five minutes in, only 2 men have been eliminated. I wonder if that means that only 2 in THEIR ring or overall…

Commentary seems to just be moving between Rings 1 and 2, leaving Chris Cruise and Larry Zbyszko in the cold. We see Brian Knobbs eliminate Mark Starr pretty handily, Starr hitting the ground hard. Chris Cruise finally chimes in and tells us that only no name guys have been eliminated.

Sting gets a hold of Disco Inferno and shoves him into the armpit of Brian Knobbs, much to the delight of the fans. Dusty says that Sting and Luger have been aligned through this match and Knobbs has pretty much been working by himself. Luger is outside just hanging out beside the announce table.

In Ring #3 there are still 18 of the original 20 men. Kanyon, sadly, has been eliminated.

On the outside, Arn Anderson is trying to piledrive Lex Luger for some reason, but Luger reverses it into a back body drop and then rolls Arn back into the ring.

Over in Ring one, Shark, Taskmaster and Dick Slater are working to eliminate Hogan. They get him over the top but he makes his way back in under the bottom rope despite Big Bubba trying to pull him out.

Three quick eliminations in Ring #2 as a nobody, Booker T and Brian Knobbs are all taken out by The Giant. It looks like in Ring #2 the wrestlers are being sent to Ring #1 as 10 men have been eliminated. Sting, Luger, Eddie Guerrero, The Giant and Arn Anderson all remain from that ring, however. In Ring #3, Cruise tells us they’re down to about 11 men as well. DDP starts getting double teamed by the Horsemen, Benoit and Pillman. Norton gets eliminated, leaving what Tony believes is only 10 men left, meaning we’re going to get consolidated into Ring #1. Cruse tells us that the men from Ring #3 are being sent over to Ring #1 now but some aren’t leaving. Savage is still kicking DDP’s ass randomly. Looks like from that ring, One Man Gang, Savage, Benoit, DDP, Zodiac and Sasaki are left from that ring. Tony tells us that he thinks about 30 or 31 men are left at this point.

WW38One Man Gang is on the floor choking Hogan from under the bottom rope with Zodiac and Kevin Sullivan helping him. Luger and Savage are going at it. The Horsemen, Pillman and Benoit, are double teaming Sting now. DDP and Johnny B Badd are getting into it. Pillman is now attacking Hogan.

You’re telling me that Big Train Bart got a PPV payday but Dean Malenko can’t get a check for this match?

Scott Armstrong is being stretchered out.

Gotta love Battle Royals…you see wrestlers who will never and have never feuded, from all different parts of the card, getting in each other’s faces. Really, at this point, is Pillman ever going to work a program with Hogan? No. But jump him from behind and kick his ass in a Battle Royal? Sure! Eddie Guerrero climbs the top rope and dives over Sting to take out Arn Anderson. Hugh Morris starts attacking his own fellow DoD members! Over in Ring #2, Savage has Lex Luger! Kevin Sullivan gets eliminated. Lex Luger has only spent about two or three minutes of this in the actual ring at this point.

DDP and Johnny B Badd eliminate each other. Let’s see who is in the ring at this point who has no chance of winning…

One Man Gang, Kurasawa, Meng, Zodiac, Paul Orndorff, Hawk, Hugh Morris, Brian Pillman, Eddie Guerrero, Sasaki…

That leaves us Arn Anderson, Hulk Hogan, The Giant, Sting, Savage, Luger, and Flair in possible contention.

Pillman eliminates Zodiac with some assistance by Hugh Morris, who goes out himself at the hands of Sasaki.

WW39Hogan eliminates Paul Orndorff with a back body drop after Orndorff attempted a piledriver, leaving us 9 men. Eddie, Arn, Flair, Sting, Giant, Hogan, Savage, Luger, and One Man Gang. Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock on Arn but Flair stops that. Arn hits Eddie with a Spinebuster. Flair chops Sting in the corner, but Hogan grabs Flair from behind and Sting starts in on him. Eddie gets eliminated. Sting hits a big Stinger Splash on Flair and follows with one on Arn. Looks like the Dungeon of Doom wasn’t much of a factor in this match aside from The Giant at this point. Arn and Flair setup Sting for a spike piledriver, but Sting blocks it, catapulting Arn into Flair who is waiting on the top rope, knocking him out and following up by eliminating Arn. The Horsemen are out. Sting and Luger start working as a team to take out The Giant with double clotheslines. They go to eliminate The Giant and Hogan helps but dumps all three men out. Giant pulls Hogan out of the ring through the bottom rope as One Man Gang is eliminated by Savage. Savage is proclaimed the winner and new WCW Heavyweight Champion but Hulk Hogan was never eliminated.

Winner: “Macho Man” Randy Savage – new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

WW40Hogan freaks out and runs into the ring, saying he was never eliminated. Savage is saying he’s won but Hogan is saying he’s still in the match. Hogan is asking the fans, miming that he never lost the match. Gene enters the ring but Savage is given the belt and is announced by Michael Buffer as the new WCW Champion. Hogan says The Giant pulled him under the rope, Gene says that we have it on video tape but that this decision is going to stand. Randy has the belt on now and Gene goes to talk to him and congratulate him. Savage says Hogan’s his friend and they’ve been to Hell and back a dozen times. He didn’t see anything, he swears, but he lives by “what it is is what it is” and asks Hogan if he can deal with it. Hogan asks the fans. Savage asks if Gene saw it and he says he did.

Savage says that bottom line, this is his dream and if there’s a dark cloud over that, that’s not cool, it’s not what he’s about. Hogan says there IS a dark cloud, neither of them went over the top rope. Savage says he needs to see the film. Hogan says that tomorrow on Nitro, he’ll show Savage the film. He just thanks God that Hogan, Savage and Sting are on the same team. Hogan congratulates him but says that after tomorrow they’ll “talk turkey” because he wants a shot at his belt. Savage says that’s cool, but as WCW Champion at this moment, he’s going to shake Hogan’s hand.

“One more thing…Oooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh!”


We go back to Heenan and Schiavone. Tony says that tomorrow we’ll find out what is going on but he believes we’ll see that Hogan didn’t go out. Heenan says it doesn’t matter, Hogan didn’t win, he didn’t go out, the referee’s decision is final and he didn’t win it. Heenan asks what’s going to happen tomorrow when Savage sees the footage? Are they going to turn on each other?

Heenan out of nowhere says “they’ve got champagne back there!” and throws down his headset and leaves the broadcast booth, leaving Tony Schiavone to thank us and tell us he’ll see us tomorrow on Nitro.




Wow, I totally forgot about the screwy ending with this match. At first, I thought Hogan may have forgotten to get himself eliminated as after Savage was announced he just kept attacking The Giant, but then he ran in and started jaw jacking. I was REALLY hoping that while he was trying to plead his case that Savage would just dump him over the top rope and be done with it, but that never happened.

So, I’m stoked we have a new champion and that it’s Savage. I’ve really been getting into Macho Man again since we started this journey together. I’m even typing this up wearing a Macho Man shirt! I just hate that it has that Hogan taint to it. Sadly, from what I remember, every WCW title reign Savage has from here on will have Hogan’s fingerprints in it messing it up. I know that on two separate occasions Savage wins the belt at a PPV and loses it the next night to Hogan, but we’re a few years away from that. I believe those are the only other WCW title reigns that Savage has, but I’m not going to bother looking that up now as I want to experience it on the journey.

So, coming out of this, we have the Hogan/Savage controversy, which could very easily be our main event at Starrcade. We’ve got Johnny B Badd with possibly a new manager if the Diamond Doll decides to stick with him. We’ve got DDP’s fallout from losing Kimberly as well. Savage and Luger seem far from finished. Sting and Flair wrapped up nicely, so what’s on the horizon for the Stinger aside from a tag team match tomorrow where he partners with Lex Luger? Join me then for another edition of Kick Out at Nitro!



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