Kick Out at Nitro! – 11/27/1995

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KoaNitro copyWelcome back everyone to a new week of Kick Out At Nitro.  I’m still working on getting everything back in order, but plans are still hopefully underway to get everything lined up again before the new year.  There is a January 1st Nitro, so I’m hoping that the first post of 2015 will happen with that Nitro.

This week, Nitro comes to us live this week from Salem, VA!!!!!  I was unaware that there was a Nitro in Salem!  I knew there was one in Roanoke in 1997, but damn, did not know this.  Always cool to see my hometown area represented!

We open with the announcers telling us about the new World Champion, Macho Man Randy Savage!  Bischoff tells us that there is a lot of controversy around this, though, from Hulk Hogan, alluding to the fact that Hogan was never eliminated from the match.  Apparently they’re still looking at video tape to find out what is going to go on with this.  Bischoff also tells us that Lex Luger and Sting will be teaming up tonight as well.  Mongo says that should be on PPV itself.  Tonight he and Pepe are in animal print.

Bischoff takes us back to last the PPV last night, replaying Hogan rejoining the red and yellow.  The funniest thing about this is that the babyfaces start marking out when Hogan takes off the bandana and shirt, but he’s wearing the yellow and red pants and boots, so it probably wasn’t that big of a revelation since he was standing there in his babyface colors.  Gotta figure either Sting or Savage looked over and went “Hmmmm, guess he’s gotta be going good again soon.”

Match #1: Return match for the WCW Television Championship – Johnny B Badd © w/ Diamond Doll vs Diamond Dallas Page

1Johnny has both the lady and his glitter gun so things are looking up in Johnny B Badd-land.  Kim looks way happier with Johnny than she did with DDP.  After JBB throws out a couple of Frisbees, he lets Kim shoot the glitter gun.

DDP comes out and is definitely in a bad mood.  He’s carrying a dozen roses as well.  DDP comes in and immediately offers the roses to Kimberly and begs forgiveness but he then sucker punches Johnny B Badd.  DDP takes it to JBB while Kimberly is looking distraught outside, looking from the ring to the flowers and back and forth.  Kim starts inspecting the flowers, though, and finds a length of chain hidden down between the flowers.  Kim is trying to figure out what to do with the chain while DDP continues to take it to Johnny in the ring.

DDP starts asking Kim for the chain but she throws it into the ring between his legs and it is grabbed by JBB.  Johnny wraps it around his fist and nails DDP with it for the win.

Winner: Johnny B Badd

JBB asks Kim what she’s doing and Kim plays it off, finishing with “You won!”  JBB doesn’t seem too happy about winning this way, despite the fact that he was the one who used the chain and got the win that way.  Can’t be getting upset about it now, Johnny.  Deed’s done.

We come back from commercial break and the announcers kick us over to Mean Gene who is joined with Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart.  Sullivan says he always thought Hart was a smart man…he has a really easy question for him…why is Luger running around with Sting?  Last night Luger could have changed wrestling history if he’d have kept the arm hold on Savage for 10 more seconds.  Savage wouldn’t have won the title, there’d be no Hogan issue…either Luger or someone from the Dungeon of Doom would be champion.  Hart says that Luger and Sting are friends and they go back a long way just like Hart and Sullivan do.  He says it’s going to take a long time to chip away at this, but they’ve got a plan and they’ll do it.  With that, Gene kicks us off to commercial.

Match #2: Cutie Suzuki & Mayumi Ozaki vs Akira Hokuto & Bull Nakano w/ Sonny Onoo

Looks like we’re getting a return match from World War 3.  The announcers talk about the heels and how ugly they are, with Bischoff even saying that Hokuto is “unpretty in pink.”  Heenan admonishes him and says for him to wait until she takes her mask off as she’s very pretty and he’s actually right.  Hokuto isn’t a bad looking lady, truthfully.  Nice to know the rest of the announce team is shallow.

The heels start off strong.  Hokuto grabs Ozaki by the throat and climbs to the top rope, swinging her in a hanging method.  Nakano tags in and whips her across the ring by her hair in that way only Nakano can do.

2Ozaki tags in Suzuki and the babyfaces get the momentum back.  Suzuki tags Ozaki back in and the two stomp Nakano in the gut, then climb to the top rope and double stomp her as well.  Nakano tags in Hokuto, who power bombs Suzuki and takes momentum back.

Bischoff talks about the Japanese wrestlers and says he’s “has this fear” that we’ll start seeing more of a Japanese influence, referencing Heenan’s business deals with Sonny Onoo.  Don’t know why that would be worrisome, Bischoff…more 90s NJPW is never bad.  Bischoff quickly mentions that we’d find out more about the Japanese influence as it comes to Starrcade.  I’ve heard that there is going to be a big NJPW presence at Starrcade but I have never seen that PPV so I don’t know exactly what we have in store.

The heels keep control except for a quick move off the top rope by Hokuto the babyfaces and takes out Nakano.  They keep control, however, until Hokuto takes the win with a side brainbuster, Emerald Fusion type of move.  We’re told this is Kensuke Sasaki’s move as well and that Sting will be paying attention to it as he prepares for his match with Sasaki at Starrcade.

Winner: Akira Hokuto and Bull Nakano

We go to commercial with the “Up Next” graphic of Hugh Morris and Hulk Hogan.  Interestingly, Hogan is pictured in his black outfit, despite getting rid of it last night.

Back from commercial with a plug for Saturday Night.  We’re going to have Sting vs Kurasawa, Dean Malenko, American Males, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs VK Wallstreet.  6:05 Eastern on TBS!

Match #3: Hugh Morris vs Hulk Hogan

Bischoff says that this is the match that a lot of people have been talking about.  Um…no, no they haven’t.  This came out of nowhere.

Neither Kevin Sullivan nor Jimmy Hart accompany Morris to the ring.  Wonder what that’s about.

3Bischoff says that Hogan may not have the title around his waist, but in the hearts, minds and psyche he is and will always be the champ.  Great way to crap all over Savage’s title reign there, Eric.  Eric says that as far as the WCW Championship Committee, there is no Hogan/Savage controversy: Savage IS the WCW World Heavyweight Champion.  However, the controversy is between Hogan and Savage the individuals.  Later tonight they’ll review the footage from last night together.

Not gonna lie, this match sucks less than it should.  Morris and Hogan are taking it to each other pretty well.  One great spot near the beginning had Hogan sending Morris into the corner, Morris jumping to the second rope and turning back around with a clothesline.  Morris drags Hogan over and goes for the moonsault, only hitting a head-butt out of it…wonder if Hogan just didn’t want to take the move or if he really just overshot that much.  The not-moonsault wakes up Hogan, who goes through his whole Hulk Up, punches, Big Boot, Leg drop routine for the three.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Up Next, Sting & Lex Luger vs Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman.

4Mean Gene is at the top of the entrance ramp and welcome out our New WCW World Heavyweight Champion, “Macho Man” Randy Savage.  Savage says he’s ecstatic and he’s about to go on a reign of terror and if it only happens for one day or forever in a day, that’s cool with him because he’s on top of the mountain and he’s ready to face everyone.  Gene brings up the Hogan controversy.  Savage says Hogan is a friend of his, if he has a problem then come settle it with him right now.  Hogan runs out before he even gets it out of his mouth.  Hogan refers to Savage with “brother friend.”  He says that two men didn’t go over the top rope last night and that if Savage looks at his title, he’ll see Hogan’s name on the plate.  Savage says he’s planning on getting that changed.  Hogan says roll the footage.  The footage rolls and right before Giant pulls Hogan under the bottom rope, the tape goes to static.  Hogan asks what’s up and Savage says a picture is worth 1,000 words before getting cut off by the Giant and chokeslammed on the concrete floor.  Giant takes Hogan to the ring and out comes Sting.  Hogan grabs a steel chair and hits the Giant in the back with it four times before he got him out of the ring.  As the camera focuses on The Giant on the floor, Bischoff says that Hogan elbowed the referee.  Hogan beats the crap out of the Giant, hitting him repeatedly with the chair down the entrance ramp until Sting finally takes the chair away from him and makes him focus on Savage, who is still down.

The announcers discuss what just happened and they speculate on why Sting stopped Hogan from beating down The Giant.  They wonder if there is a connection there with Lex Luger.  With that, they go to commercial.

Match #4: Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman vs Sting and Lex Luger

Lex Luger comes out well after Sting and to no entrance music, which is odd.  Lex’s entrance music doesn’t kick in until about ½ way down the entrance way.  The Horsemen start off strong, sending Sting into the ropes on an Irish whip where Pillman kicks him in the back of the head, sending him into a beautiful Arn Anderson Spinebuster.  They get just a few moments, though, before firing Sting up and Sting taking both of them out, following in a tandem of gorilla press slams from Sting and Luger.  The Horsemen bail from the ring at that point and Double A calls for a time out.

5Back in the ring, Sting tags out to Lex, who takes over.  He runs through the Horsemen, tags Sting back in, who hits Arn with a Stinger Splash and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock.  Pillman climbs the top rope and Lex runs over and shoves him off of the tope rope, but right into Sting and Arn, breaking up the Deathlock and putting Sting down.  Arn tags out to Pillman, who takes it to Sting.  The announcers keep saying that Sting is hurt now.  Pillman tags back out and they double team Sting.  Luger only appears to break it up after the referee has already done so.  Luger goes to the floor and is fighting Pillman, but Sting finally makes it to the corner and Lex Is not there.  By the time he arrives, Anderson pulls Sting away.  The Horsemen take Sting back to the corner and double team him again, but Lex makes the save this time.  This gives Sting enough advantage to roll Pillman up for the win.

Winners: Sting and Lex Luger

The moment Sting gets the win, out comes Flair, who jumps Luger.  The Horsemen (sans Benoit) start beating down the babyfaces, which brings out Hulk Hogan.  Hogan and Flair get into it, Hogan sending Flair to the ropes but Anderson pulls Flair out of the ring.  As the Horsemen clear out, Hogan grabs Luger and is ready to punch him but Sting calls him off, leading Sting and Hogan to talk it out in the ring about Luger.  They finally hash it out and hug.

Why hasn’t Hogan’s mustache grown back yet!?  It’s been two months!

We go to break and come back to the announcers.  Bischoff says that as of right now we don’t have any information on Randy Savage’s condition.  Tune in on Saturday Night and hopefully they’ll have it then.  Mongo pitches us the replay of World War 3.  Bischoff says he just got word that on Saturday Night we’ll get a special word about Starrcade and with that we go off the air.


I wish that the first Nitro from near my old stomping grounds would have played out better, but alas…

Not to say that it was really bad, because it wasn’t.  It just wasn’t that great.  A pretty basic episode, unfortunately.  We got to see the next wrinkle in the Savage, Hogan stuff, I guess, but I really thought the “tape going out at the crucial moment” was pretty dumb.  Maybe Hogan and Savage can get together tomorrow and watch the replay of WW3 that the announcers kept plugging and they will be able to see the entire thing play out.

Overall, basic episode, but cool to see the Salem Civic Center on TV.




Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings –2.3

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.5

(Raw – 5 , Nitro – 5 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


All tied up!  Each company has won five weeks of the Monday Night War.  Very interested to see what we get next week.


WWF Raw results from this week

Ahmed Johnson defeated Rad Radford (2:46)

Aja Kong & Tomoko Watanabe defeated Alundra Blayze & Kyoko Inoue

Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated John Chrystal (2:21)

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) defeated Sir Mo (w/ Kama & Ted DiBiase)


Looks like WWF decided to get in on the Japanese Women’s tag team action!  Of course, I think we’re just a week or two from Alundra Blayze becoming Madusa, so she’s about to decide that WCW is the better place to be.  More squash matches, though, which is sad.  WWF seems to have 1-2 jobber matches a week where WCW really doesn’t have any.  I’ve really yet to see a match that wasn’t a name vs a name.  Sure, we might get Hogan vs Hugh Morris, like we did this week, but that was still a decent match and Morris took it to Hogan pretty well.  I’m sure it was a more even fight than HHH vs John Crystal.  Taker vs Mo sounds dreadful, though…


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