Kick out at Nitro! – 12/11/1995

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KoaNitro copyWelcome everyone to another exciting week of Kick Out at Nitro!  Nitro comes to us this week from the capitol of Flair Country, Charlotte, NC.

As the show opens, it looks like we’ve got some wrestlers in the ring already.  I don’t know if this is for Match #1 or if they’re still there from the dark match.  Guess we’ll find out.  The announcers open talking about the Sting and Luger situation as well as Bobby asking who can trust anyone out of the main event players.  He doesn’t feel Sting can trust Hogan and vice versa.  Suddenly the bell rings, seemingly taking Bischoff by surprise, and we go to…

Match #1: Eddie Guerrero vs JL

Bischoff says that Eddie Guerrero is one of the seven men taking place in the NJPW vs WCW World Cup coming in a few weeks at Starrcade.  Bischoff says that any of the NJPW wrestlers would be mistaken in taking Eddie Guerrero lightly.  Heenan again tells us that the NJPW wrestlers are already in Tennessee so they won’t be jet lagged, they’ll be ready and he feels that they’ll be the ones winning the World Cup.

1This match is a good back and forth match, no one person really taking the advantage.  JL does slip on the ropes as he goes for a springboard dropkick, though.  The dropkick sends Eddie into the guardrail outside, causing the woman in front of where he hits to wince and freak out a bit.  JL follows it with a flip off of the ring apron to Guerrero, then bringing him back into the ring and taking over the match for the most part until JL whips Eddie into the corner.  He runs in, Eddie jumps and turns it into a sunset flip, JL reverses that but Eddie reverses the reversal and rolls up for the win.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

They are doing a great job pushing Guerrero.  He’s been in quite a few high profile matches and always comes out looking strong and has the announce team putting him over constantly.  Makes me happy.

The announcers kick us to the entry way with Mean Gene, Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart.  Gene says Luger is looking great and then cracks on Hart for the way he’s dressed.  Hart says that everyone knows that Luger is the uncrowned WCW Champion.  We get some footage going all the way back to Halloween Havoc and running through last week’s Nitro showing us Luger constantly kicking Savage’s ass.  He says that if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan last week, he’d be champion…and he’s got a point.

Luger calls Ric Flair 11 time WCW Champion.  If you add in the two WWF Championships, that gives us 3 more to make 16…that sounds about right.

Up Next, Disco Inferno vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff…ugh, do we have to?

Match #2: Disco Inferno vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Bischoff says that Disco only cares about “one” thing in his life…his booty and his hair.  Um…counting, Bischoff?

Mr. Wonderful comes out to the worst entrance music ever, I believe.  I think I’ll take Cobra’s Morse code song again over this.  Orndorff makes eyes with the ring girl a little bit before getting into the ring where he’s met by Disco taking the boots to him.

Another heel vs heel match.  Man, WCW made some odd booking decisions in the day.  This is the pure definition of a bathroom match to me in the current day, so I can guarantee I wasn’t impressed 19 years ago.

At one point Orndorff goes for his littly shimmy elbow but he decides to mock Disco’s dancing a bit beforehand and we are treated to about thirty seconds of some very odd gyrating.  Orndorff hits a side suplex for the win; foot on the ropes for good measure.

Winner: “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Bischoff kicks us up to the entry way and Mean Gene calls out the Four Horsemen.  We get everyone but Benoit for some reason.  Gene asks Pillman what it’s like being a Horseman along with Benoit.  Pillman says it’s great.  Everyone wants to be a Horseman.  Even Hulk Hogan…he dressed in black, tried to be the bad guy.  But then the whiskey drinking and women chasing got the best of him and he ripped off the black spandex.  The Horsemen, however, can’t rip their black hearts out.  They’re the bad guys.  Pillman says that the American Males sent them 8x10s.  He says Mongo even sent them one and that for a big guy, Mongo is pretty flexible.  Pillman just keeps going off, including going off on Paul Orndorff, and you can really start to see the crazy Pillman character coming through.

Flair starts talking and the crowd goes nuts.  Flair gets halfway through his promo and out comes Orndorff.  Orndorff says he respects Flair and Anderson but he gets in Pillman’s face.  Orndorff says he is Horsemen material and the only reason Pillman is a Horseman is because Orndorff isn’t.  Double A starts to try to make peace but Pillman cuts him off.  Orndorff runs his mouth and Pillman slaps him.  Orndorff jumps Pillman which unleashes the dogs on Orndorff as suddenly all three Horsemen are beating him down.  They finish it off with a spike piledriver onto the concrete!2

Coming back from commercial we get the Saturday Night rundown.  Main event is Sting vs Craig Pittman.  Brian Pillman vs Johnny B Badd.  Alex Wright vs Bunkhouse Buck.  We’ll also see Eddie Guerrero.  Coming back from the announcement, there are EMTs out and Orndorff is still out on the floor.  Heenan is over there seeing to him as well.  Bischoff says he’s never seen this much emotion from Heenan but Mongo does chime in and say that Bobby used to manage Orndorff.

Match #3: Lex Luger w/ Jimmy Hart vs “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Heenan returns to the broadcast booth and Mongo is asking questions, asking if Orndorff is able to move his arms and legs, etc.

The match starts off with Hacksaw beating down Luger a bit before we go back to see Orndorff on the stretcher.

Duggan runs most of the match until Jimmy Hart starts trying to distract the referee.  Jimmy grabs the Duggan’s 2×4 and Duggan starts to tape up his fist and nail Hart.  When he does, though, Luger grabs him in the torture rack for the win.

Winner: Lex Luger

After the match, Bischoff says to “look out, Chono!”  He lets us know that Luger will be wrestling Masahiro Chono from NJPW at Starrcade.

We go to break and come back to Mean Gene with Macho Man.  Gene says that at Starrcade Savage will be wrestling Tenzan from NJPW, then the winner of the triangle match between Sting, Luger and Flair.  Next week, however, he’ll wrestle The Giant!  Savage says it sounds like Mission Impossible, but you just have to take them one at a time.  He’s not thinking about Starrcade…he’s not thinking about Tenzan.  He’s not thinking about Luger, Sting or Hogan…he’s thinking about next week and The Giant.  He says that he only felt power like that one time in his career and that was from Andre.  Savage says next week when he gets in the ring, it’ll be like TNT and he’s going to blow up like dynamite.  Ohhhh yeah!

We go to another commercial break and come back to…

Match #4: Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs Hulk Hogan and Sting

Bischoff reiterates that next week’s match for between Savage and The Giant is for the title and if Giant wins, then Luger, Sting and Flair will be wrestling to see who faces The Giant.

The Horsemen make their entrance and we go to another commercial break.

Nitro returns to the air with Sting’s entrance music playing.  Sting is getting less blone every week.  I would pretty much say that except for some highlights, he’s fully brunette now.  The announcers make a point of Sting coming to the ring by himself.  As soon as Sting hits the ring, out comes Hogan, to Sting’s still-playing music, and waving his arms like he doesn’t understand why he’s coming out by himself.  I said it last time, but I love this whole distrust angle between these two.

The Charlotte crowd starts the match off with a rousing chorus of “Hogan Sucks,” which is nice.  A minute into the match, basically consisting of Arn Anderson giving Sting a fireman’s carry and the lower half of Sting’s paint is gone.  That didn’t take long.  They run the ropes a few times and Sting lifts Double A with a gorilla press slam.  Arn wanders into the babyface corner and gets a Hogan fist to the face for his trouble.  Anderson calls for Hogan to get in the ring so Sting tags in.  The moment he steps in, Anderson calls for a time out and tags in Flair.

Hogan has his mustache again, thank God.

I hate that they had Anderson tag out.  Seeing him in the ring with Hogan would have been cool.  Instead, we get to see Hogan bounce Flair around the ring a few times, sending him into the corner, which Flair flips over to the apron and is met by Sting.  Sting and Flair take to the floor, Anderson and Hogan are in the ring for a few moment, mostly consisting of Hogan beating Anderson, until Flair makes it back into the ring, eye raking Hogan and taking control and tagging out to Anderson.  Hogan tags out to Sting and Sting comes in strong with another gorilla press slam.  Bischoff tells us that Sting will wrestle Kensuke Sasaki at Starrcade, but NJPW is not allowing the US Championship to be defended outside of Japan so it will not be for the title.  Looks like Sting, Luger and Savage are all pulling double duty at Starrcade.

That gives us:

Sting vs Sasaki

Savage vs Tenzan

Guerrero vs someone

Luger vs Chono.

Wonder who the rest are.

Flair tags to Anderson, who goes up top, Sting throws him off the top and locks in the Deathlock.  Flair comes in, Sting lets go and puts the Deathlock on Flair, but Double A DDTs him out of it.  This brings out Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart.  Jimmy jumps up on the apron and distracts the ref while Luger takes out Hogan on the outside, sending him into the steps and then putting him in the torture rack before heading for the back.  Meanwhile, the Horsemen are beating Sting down in the corner.  From that point on, the Horsemen own Sting, beating him down and working on his knee.  At one point, Heenan points out that they’re working on his leg and Bischoff very rudely stops him and says “No, they’re working on his KNEE…big difference.”  Um, not really…

After about three minutes of abuse, Flair slaps on the Figure 4.  Flair slaps Sting in the face, which is ALWAYS a bad move as it fires Sting up.  Sting crawls backwards while still in the Figure 4 and tags out to Hogan, but Anderson has the referee distracted so he missed the tag and sends Hogan back out to the apron.  Arn comes in and Flair rolls to the outside and the referee lets that happen, despite not seeing the tag, which is garbage.  I know it’s a trope in pro wrestling, but it’s a bad one.  That’s just a one sided referee.  You can’t mark that up to anything else.  That’s Nick Patrick garbage right there.  Flair starts chopping Sting which, again, bad idea.

I don’t think Sting gets the title again until Starrcade 1997…that makes me sad.  I love this version of Sting and hate that I’m pretty sure he won’t be champion again in this version.

Sting finally gets the tag but is met with an Arn Anderson Spinebuster, which he promptly no sells and starts is damn Hulk Up routine.  Just as he hits Arn with the leg drop, Sting takes out Flair with the Stinger Splash and the Horsemen get the win.

Winners: Hulk Hogan and Sting

4Pillman runs out and starts attacking Sting.  Out comes Luger and Jimmy Hart as well.  Luger tries to keep Sting occupied in the corner and keep him from saving Hogan, but he finally breaks through.  Out comes Savage. Sting is swinging at anything and everyone.  Savage gets Sting’s attention…Sting looks him right in the eyes…and punches the crap out of Savage!  Hogan gets in and is now working to make the peace, but not before Savage slaps Sting.

The three men face off and try to settle down as Mean Gene enters the ring.

Gene says that Savage doesn’t mind hanging out with Hogan, so he asks why Savage hates that Sting hangs with Luger.  Savage says he hates Luger and just wants to know what’s going on.  Sting says that last week Hogan hit him and he knows that Hogan didn’t mean it.  Tonight he pushed his best friend, Luger, aside to save Hogan.  Savage came in, Sting didn’t know what to do, so he just swung.  He wishes he could take it back but he can’t.  Hogan interjects, saying that Sting just saved his life, he’s cool.  Hogan says that Savage has The Giant next week and he may not even be the champion after that.  The babyfaces all cool down, make up and everyone is cool again.  We go to a final commercial with the announcers saying they will have to come back after this.

5The announcers come back and Bischoff says next week we have Savage and Giant for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, so at Starrcade we may have a new champion.  Heenan says next week we’ll have a new champion because Savage is caught up in all of this Sting, Luger, Hogan nonsense and he’s all messed up.  Giant is clear headed and cool, so he’ll win.  Bischoff reminds us that Hogan, Flair and Giant are all on probation.  Mongo says that the Horsemen have it all together, so the babyfaces need to do so as well.

With that, the music starts playing and Bischoff takes us off the air.




All in all, a pretty good show.  I would have said that the downside was the Orndorff vs Disco Inferno match, but it served a purpose in getting Orndorff out there so the Horsemen could beat him down.  I did a little research into that and from what it looks like, this was Orndorff riding off into the sunset.  He had been having issues since his WWF days and this was him finally retiring.  I mentioned in one of the first Nitros that you could already see Orndorff’s arm beginning to shrink due to the nerve damage, so all of this has been in play for a while.  Being taken out by the Horsemen was their way of moving Orndorff off of television and into his backstage training role.  I expect that next week we’ll get the announcement that Orndorff’s career is over due to the spike piledriver and that will be that.

I loved the ending to the match with Sting punching Savage.  I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I really like this whole “no one trusts anyone” angle with the top babyfaces, and I like seeing Sting get fed up.  At first I thought that since Sting was swinging at the Horsemen that he may have hit Savage by accident like Hogan did him last week, but you clearly see him stop and know that it’s Savage, then he strikes.  That was cool.  It made Sting show that he’s done with this and he’s not going to take all of this garbage.  Of course, he apologies and shows remorse for it immediately afterwards, so it didn’t really accomplish much, but it did a good job to further push him apart from his friends, which was cool.

Hope you enjoyed this rundown and we’ll join you back here next time for another edition of Kick Out at Nitro!





Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings –2.5

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.5

(Raw – 6, Nitro – 6 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WCW wins another one to put us back at a tie.  Everything’s even at this point with both at six wins and two tie weeks.  The longest winning streak is even tied at two episodes a piece.  Neck and neck running through the end of 1995.


WWF Raw results from this week

Owen Hart (w/ Jim Cornette & Yokozuna) defeated Jeff Hardy

Aja Kong defeated Chaparita Asari

Ahmed Johnson defeated Rick Stockhausen

Bret Hart defeated Bob Backlund by DQ


And we’re back to garbage Raw.  Owen Hart vs Hardy seems cool, but in 1995 Hardy was a jobber so I doubt this was much of a match.  WWF still trying to work in the women’s wrestling there, though…but I think they’re only a week away from losing Alundra Blayze.  I may be wrong, but I believe she shows up on the next episode of Nitro.  Ahmed beating down a jobber may have been cool only because I loved Ahmed Johnson, so watching him squash a jobber may be a cool way to kill a minute or two.



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