Kick Out at The Clash! – Clash of Champions – 1/23/1996

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KoaClashIt’s time…it’s time…it’s Nitro time!  Well, not Nitro, perse…but another step along the way of our journey through WCW.  It’s time for our very first Clash of the Champions along this journey.  The last Clash happened in August, just a few weeks before WCW Monday Nitro started, so this is the first one that we get to cover.  Sadly, there are only about three of these left in existence as the August 1997 one is the last one.

We come to you live (well, as live as 19 years ago can be) from Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, the same place that Nitro came from the night before.  We’re greeted by our announcers; 2/3 of our normal PPV crew in Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone.  I always get the idea that Schiavone is the lead announcer, but Heenan is definitely the guy who does their heavy lifting as he’s on EVERY show.  Bobby and Tony give us our lead-in and tell us that tonight we’ll see the wedding of Col. Robert Parker and Sister Sherri.  Oddly enough we’re not going to have the wedding in the ring as is customary in the wrestling world.  Tonight we’ll have the wedding from a Little White Wedding Chapel in downtown Las Vegas.  Gene says we’ll get some more info later and pitches us to…

Match #1: Public Enemy vs The Nasty Boys

WCW crosshairs ring logo!  I love that ring.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen the Nasty Boys in a good while.  Since World War 3, maybe?  It’s crazy that this roster is big enough that we can go months without seeing pretty big names.  While The Nasty Boys aren’t really tearing the world apart at this time in WCW, they’re still a decent name that you would think I should have seen them in the last two months.  Maybe if I watched Saturday Night.

The match starts off and we’re not going to get a lot of scientific wrestling here.  Let’s be honest…we’re not going to get the first thing resembling scientific wrestling here.  Saggs and Rocco Rock brawl outside while Grunge and Knobs brawl in the ring.  Rock tries to channel the Undertaker and go Old School on the guard rail but Saggs kicks his feet out from under him, crotching him on the rail.  Saggs starts walking towards the entrance and disappears for a few moments before returning with a table that he throws into the ring and sets up in the corner.  Rock makes his way into the ring and Saggs goes to run him into the table but Rocco reverses it into a bulldog just before the table.  He hits a moonsault to a standing Knobbs for two.

The Nasty Boys attire looks like they’re wearing a rubber band ball.

The Nastys send Rock out of the ring and Saggs hits a big piledriver on Johnny Grunge.  It’s crazy how not seeing the old school piledriver for years in WWE now makes it look so much more violent when it shows up in these older shows.

The Nastys set up the table and Nick Patrick gives up and just calls for the bell, ending the match.  Public Enemy “turn the tables” on the Nastys, putting Knobbs on the table and letting Rocco Rock do his flip through the table.  The two teams brawl all the way to the commercial break where Tony tells us we’ll see Alex Wright and Dean Malenko.

We come back from commercial to Eric Bischoff pulling Mean Gene duty since Gene is off covering the wedding.  Bischoff calls out Ric Flair and The Giant, who are accompanied by Jimmy Hart.  Bischoff says that last night was not a good night for The Nature Boy, which is sad in Las Vegas since it’s Flair’s town.  Flair says that the title loss meant nothing because tonight the guy who beat him will have to get in the ring with him and The Giant.  Flair says that last night a “little girl” says that with Flair, she’s just going to fantasize, but with The Giant, she’s going to giant size!  Does that mean Flair and Giant tag teamed a Vegas hooker last night?  Damn, this Horsemen / Dungeon of Doom partnership goes deeper than I thought!  Giant gets the mic and talks gibberish.  His promos really are terrible.  Bischoff pitches us to commercial, which are oddly included in the WWE Network feed.

No, I didn’t #CancelWWENetwork.  I may not like the current product, but stuff like this classic WCW content will mean that I don’t let go until they pry it from my cold hands.

Holy crap…Karate Fighters!!!!

Match #2: “The Man of 1,000 Holds” Dean Malekno vs “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright

Apparently on Saturday Night these two had a match where Dean locked on the Texas Cloverleaf and refused to let it go.  Alex makes his way to the ring and you can tell he’s pissed since he doesn’t even do the backflip into the ring.  He just takes his jacket off and gets right in Dean’s face.

We start off with some ground wrestling.  Lots of holds, counter holds, moving to Alex Wright getting to flip out of a head scissors.  Man, I wish they’d have put a rocket on Alex Wright.  He really doesn’t get a spotlight until he becomes Berlyn, which was terrible.  He should have been US Champ at some time…I mean, hell, One Man Gang has is right now.  Why not Wright?

Tony tells us that if you have CompuServe you can chat with Eric Bischoff right now.  It’s nuts to see how far technology has come.

I apologize for not being able to follow along with this match as well as I can do others, but these guys are going fast and furious and it’s hard to keep up as I type this as I watch.

Dean gets Wright with a dragon screw leg whip that really torques the knee.  It’s probably one of the best I’ve seen since it didn’t look fake with Wright flipping out of it…he crumbled under it and it really looked painful.  Malenko locks the leg up in a knee bar but Wright gets to the ropes.  Wright comes back with a bit of fire, but Dean cuts him off with a side suplex.  Malenko heads to the top in a moment of uncharacteristic behavior but Wright catches him with a dropkick and then takes him off the top with a BIG superplex that sends Dean ¾ of the way across the ring.  Wright hits a picture perfect German Suplex but gets only 2.  Dean blocks the second attempt and grabs the top rope when Wright tries to catch him with a dropkick.  Wright whips Malenko to the corner and backflips off of Dean, but Dean is on him immediately with a dropkick to the knee and a quick roll up for the 3.

Winner: Dean Malenko

We go to commercial and come back to…

Match #3: “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Jimmy Hart vs Disco Inferno

We’re told that Disco Inferno has been running his mouth about Sullivan for a while.  Again, something that must have been happening on Saturday Night.  That being said, at this time, Sullivan is crazy…so if you’re not Hogan or Savage, why run your mouth to him?  Also, why is Sullivan in a “feud” with someone that’s not Hogan or Savage right now?  Weird.

Disco’s music hits and an Elvis impersonator comes out eating a sandwich that we can only assume is fried peanut butter and banana.  This guy’s Elvis impersonation is terrible.  The Elvis impersonator is there to give a singing telegram to Sullivan.  Seriously, his singing and voice is so terrible that I can’t tell you what he said other than that Disco is dancing at the Colonel’s wedding.  Sullivan freaks out and beats down Elvis, ending off with the double stomp.  That’s two matches thus far that have had no ending.  I’m all for free wrestling, but thus far, thank goodness it’s free.

Speaking of the wedding, we’re pitched to Gene at the Wedding Chapel as Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater arrive.  Slater says that last he saw Parker he had given him $1,500 in ones and he was sitting at the craps table.  Ummm, you don’t need singles for craps.  In fact, that’s kind of counterproductive.  Gene tells the men and us that Sherri is still a no-show and pitches us back to Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff welcomes out the new WCW Tag Team Champions, Sting and Lex Luger.  Bischoff mentions that there was a ton of controversy about the win and Luger wonders what he’s talking about.  Bischoff says they’re the team of the 90s and they’re proving it now.  This brings out the Road Warriors and Sting is happy to see them.  Luger shies off, though, which I think is cool because it adds to the crazy Luger/Sting dynamic.  The Road Warriors says that to be the best, you have to beat the best, so they’re ready for the belts any time, any place.  Sting is excited, says he’s ready whenever and Luger steps in as the voice of reason.  He says that Sting and Luger have to get through Harlem Heat first.  He says the Warriors have been on the shelf for two years and Animal’s back isn’t in good shape.  The Warriors play this off and say they’re ready, Sting is ready, but Luger is going to hold off on it.

Luger is so good at playing this tweener character.  Sullivan said on his podcast that this was really the first time that Luger got to have a personality since they weren’t trying to shove him as a big good guy or a big bad guy…they were letting him play out, and I agree.  We go to commercial quickly and come back to our announcers where Bobby tells Luger and Sting to not make the Road Warriors mad.

Tony brings up Paul Orndorff and we go to an interview with Orndorff sitting in a park, wearing a neck brace.  Orndorff says that he has neck issues, his right arm has started going numb and that the only way to fix this is surgery.  He says it’s a career ending injury.  He mentions that it came at a terrible time because he had just spoken with Gary Spivey and was on a roll.  He says he confronted Brian Pillman because Pillman hasn’t earned respect.  He says you get respect by getting beaten down by a 400 lb. gorilla and then getting back up and kicking his head in.  I have no idea what in the hell he’s talking about.  He says that every Horseman has a role…Pillman’s role is to provoke.  They knew that Orndorff would be the one to come out and confront Pillman and they’ve been mad at him ever since he turned down their recruitment of him for the Horsemen.  We get a quick replay of that spike piledriver a few months back on Nitro.  Orndorff says they knew exactly what they were doing.  They knew what a spike piledriver would end his career.  Orndorff says he’s proud of who he is and where he’s been.  He says he’s not going to sit down and take this…they haven’t seen the last of him.

I’m pretty sure, though, that they have.

We cut back to Gary Spivey sitting in the crowd.  Dear Lord, why is he a thing?

We go back to the little White Chapel again.  Gene tells us again that there’s no bride or groom yet.  Just as he starts talking, though, Parker shows up and says he’s late for his own wedding and he needs $50 to pay his cab fare.  He says he’s “really gone and done it this time.”  He came to Las Vegas and let them take all of his money.  Parker’s cell phone starts ringing and he says it’s his “little fried pie.”  Gene won’t shut up and let him talk, constantly asking him where Sherri is.  Parker says “now’s not the time to worry about that,” and ends the call, leaving us to wonder what’s going to happen.  Or, leaving us to hope this whole angle just disappears.  Either way.

Match #4: Brian Pillman VS Eddie Guerrero

Why does Pillman keep cutting the left chest section out of his shirt?  Is he super excited about that particular nipple or something?

Tony mentions that Eric Bischoff is the Senior Vice President of WCW.  Is this the first time they’ve let on that Eric is more than he seems?

Wait…is this the Clash where Pillman screws with Heenan and gets him to curse on air?!  I hope so!

The match takes a bit to get running as Pillman stalls and runs outside.

Eddie sends Pillman outside and Pillman grabs Heenan, ripping his jacket off of him and causing Bobby to jump up and loudly on air yell “What the fuck are you doing?!”  Yep…I was right!  I can’t tell is Heenan is legit pissed or if he’s just playing it off.  That being said, Heenan is always so measured and knows what he’s saying, so I have to believe that for him to drop an F Bomb on live TV, he must have been legit frazzled.  Bobby stalks around the ring for a bit, walking partway down the entrance ramp before sitting down again and apologizing if he said anything he shouldn’t have.  He says Pillman was going for his neck and he didn’t know what he was doing so he apologizes if he said anything off-color.

The match basically stalls with Pillman playing and not really getting started until Heenan takes a seat.  Tony says he’s pretty sure now that Bobby wants Guerrero to win but Heenan says he likes Pillman’s style…he just doesn’t want him to put his hands on HIM.

We finally get started and we’re seeing a lot of great wrestling from Guerrero.  Guerrero hits a nice tornado DDT and then backs Pillman into the corner and smacks the crap out of Pillman twice.  Pillman’s gotta be tired of being slapped in the face here recently.  They should have let him explode at that point and played into that, basically saying that he’ll take it from Arn but not from anyone else.

Pillman hits a cross body and gets a quick roll up holding the tights for the win.

Winner: Brian Pillman

Pillman rolls towards the announcers and Heenan jumps up and bails again.  Yeah, I think Pillman legit pissed him off.

We pitch to Bischoff who says that he’s here with the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Greene.  They come out to Hogan’s music (of course they do) and Savage is in the red and yellow.  He’s in an outfit with a t-shirt, like his last run through WWF, which I really never liked.  I usually like when Savage dresses like Hogan, but when he’s champion, playing off of Hogan’s colors and coming out to Hogan’s music…that I don’t like.  Hogan and Savage put over Kevin Greene who is still playing for the Steelers at this point.  I know he gets traded to Carolina this year because that’s who he’s with when he wrestles in a few months…but I know nothing about pro football.  Greene puts over the Steelers who are playing the Cowboys in the Super Bowl this Sunday.  Interesting…the Super Bowl is THIS Sunday as I write this.  That’s cool.  Hogan puts over Elizabeth being in the back.  I don’t know if I’ve heard the words Dude or Brother so many times.  Hogan says that the real question is after the match which one of them gets to take Elizabeth out on the town.  Kevin Greene says they’ll have to go through him.  Savage says he’ll have an easier time with the Cowboys.  Hogan says that one thing they all know is that she’s more than Savage can handle, which Savage gives an “Oooh Yeah” too for some reason.  This was so odd.  It’s basically three men wondering which one gets to sleep with Savage’s ex wife…then Savage getting called to task for it in front of a live audience by his “best friend.”  Man, Hogan’s a dick.

Match #5: WCW World Tag Team Championship Match:  The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal & Earl Robert Eaton) vs Sting & Lex Luger (WCW World Tag Team Champions)

This match starts with a very odd little thing where Sting is mocking Regal.  There is a close up on Regal’s face and the crowd goes nuts while Regal starts looking super intimidated, but it never pulls back to show us what Sting did that freaked Regal out so much.  Really weird decision.

We start with some chain wrestling that Sting gets the better of.  Regal sends Sting into the ropes, wanting a hip toss but Sting grabs the top rope, blocking it and hitting a big drop kick, sending Regal into the babyface corner where Luger punches him and Sting pops him in the ears.  Regal tags out to Eaton and Sting backs him into the corner and tags out to Luger.  Eaton sends Luger out to his favorite place…ringside…and runs at Luger but Luger backdrops him on the concrete.  Luger intimidates Eaton a bit and Eaton tags back out to Regal who walks into the ring and slaps the mat.  Luger does so as well, mocking him, then starts flexing his pecs.  Regal’s got no answer for that.  Regal gets the best of Luger finally, tagging out to Eaton.  Luger tries to fire back but Regal gets a thumb to his eyes and Eaton is right there with a spinning neck breaker before tagging out to Regal again.

Heenan says that Regal told him that when they win the titles, they’re taking them to England and never defending them in the States again.

Eaton tags in and hits a big knee drop from the top.  I was really hoping for an Alabama Jam there, but I guess there’s no Alabama in England.  Regal tags in, locks Luger in the Regal Stretch but Sting comes in and just rips Regal off of Luger.  The Blue Bloods are running this match with quick tags and it’s somewhat weird to see someone other than Sting take the heat in a tag match.  Sting’s usually the one selling like crazy and getting the hot tag, but Luger this time takes it, getting the hot tag to Sting, who clears house.  Eaton goes up top but he comes off and nails Regal with a clothesline, knocking him out of the ring.  Sting takes the moment to put Eaton in the Scorpion Deathlock for the win.

Winners: Sting and Lex Luger, still WCW Tag Team Champions

We cut back to Mean Gene who is with Col. Parker.  Harlem Heat are in the back ground complaining about the food choices.  Booker says there’s no neck bone and he’s pissed about it.  Sherri finally shows up, looking completely hammered!  This lady is drunk and you can tell it.  I don’t know if this is part of the gimmick or if Sherri really just got drunk before the show.  Parker tells her that he’s been losing all day and if it wasn’t for her showing up, this would have been the worst day of his life.  She’s upset that he’s been gambling but she’s going to get dressed.  She goes to get into an RV but Slater and Buck are there telling them that the door’s locked and she can’t get in there.  It looks like they’re going to have to get married in the drive through as Gene pitches us back to Bischoff.

Bischoff says that he’s there to talk to any of the computer nuts…and he pauses just before he says “nuts” and you just know he wanted to say nerds.  He says he’s calling out Pillman to talk to him.  Pillman says they’re on live TV and he’s here to talk about the number 7.  Not the 7 deadly sins…but the 7 words you can’t say on TV.  Bischoff starts getting worried but Pillman finally starts cutting a promo.  He’s there to talk about respect, saying that Orndorff has none.  He says that chasing respect is what makes a man like Kevin Sullivan mad with envy.  Pillman says he’s not Sting, Hogan, Savage…he’s Brian Pillman and we should never forget it.  He’s here to teach us respect, even if he has to hack our thumbs off to do it, ending with the 4 Horsemen hand sign.

Match #6: Mexican Heavyweight Championship – Psichosis vs Konnan (Champion)

Luchadores have arrived in WCW ladies and gentlemen!  This is the era of WCW that I’ve been waiting for.

Tony calls out Mike Tenay because we’ve got some international flavor in the ring and no one but him at this time can be bothered to learn anything about them.  This is where I always liked Tenay…there to drop some Japanese and Mexican science on us.

I’m so used to seeing Konnan in his look once he joins the Dungeon of Doom and the nWo, so seeing him in his traditional gear is kind of odd.

These two start out fast, running through some quick moves, slowing down a bit as Konnan hits two German suplexes that he doesn’t try to pin with.

Tenay says that Konnan is a cross over star in Mexico, with TV, movies and even a CD.

Konnan is definitely going for a more grounded game, going with submissions and working the body more than the high-flying Psichosis.

Tony tells us that Tenay has an interview with Bischoff (again calling him the EVP) on the hotline concerning “skits” used by another wrestling organization.  Looks like the Billionaire Ted skits got under his skin a bit.

Konnan hits a big DDT, but Psichosis comes back with a missile drop kick, sending Konnan to the floor and following that with a dive to the floor, taking out Konnan.  Back in the ring, Konnan takes Psichosis to the top, hooks his legs on the ropes and German suplexes Psichosis off the top.  He follows with a standing Figure 4 that has the arms locked up as well and we’re told this move is called the Zip Lock.  Psichosis signals that he gives up and Konnan gets the win.

Winner: Konnan

We kick it back to Gene over at the wedding chapel and we see feet sticking out of the window as Sherri is dressing in the back of the limo.  Gene says he can guarantee that isn’t the only time that Sherri has been in a back seat.  Gene gets so many snide little quips in that make him a pretty big damn heel.  “Oh, I’m pretty sure your wife-to-be is a whore.”  Damn Gene.  Parker tries to get $30 from Sherri.  Gene sneaks him a peak into the limo like the sleaze he is, saying he’s love to give Sherri away.  Sherri comes out in her wedding dress, which is bright red with a cape.  It looks more like Pepe’s DoD fan gear.  Gene mentions the phone call that Parker got earlier and Sherri says she hasn’t talked to Parker since yesterday so she has no idea what Gene’s talking about.

This lady is hammered!

Disco shows up to dance Sherri to the drive through since Parker is too broke to do anything but the drive through.  The wedding starts and the lady asks for objections, which no one has, surprisingly.  A woman climbs out of the RV in the background, though.  It’s Madusa!  She slaps Sherri in the face and sends her into the buffet table.  These two start a cat fight in the parking lot.  Booker T tries to pull Sherri off of Madusa but slips in the cake.  You can see Stevie Ray laugh at him!  The announcers speculate that Madusa was really Parker’s “little fried pie.”  As in all wrestling weddings not involving Randy Savage, the wedding ends in disaster as Disco Inferno makes off with three bottles of champagne.


We come back from commercial to Michael Buffer.

Match #7: The Giant & “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Jimmy Hart vs Hulk Hogan & “Macho Man” Randy Savage (WCW World Champion) w/ Kevin Greene and Ms. Elizabeth

Dude in a Miami Panthers jersey front and center at ringside.  No real reason to– point that out other than the fact that I live 30 mins from their arena and have gotten really into hockey over the last month or so.

Man, WCW pays a ton to Michael Buffer.  Listen to him call a WCW entrance sometime…he tells a whole damn story about each wrestler it seems.  They pay this guy by the word!

Savage and Hogan come out, then stop for a moment.  Out comes Kevin Greene and the entourage of ladies that came out with Savage the other night, apparently including Hogan’s wife as well as Deborah McMichael, the wife of Mongo.  Trust me, you’ll learn to hate that name in about ten months.  They’re all in black except for Woman, who is in red.  Then, Macho Man’s music starts and out comes Ms. Elizabeth in a low-cut red dress.  Liz always looked so beautiful in WWF…so regal…but now, she’s straight up hot.

Kevin Greene gets into the ring in the weakest way ever.  He rolls under the bottom rope.  It looked sad.

We cut to commercial quickly and come back, hearing that during the break Ric Flair was running his mouth to Kevin Greene.  Heenan asks how we think Kevin Greene would like it if on Sunday Flair showed up on the 50 yard line and started talking about how Dallas was going to beat them down.  Greene gets in the ring, takes his shirt off and tries to lock up with Flair but Flair goes to the floor.  Flair grabs the mic and says if Greene gets hurt and can’t play on Sunday, they’ll blame it on the Nature Boy, so another time.  If I’m right, that “other time” is May.

Thank goodness Savage isn’t wrestling in the shirt.  I hate that look.  Flair and Savage start and Savage bounces Flair around the ring a few times.  He flips Flair into the corner and Flair takes out the cameraman.  Hogan sends Flair back into the ring to Savage, who slaps him right in the face.  He begs off, luring Savage in and then kicking him low, backing Savage into the corner and chopping him hard.  Savage retreats but ends up in The Giant’s corner, who beats him down hard.  Flair goes for a hip toss but Savage reverses into a backslide for two.  Flair goes for a right hand but Savage blocks and starts punching Flair, sending him to the corner where Hogan gets a punch.  Flair tags out to the Giant.

Sullivan mentions on his podcast that he purposefully kept The Giant away from everyone over the last month to make it more special when he finally got back in the ring.  That’s why we’ve been seeing the Dungeon holding The Giant back every week for the last month.  Savage tags out to Hogan and we get the worst bump off of a shoulder tackle ever as Hogan basically lays down like he’s going to take a nap.  Giant slams Hogan and takes over.

I don’t mean to keep bringing up the Sullivan podcast but it answered a lot of my questions.  They even talk about how we’ve had two big nights over the last two Nitros where Hogan main-evented but there were bigger matches on the card that really showed how lackluster Hogan was.  Sullivan says it was basically to appease Hogan and to make it seem like Hogan was drawing the money despite the better matches being earlier in the night.  He was also appeasing him because he knew he would have to turn him heel if he stayed as damn stale as he is right now.

Hogan finally gets a slam on The Giant but it takes too much out of him and allows The Giant to tag out to Flair.  Flair suplexes him and Hogan is apparently good now and starts his no-selling garbage, running through Flair.

Tony tells us that if we’re tuning in to watch Child’s Play, to hold on, we’re showing wrestling right now.

Giant and Hogan start brawling outside near the announcers and Heenan bails again.  I can only assume that now he’s playing off of what happened earlier.  Or he’s been in kayfabe the whole damn time…who knows.  Flair starts chopping Hogan in the corner because he forgot that those are ineffective against Hogan and Sting and Hogan takes him out.  Flair goes up top but Hogan tosses him off the top.  Savage hits a double axe handle to Flair, followed by an elbow drop.  Hart jumps up on the apron, distracting the referee and allowing Flair to get a pair of brass knucks.  He nails Savage with it and gets the win.

Winners: Ric Flair and The Giant

Kevin Greene starts freaking out, telling Hogan about the knucks, and out comes Zodiac and Brian Pillman.  Greene comes into the ring and helps Hogan toss both men over the top rope before they attend to Savage.  Elizabeth comes over to check on them.  Man, their “secret weapons” were pretty damn lame and didn’t help at all.  Elizabeth looks super out-of-place as well.

Tony says that on Saturday Night he’ll have an interview with Mongo.  Heenan says something’s going on in the back and the show goes off the air.


That main event was useless.  Granted, no one had to pay for this one since it was on free TV, but still, that really didn’t do much other than extend out the feud.  Of course I can see not wanting to blow it off completely because we’ve got a PPV coming up in two weeks, but still…

Elizabeth was wasted out there.  She did nothing but walk to the ring and look concerned.  Hot, but concerned.  She added nothing to the match.  Nor did Woman.  Hell, Woman and the rest of the ladies just disappeared the moment the match started.  What was their purpose?  Greene at least got involved a bit.

Best match of the night was Wright/Malenko, by far.  Konnan/Psichosis and Eddie/Pillman were both good, but ended very quickly.  The wedding garbage was stupid, but I’m glad they used this show to do that instead of cluttering up a Nitro or trying to make someone pay for that.

All in all, I wasn’t impressed.  Hate to say it, WCW, but any episode of Nitro from the lead up to this show was better than this actual show.  Let’s hope the next few weeks and SuperBrawl play out better.



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