Kick Out at Nitro! – 12/25/1995 – Final Nitro of 1995!

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KoaNitro copyWelcome everyone to the final WCW Monday Nitro of 1995 (and 2014).  It’s been a fun few months doing this and reliving the wrestling that made me the huge fan that I am and I’m happy that you’ve been coming along for the ride with me.  This episode comes to us on Christmas day from Augusta, GA (prerecorded after last week’s episode of Nitro).  Bischoff is in a Christmas sweater, Heenan is in a Santa hat and Pepe is dressed as Santa.

Match #1: Lex Luger w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Scotty Riggs

During Lex’s entrance, Bischoff reminds us that Ric Flair gets his title shot tonight, thus negating the need for him to be in the triangle match at Starrcade in 2 days.

Riggs gets the jobber entrance as he is already in the ring as Lex makes his entrance.  Mongo says that Riggs should have Bagwell with him because Riggs isn’t enough to take Luger.  Despite the fact that this buries Riggs a bit, I actually do like it because it gives clear lines of demarcation when it comes to the kayfabe power tiers in WCW.  A guy like Riggs shouldn’t be able to take Luger by himself.

December_25,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00002Despite all that, Riggs gets the upper hand with a few quick dropkicks, sending Lex to his usual place at the start of a match…the outside of the ring.  Bischoff brings up the Sting/Lex relationship again, saying that is the wildcard in the triangle match because Flair would be the odd man out at that point.  Mongo says he doesn’t think Luger and Sting are going to be all that chummy when the match starts.  Mongo says that everything about Sting tells him that he’ll be siding with Luger and turning heel before too long.  Bischoff tells them that they’re both reading too much into this.

Back in the ring, Luger has taken control of the match by bringing it down to a slower, more methodical pace.  Riggs gets a bit more offense after leapfrogging Luger and arm dragging him into an armbar.  Riggs Irish whips Luger and goes for a dropkick but Lex grabs the ropes and stops his momentum, letting Riggs fall to the mat.  Riggs attempts a suplex but Lex blocks it and lays him out on the top rope, then clotheslining him to the floor.  Lex suplexes Riggs back into the ring from the apron for a 2 count.  Riggs builds a little more offense, resulting in a cradle for 2 then goes off the top for a dropkick but Luger moves.  Irish whip, body slam and Luger calls for the Torture Rack.

Winner: Lex Luger

December_25,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00004Bischoff sends us to Mean Gene and Sting.  Gene says he has to ask the question that everyone is asking…what’s up with Sting and Luger.  Sting says enough is enough!  He’s right because he’s only asked that about ten times.  Sting says he’s tired of being asked that question.  Luger is a friend of his and he’s doing everything in his power to straighten him out.  Gene brings up Flair and Sting says he didn’t get it out of his system with Flair and he just wants one more chance to lock on the Scorpion Deathlock and never let go.  Gene brings up that Sting is going to be in the team challenge with NJPW.  Sting puts over WCW.  Gene asks one more time “what’s up with you and Luger” and Sting gets in his face as they go to commercial break and the Up Next graphic with Sting and Big Bubba.

Match #2: Big Bubba vs. Sting

Interesting that they give Sting a full entrance when he was just out at the entrance ramp when they went to commercial.  Not only that, but he’s coming out second!  As he’s coming down he makes a point to mark out over the scorpions being made of light on the entrance ramp, which is pretty cool to tell the truth.

Bubba and Sting get in each other’s face and Bubba slaps Sting…which shows he doesn’t watch much wrestling because that’s never a good idea.  Bubba bounces Sting around a few times but Sting no-sells and shows it didn’t affect him.  Bubba goes back to putting a pounding on Sting again, though.  It’s fun that the psychology of a Sting match is basically beat Sting down, Sting no-sells, beat him down, no-sell, Sting rallies and wins.

Sting hits his bulldog face smash to Bubba on the floor outside the ring, which was pretty sweet.  Back in the ring, Sting and Bubba trade arm wrenches until Bubba goes for Sting’s eyes and hits him with a Stinger Splash, which the announcers completely fail to comment on.

Bischoff mentions Hogan and we find out that Hogan is suspended.  I’d imagine so, since last week he came out and just started beating down everyone in the middle of a match.  This means Hogan won’t have a presence at Starrcade, which will make Derick way happier when we watch that PPV later.

Bubba is kicking Sting’s ass in this match, honestly.  Sting comes back on the outside, but goes for a move off the top that Bubba blocks with a poke in the eyes.  Bubba goes for a top rope suplex but Sting falls into an inside cradle for the win.

Winner: Sting

We come back from break and are met with Mean Gene, Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart.  Gene mentions that Luger will be part of the WCW/NJPW World Cup (where he’ll face Masahiro Chono) as well as the triangle match with Sting and Ric Flair, but he’s going to ask Luger the same question he asked Sting…what’s the deal with he and Sting.  Luger says Sting is a friend, has been for 10 years, but Luger is the uncrowned WCW Champion.  We see Sting look on smirking.  Jimmy Hart starts talking and out comes Sgt. Craig “Pit-Bull” Pittman.  He says he has no problem with Luger…as far as he’s concerned; Luger is the uncrowned WCW World Champion.  He’s not out here to ask about that, though.  He wants to ask Jimmy Hart to manage him.  Jimmy says he came to the right man, as he was just crowned Manager of the Year.  He tells Pittman to take off his shirt, though.  Pittman obliges and Jimmy says to look at his body and then look at Luger’s.  Why would he want to manage Pittman?  He hands Pittman a quarter and tells him to take it and call a manager who needs a few good men.  With that we go to commercial with the Coming Up graphic of Dean Malenko and JL.

Match #3: Dean Malenko vs. JL

It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve seen Dean Malenko.  I’m going to have to go back through the archives to see when the last time we saw him was.  The match starts as JL turns his back to Malenko and gets a dropkick to the back for his troubles.  Malenko goes on the offensive quickly as he nails JL with a clothesline in the corner and a slam off of an Irish whip.  JL gets on the offense rolling a move into a pin, then a flying head scissors off of an Irish whip.  Malenko goes to the outside to clear his head and is met with a JL flipping dive.  As Dean climbs onto the apron he gets his head run into the turnbuckle and then suplexed into the ring for a two count.  JL goes for a monkey flip out of the corner but Dean holds on and sends JL to the floor.  JL pulls a pin attempt up into a sit out powerbomb for two.

December_25,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00013The announcers mention Pittman coming out to talk to Hart and Heenan says that when you come out like that you’re at their mercy.  Hart may eventually manage Pittman but he’ll do it on his terms.

Dean catches JL on the top rope and comes off with that beautiful gut buster off the top that only Dean can do.  He finishes off with the “Malenko Leg Lock” which I don’t remember, but it gets the win.

Winner: Dean Malenko

We go to Mean Gene at the entrance ramp with Ric Flair.  Flair’s been wearing that purple robe an awful lot recently.  He says tonight he’ll face Savage for the championship…possibly Flair’s 12th World Championship.  As Flair starts his rant, out comes Jimmy Hart.  He apologizes for last week and Kevin Sullivan interrupting Flair and Anderson.  Hart says that Sullivan has a short fuse, just like Pillman.  Hart says that he owes Flair one for a few weeks ago when Flair saved him from Savage.  Hart asks if he can manage Flair for the title match tonight.  Flair says if he wants to sit there at ringside when he beats Savage, make himself happy.  He tells him to start getting the party together because they’re going to style and profile.  Gene pitches us to commercial with the Up Next graphic showing Savage and Flair.

Match #4: WCW World Heavyweight Championship – “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Jimmy Hart vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (Champion)

Bobby calls the WCW title “50 pounds of gold and diamonds” which is just a little bit of an exaggeration…man, a title belt that weighed that much would be rough.

The bell rings and Savage is immediately aware of Hart at ringside.  Savage gets Flair to the corner and referee Randy Anderson separates them, and although it happens off camera and is hard to see, Savage spits at Flair.  Savage gets Flair down, wraps his leg around the ring post and then applies the Figure 4 in the middle of the ring.  Jimmy pushes the bottom rope into the ring as far as he can, allowing Flair to get the bottom rope.  He gets it three times before the referee breaks up the hold, though.  It’s nice to see Savage more on the offensive early in the match as for the last few weeks a Savage match usually starts with him getting beat down.

Flair goes for a Figure 4 himself but Savage pulls it into an inside cradle for 2.  Man, tonight is the night for inside cradles it seems.

Flair pitches Savage outside where he crashes hard into the barricade and Jimmy Hart attacks as we go to break.  Coming back December_25,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00017Flair is continuing the beat down outside.  Flair makes it back to the ring and one of the fans hands Savage a steel chair which he almost brings into the ring but is stopped by Anderson.  Flair is fully in control now, especially with Hart on the outside.  Every time Flair gets the referee’s attention, Hart chokes Savage or attacks him in some way.  Flair spends most of the time attacking Savage’s injured arm, including getting him in an arm bar and using the middle rope for leverage on the hold.

Savage gets a clothesline off of an Irish whip.  He stops a hip toss attempt and pulls it into a backslide for two.  Flair punches and chops a few times but Savage fights him off, leaving Flair to do the classic beg-off.  Savage gets him in the corner, Flair turns his back and kicks back in a mule kick nailing Savage in the groin.  Flair follows with a vertical suplex for two as we go to break.

Coming back from break, Flair has Savage in the corner beating him down.  Flair starts chopping and much like when he does it to Sting, it just fired Savage up and he started punching back.  He sends Flair to the corner, who flips over it and makes it to the outside.

Bischoff tells us that next week’s Nitro, the first of 1996, comes to us from Atlanta, GA…which has to make five or six episodes from Georgia since Nitro began.

Flair switches the attack to Savage’s knee, setting it on the bottom rope and sitting out on it.  Savage is so good from fighting back from being hurt.  It’s so believable.   Flair puts on the Figure 4 and positions himself to be able to use the ropes for leverage.  Bischoff tells us that they may be running long on time but he doesn’t care, we’re staying with the match no matter how long it takes.

Flair breaks the hold and goes up top, but Savage gets to him, hopping over to the turnbuckle on one leg, selling the Figure 4.  He slams Flair off of the top rope but can’t follow up as Flair gets him into a sleeper hold.  Savage throws himself into the corner, though, ducking out of the way so Flair hits the top turnbuckle.  Flair goes for a piledriver but Savage reverses it into a back body drop for 2.  Savage goes up top for the double axe handle for two.  Hart tries to get into the match but is met with a punch to the face, as is Flair.  Savage starts pummeling Flair and out comes Luger, attacking Savage.  Savage pulls off of Flair and ends up choking Luger in the corner, which brings out Flair.  Sting and Flair pair off, Flair getting a Stinger Splash and a gorilla press slam for his trouble.  Savage runs Luger off and we’re left with Sting and Savage, meeting back to back, but then they turn and get in each other’s faces as the show goes off the air, leading us into Starrcade in two days.


I think this was a great lead into Starrcade as far as the main story line for the WCW World Championship goes.  Everyone has something against everyone going into the triangle match and then carrying that over into the title match.  The NJPW stuff could have been built up a little better as we really only got two mentions about it with Luger and Sting, but I think that may be due to the fact that the show was taped on the 18th instead of being live.  That being said, the NJPW/WCW World Cup is going to be 7 of the nine matches on the PPV, so they could have used a little more build up, especially since most of the WCW fans at this time wouldn’t have been exposed to most of the NJPW wrestlers outside of Sasake, the current United States Champion.

I’m excited to go into Starrcade and close out 1995, though.  It’s been a fun run through 17 episodes of WCW Monday Nitro in 1995 and I can’t wait to get into 1996 knowing what’s in store there!  See you at Starrcade!


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – NA (No Raw this week)

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.5 (Unopposed)

(Raw – 6, Nitro – 7 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WCW ran unopposed this week, so I’m not counting anything as far as the totals when it comes to ratings.  There have only been two unopposed weeks thus far…the first week when Nitro debuted and this week.  My ratings started on the second week so I am not going to count this week either.


WWF Raw results from this week

There was no episode of WWF Monday Night Raw on 12/25/1995.


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