Kick Out At Nitro! 12/4/1995

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KoaNitro copyWelcome back everyone as we journey another step down the path of WCW Nitro history!  Today we’ll be looking at the December 4th episode of Monday Nitro, coming to us live from Phoenix, AZ, the home of Super Bowl XXX.  We start off on the announcers and Bobby Heenan has one of those weird raccoon tail sticking out of a bag of chips gimmicks that he randomly pokes with his pen.  Bischoff is wearing the weirdest denim jacket with beadwork and Mongo has Pepe dressed as an angel.

Bischoff tells us that as of 48 minutes ago, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and The Giant are all on probation.  I’m guessing this has to do with the fallout from last week.

Match #1: American Males vs Harlem Heat w/ Sister Sherri (WCW World Tag Team Champions)

When are the Males going to start their overhead clapping?  I miss that.

We get news that tonight the WCW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line against Lex Luger.  Bischoff asks why in the world Savage would put the title up after that big chokeslam on the concrete last week.  Mongo asks why this isn’t happening on PPV, and there we have a major WCW question.  Of course, after keeping tabs on what Raw has been offering, a big match like that on TV does work to differentiate the product when WWF is almost always half squash matches.

The match starts off after we get a quick rundown of some other matches tonight, including Sting vs Kurasawa and Scott Norton vs The Giant.  Stevie Ray takes it to Scotty Riggs, beating him down in the corner, but Riggs retaliates and comes back quickly before being shut down with a side slam from Stevie Ray.  Stevie Ray tags in Booker T and the Males take control, Riggs tagging in Bagwell and sling-shotting him into the ring from the apron.

Col. Robert Parker comes out and is standing in the entrance way holding a gift, presumably for Sherri.  Parker makes his way to ringside and gives the gift to Sherri.  It looks to be a lace shawl.  While they share the gift and hug and kiss, Booker T takes the match over in the ring.  Sherri leaves with Parker and is showing off a ring on her finger as well.

Booker tags out to Stevie Ray and as he goes to the apron he notices that Sherri has left.  He looks on disgustedly before turning his attention back to the ring.  Booker tags back in and knocks Riggs out momentarily with a jumping spin kick.  Booker T gets into it with AC Green out in the crowd before getting caught in a sunset flip from Riggs.  Booker goes for a Vader Bomb but is caught by Riggs raising his knees.  Both men tag out and Bagwell comes in and clears the ring.  Bischoff tells us that Bagwell has put on some upper body weight and has hit the gym…which I’m sure means he hit the gas.  Stevie Ray takes Bagwell out, drags him over to their corner where Booker T hits my favorite move of his, the flipping legdrop from the top called the Harlem Hangover.

Winners: Harlem Heat

We go to commercial as AC Green is still wanting to yell at Booker T and we get an Up Next graphic of Sting and Kurasawa.

December_4,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00004We come back from commercial to Mean Gene, Sting and Lex Luger.  Gene says that at Starrcade, Sting, Luger and Ric Flair are going to be involved in a triangle match.  When did they announce this?  It kills me that Nitro is such a big show but it seems like so much of the storyline still happens on Saturday Night.  Sting says he called Luger out because he wanted him without Jimmy Hart.  Sting says he doesn’t agree with it, but that’s Lex’s business deal and he’s going to stay out of it.  He says that tonight Luger is stands a good chance of winning the WCW Championship and Sting feels he has a good chance of winning the triangle match, so at that point, Sting will be wrestling Luger for the championship.  Sting says he’s Luger’s friend, but he’s going to bring it to him just as he would Flair or anyone else.  Luger says he agrees because he will become the champion tonight.

Match #2: Sting vs Kurasawa

They hit Sting’s music and the interview ends, and for a moment Sting starts heading to the back, forgetting he has to go wrestle the match.  He does realize, though, and heads to the ring.  Sting shakes hands with AC Green, and I wonder if he’ll end up getting play in every match tonight.

Heenan and Mongo both mention that Col. Parker isn’t with Kurasawa.  Heenan says that Kurasawa needs Parker to interpret the referee’s calls.

Sting and Kurasawa take it to each other pretty well, going back and forth until Kurasawa starts going after Sting’s arm.  He hits two over the shoulder armbreakers.  Bischoff tells us that Sting is the one that beat Kurasawa for the US Championship back a few months ago, so there’s more to this than just this match.  Sting fights back from the arm attack, hitting the Stinger Splash and cinching on the Scorpion Deathlock for the win.

Winner: Sting

Is the championship match that the winner of the triangle match gets happening at Starrcade?  Or later.

We go to a commercial for Starrcade that says that a big part of Starrcade will be New Japan Pro Wrestling vs WCW.  Pretty excited for this!  90s NJPW was legit so this will hopefully be pretty damn good.

We come back from commercial with a rundown for Saturday Night.  Disco Inferno vs Johnny B Badd, Benoit and Pillman teaming up, Hugh Morris, and Eddie Guerrero vs Big Bubba in the main event.

Match #3: Scott Norton vs. The Giant (w/ Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart)

Bischoff tells us that he’s been watching Norton arm wrestle since 1986 at a place called Grandma’s By The River in Minneapolis, where you could see him pick guys up with one arm and throw them through the door while it was still closed.  Heenan follows with “You mean Norton used to bounce at an old folks home?!”  That cracked me up and got a legit laugh out loud from me.

December_4,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00011Bischoff tells us that next week on Nitro, Hulk Hogan and Sting will take on Arn Anderson and Ric Flair.

The Giant is manhandling Norton.  Beating him down, body slamming him, etc.  Bischoff tells us that unless we stand near Scott Norton and get a look at how big he is, you can’t appreciate what The Giant is doing to him.  Norton picks Giant up and holds him for a long time before dropping him with an atomic drop then bouncing his head off of the turnbuckles.

Bischoff says that as the match goes on, if they go over, they’ll stay on the air.  The C in WCW stands for commitment, he tells us.  Norton goes for an axe handle off the ropes and Giant catches him with a chokeslam for the win.

Winner: The Giant

It’s sad that as excited I was for Norton those first two weeks, I really couldn’t care less about him now.  I guess that’s what a few weeks feuding with The Shark will do to you.

Commercial break with Up Next graphic showing Savage vs Luger.

December_4,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00013We come back to Mean Gene in the ring who calls out Ric Flair.  Instead of Flair, out walks Charles Barkley.  Barkley stands at the bottom of the ramp and welcomes out Flair.  The two high five and walk to the ring together.  Heenan says that Barkley said he doesn’t have to be a role model, but as tall as he is, you can guarantee that he looks up to the Nature Boy.  Gene asks Barkley if he’s the new tag partner for Flair.  That idea is turrible…just turrible…

Flair says he and Barkley are going to tear the town down.  He calls Barkley the greatest basketball player alive, showing that he has apparently forgotten that Jordan is still around at this time, winning championships.  Barkley says they have the best fans and they need to respect the Nature Boy, to a chorus of boos.  Flair says they better respect the Nature Boy because Charles may just walk away from basketball and become a Horseman full time.

Match #4: WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Lex Luger w/ Jimmy Hart vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage ( C )

Jimmy is wearing a Lex Luger jacket.  I wonder how much he pays for those things.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear the same one twice.

Heenan tells us that Sonny Onoo has the NJPW wrestlers in Tennessee already training so that there won’t be any jet lag.  Bischoff says we’ll soon find out the team from NJPW that will go against the team from WCW.

Man, I like Savage with the belt way more than I did Hogan.  I always did like Savage, but for some reason, watching this back has really given me more of an appreciation for Savage than I had already.  I think it’s because even at this time, his ability still just far outshines Hogan’s.

Savage is fired up, wating to take it to Luger, but Luger tries to calm him down.  Nothing doing, though, as Savage kicks Luger in the gut and backs him into the corner where he puts the boots to him.  Bischoff tells us that if this match is still going on at 10 PM, they’ll stay with it.  Savage hits a big double axe handle from the top, getting a two count.  The match remains a back and forth match with a few reversals.  We go to commercial break as Savage starts building a pretty good offense, though.

Another promo for Starrcade…I can’t wait to find out the WCW/NJPW match ups!

We come back and Savage is pounding on Lex on the outside.  Bischoff says Savage has decided to fight fire with fire and has been going after Luger’s arm.

Bischoff finally tells us why Hogan, Giant and Flair are on probation.  Hogan and Flair are on probation for hitting refs and The Giant is due to the chokeslam to Savage on the concrete.

Savage is really going after the arm of Luger.  Back in the ring he’s got Luger down and has Luger’s arm locked up.  Savage lets the hold up long enough to go outside and wrap Luger’s arm around the ring post, coming back in for a count of two.  Bischoff lets us know that whichever man here wins the title, the other will wrestle in the triangle match at Starrcade.  Savage goes for an axe handle form the apron to the floor but Luger moves and Savage hits the guard rail hard.  Luger rakes Savage’s eyes and Savage swings hard at referee Randy Anderson.  The announcers says that Savage is blinded and doesn’t know who he was swinging at, but that he needs to watch out because with the Executive Committee here putting people on probation for hitting refs, Savage could end up in trouble.  Luger hits a few elbow drops for a two count and Jimmy Hart starts freaking out on the referee, saying Luger could have had the match won there!

December_4,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00019Luger pummels Savage with a trifecta of elbow drops but still only gets two.  Luger is selling his left arm pretty hard at this point.  The two men slam into each other on an Irish whip and they both go down.  Savage makes it back up and gets a two count.  They brawl outside for a while before making it back into the ring.  The announcers point out that there is a top turnbuckle pad missing in the back corner.  Luger goes to run Savage into it but Savage reverses and runs Lex’s head into the exposed metal.  Savage hits the top rope elbow drop but there is no ref.  Jimmy Hart jumps up on the apron and Savage pulls him in, fighting with him.  Out comes Ric Flair with a set of brass knuckles.  He nails Savage and Jimmy Hart pulls Luger on top of Savage.  As Flair makes his way to the back, he runs into Hulk Hogan, who chases Flair into the ring.  Hogan teases hitting Flair but the referee starts his three count.  Hogan stops the count, causing a DQ.  Hogan grabs both Jimmy Hart and Lex Luger and are going to run their heads together when Sting hits the ring.  Hogan nails Sting with a punch inadvertently and Sting is pissed!  He and Hogan get in each other’s face until Savage pulls them apart.

We go to break and come back to Mean Gene in the ring with Sting, Savage and Flair.  Hogan says next week he and Sting have to wrestle the Horsemen but he asks him what’s the deal with Luger.  Sting says that he’s on Hogan’s side.  Luger is his best friend and right now he doesn’t agree with his business right now, but he’s trying to straighten him out.  Sting says he’s his friend and asks Hogan if he would run out on a friend.  He says that sometimes he questions Savage but you don’t see him running Savage down every week, so why does Hogan run down Luger every week?  Sting says that next week they’re going against Flair, a person he despises, and Anderson, who he can’t stand either, and if he and Hogan don’t get their deals straight, they’ll lose the whole thing.  Hogan says next week they’re going to kick Flair and Anderson out of the building, but Hogan has one request…keep Luger out of his face.  Sting says he’ll do everything in his power to keep him out of Savage and Hogan’s faces.  The babyfaces all hug and make up as Gene kicks us back to the announcers.

Bischoff runs down Starrcade and next week’s Nitro but says that despite what we saw, there is a lot of dissension in the babyface ranks.  Mongo says that the Horsemen have their act together, so Sting and Hogan better get their act together.  Bischoff pitches Nitro next week from Charlotte, NC and we go off the air.


I really like the whole distrust angle with the top babyfaces right now.  I like that Sting and Luger have this partnership and friendship despite being heels and babyfaces.  All too often you get one guy turning heel and suddenly none of his babyface friends like him, so I like that in this run, Sting still believes in Luger and is still his friend.  I like how that creates distrust for Sting in Hogan and Savage, but also how Sting doesn’t completely trust them either.  Of course, this is actually a bit of a chance from the norm because Sting usually trusts everyone, that’s why everyone turns on him every chance they get.

I can’t wait for Starrcade.  I also like that we’re only on the 2nd week into this run and we’ve got two matches set for Starrcade as well as the whole WCW vs NJPW angle.  It’s a nice breath of fresh air after going into the last PPV and having no idea what any of the matches were outside of the battle royal.

Join us back here next time as we continue our journey and head into Flair country!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings –2.6

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.4

(Raw – 6, Nitro – 5 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WWF takes the lead back with a slight edge over Nitro this week.  I really do like that at this point it’s still back and forth with either company able to pull out a win week to week.  It’s cool to see that knowing that we’re going to get into the 84 week run of Nitro winning and then the stretch from October 1998 on where WCW never wins again.  It definitely feels like a battle right now with each company taking fire and winning victories here and there.


WWF Raw results from this week

The British Bulldog (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Bob Holly

Fatu defeated The Brooklyn Brawler

Razor Ramon (c) defeated Dean Douglas to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Marty Jannetty vs. Sid (w/ Ted DiBiase) ended in a no contest


Holy crap, a Raw with no job matches!  All eight guys on this card are actual names.  Of course, Holly wasn’t that big at the time…and Brooklyn Brawler is “technically” a jobber, but at least a jobber that you’ve heard of.  At least on paper, I don’t feel too bad about giving WWF this victory here because on paper it is the best show they’ve put on in months.


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