Kick Out at Nitro! – 1/29/1996

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KoaNitro copyWelcome everyone to the newest installment of the Internet’s favorite time machine, Kick Out at Nitro!  We’re coming to you live, tonight, on January 29th, 1996, from Canton, OH, coming fresh off the heels of Clash of the Champions, where nothing major happened and the aggravating story line that we’re still in involving Hulk Hogan taking out the entire upper echelon roster is still in full swing.  Bischoff tells us that tonight we’re going to see YET ANOTHER World Heavyweight Championship match as The Giant goes against Randy Savage.  We’re getting kind of ridiculous with these title matches on free TV.  We’re also going to get Madusa vs Sherri and Hogan vs Flair.

That kicks us immediately off to…

Match #1: “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Jimmy Hart vs Hulk Hogan w/ Ms. Elizabeth, Woman, and assorted cocktail waitresses

Hogan is still coming out with the train of ladies, including Woman and Liz.  Heenan says that it’s due to the fact that Flair is the one known as the ladies’ man, so Hogan is trying to get into his head.  It’s a bit odd seeing Hogan coming out with the ladies, though.  Just doesn’t really fit him.  I’m also wondering how hard Savage is freaking out due to Liz being out with Hogan.  I wonder if she’ll come out with him later or if Hogan gets all the spoils.

How did Hogan not find his way into this being a main event match?  That being said, it’s crazy that Nitro is opening with a main event match for the second week in a row.  There really isn’t much rhyme or reason to booking Nitro at this point, it seems, as far as match placement.

12996aThe match starts off with the normal Hogan/Flair routine of Hogan no-selling chops and generally beating down Flair.  Flair’s only offense through this match has been cheap shots.  He got a thumb to Hogan’s eye on the outside and then he takes advantage of Nick Patrick keeping Hogan from nailing Flair with a closed fist…because that’s what babyfaces use as offense…with a few chop blocks as we go to our first commercial break.  We come back from break to Flair in control, surprisingly, and his chops landing and Hogan selling them.  Of course, Flair forgets he’s Flair for a moment and heads to the top rope so Hogan reminds him and sends him flying to the mat.  Now it’s the Hogan show for a few moments before Flair takes him down with a shoulder tackle.  Flair hits a knee drop that Hogan no-sells, backs Flair into the corner and punches him then bites him…because, babyface…before sending Flair outside and raking his back.

It’s interesting.  I love it when Sting no-sells, but it aggravates me to no end when Hogan does it.  I am trying to play it off as a difference in character, but really it’s just that I don’t like Hogan right now.  Plus, it does seem a bit more like Sting is just powering up and hitting that adrenaline and when Hogan does it, it always just seems like he’s there to make the other guy look weaker than him.

Jimmy Hart gets involved and we’re actually seeing Hogan show more vulnerability than we’ve seen in a   while.  Flair gets the Figure 4 on near the center of the ring.  Since he can’t get to the ropes, Hogan reverses the move, causing the break.

Liz looks useless at ringside.  At least Jimmy Hart is getting involved, but there’s literally no reason for Liz to be out there other than to eventually turn on Hogan and Savage and go to Flair, where she will stand outside and do nothing as well.

Flair goes for slaps and chops, which Hogan decides again to no-sell.  Flair hits a side suplex and Hogan has a seizure while Flair struts and taunts Elizabeth.  Flair covers, Hogan kicks out like crazy at 2, Hulks up to no crowd reaction and a decent amount of boos when he does the finger point.  Big boot, leg drop, and Jimmy Hart distracts the ref which brings out Arn Anderson with a pair of brass knucks.  He goes to hit Hogan but Hogan blocks and sends Anderson out.  Anderson and Hart accost Liz and steal her shoe, which they send in to Flair who hits Hogan in the eye with it.  Flair covers and gets the win.

Winner: Ric Flair

Anderson, Flair and Hart celebrate in the ring as Liz runs over to check on Hogan.  Savage comes out to check on him as well.  Hogan wallows in pain and is bleeding as we go to commercial break.

Coming back from break we get our Saturday Night rundown.  Ric Flair takes on future Horseman Dean Malenko.  Luger takes on Eddie Guerrero.  We’ll also see Public Enemy, Sting and The Giant & The Taskmaster.  Only on TBS at 6:05 EST!

Match #2: The Faces of Fear (Meng & The Barbarian) vs The Road Warriors

Whooooo!  Faces of Fear!  Looks like Meng is done with his crazy little mask & cape combo and he is finally teamed with The Barbarian.  Is this the first time he’s been in the company?  Definitely first time he’s been on Nitro.

We head to commercial after the Road Warriors entrance and we come back to Bischoff running down SuperBrawl, coming in two weeks.  He mentions “double cage action,” but I have no idea what that means.  I know the Doomsday Cage is coming at Uncensored, so I have no idea what a double cage is.

12996bAnimal and Barbarian start the match off.  We start off with a typical hoss fight as the two of them beat on each other before Animal gets a power slam and a big jumping elbow drop before both teams make the tag, bringing in Hawk and Meng.  Meng’s tights no longer have the stupid golden spike logo on them.  Meng piledrives Hawk who no-sells the crap out of it, jumping up immediately and hitting a big power slam of his own.

I love that WCW at this time has a nice roster of legit tag teams.  I love tag team wrestling and there’s nothing I hate more than randomly making two guys a team and they have no cohesion.  I love legit tag teams, and we’re in a great time for them in WCW, with the Faces of Fear, Road Warriors, Public Enemy, American Males, Nasty Boys…good stuff.  I even like Sting and Luger being a team and champs because their story line has taken them there organically instead of what we’re used to anymore.

The Faces of Fear take over, taking down the newly returned Animal, hitting some double team moves and working the quick tag very efficiently.  Meng hits a hell of a dropkick off of an Irish whip before plain ole choking Animal before getting broken up at the 4 count.  There’s a lot of speculation on Animal’s back, with the “word in the back” being that Animal isn’t 100%.  Meng tags out to Barbarian who hits a big damn powerbomb on Animal, causing the crowd to get behind Animal and chant his name.  Barbarian hits a diving clothesline off the second rope that looked a bit awkward.  He goes for a second one, but Animal catches him in mid-air with a jumping clothesline of his own.  Animal tags to Hawk who comes in and hammers Barbarian with punches, bringing in Meng.  Both men get clotheslines and big boots before the double team gets the best of him.  It’s only momentary, though, as he nails both men with a double clothesline.  Barbarian tries to take Hawk up top, but Animal gets under him, setting up the Doomsday Device.  Meng gets in there, though, stopping it.  Barbarian hits a big piledriver on Animal and goes for a second one, but Hawk hits a diving clothesline as he’s attempting it.  He slips a little, not getting much of a leap, but it’s enough to get the win.

Winner: The Road Warriors

During the replay, we see Hawk hit a scoop slam and we’re told that Barbarian was coming off the ropes at about 35 MPH.  Man, Barbarian was apparently booking it!

12996cWe go to Mean Gene who is in the ring with Kevin Sullivan and Hugh Morris.  Sullivan is complaining about the Horsemen yet again.  He says that Arn Anderson gave him his word, but there were issues between the DoD and the Horseman.  This brings out Arn and Brian Pillman.  Sullivan tells Arn that they made a pact and that Arn has always been a man of his word.  He tells Anderson to discipline Pillman or else.  Anderson says he’s going to settle it now.  He says that Flair beat Hogan by himself and Pillman was nowhere to be found.  He says that Pillman isn’t an individual, he’s part of a group.  Pillman says he’s talked to Anderson, he’s even slapped him around, but that hasn’t helped.  All he’s got left is tough love.  Anderson goes into full Dad-Mode, taking off his belt and preparing to whoop Pillman apparently.  The moment he does, though, Sullivan and Morris jump Anderson.  Pillman straight up hides outside during the ordeal, however, not coming to Anderson’s aid.  Sullivan goes out after Pillman and starts beating him with the belt.  Anderson makes it over to Pillman and runs Sullivan and Morris off.  The Horsemen get back into the ring and Anderson demands that the Championship Committee give them a match with Morris and Sullivan.  Pillman says he got them into this, so he’ll get them out of it as we go to commercial.  It ends with Heenan simply saying “Huh.”

12996dWe come back from commercial to Mean Gene in the ring with Sister Sherri.  He goes to video of Sherri’s alcohol fuelled wedding from the Clash, showing her getting jumped by Madusa.  That’s when Madusa makes her way to the ring, climbing the top rope and jumping Sherri from behind with a dive off the top.

Match #3: Sister Sherri vs Madusa

Straight up ladies brawl.  There’s not really any wrestling thus far as these two take each other out and starts throwing each other into the steps, the guard rail, etc.  Madusa kicks the crap out of Sherri quite a few times before Sherri gets a leg drop between Madusa’s legs.  Sherri goes up top for a  dive but Madusa throws her off the top rope like her last name is Flair.  Sherri reverses momentum, though, holding on and rolling Madusa through for a win.

Winner: Sister Sherri

After the match, Madusa isn’t done.  She hits a crazy high angle German suplex on Sherri, dumping her right on her head.  She stars punching Sherri and then slamming her head into the mat repeatedly, knocking her out.  Bischoff says that Madusa should have never left the WWF and she should have started taking on the men.

Commercial break and then we’re off to the main event.

Match #4: WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match – The Giant vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage (Champion) w/ Woman, Ms. Elizabeth and the assorted cocktail waitresses as well

Giant is oddly enough coming out by himself.  No Jimmy Hart, no Kevin Sullivan…hell, no Zodiac!

Glad to see that Savage gets the same treatment as Hogan does.  The ladies come out and wait on Savage, who doesn’t show up.  In the ring, though, he jumps in from the opposite side, jumping The Giant from behind.  The referee takes the title and calls for the bell, however, throwing the match out.  Out comes Flair, grabbing Savage and throwing him into the guard rail before nailing him with a chair and running him into the ring post before punching and chopping the crap out of him.  Giant suplexes him back into the ring.  The referee tries to stop them but Flair lays him out with a punch as Giant and Flair take turns beating Savage down.  It’s interesting that Flair and Giant are still on the same page when the Dungeon and Horsemen seemingly fell apart just ten minutes ago.  Giant beats down Savage and Flair tells him to chokeslam Savage.  Giant happily obliges.

Apparently the whole “double cage” thing is that we’ll get two steel cage matches at SuperBrawl: Hogan vs Giant and Flair vs Savage.

Giant goes for a second chokeslam but out comes Hogan, his eye taped up.  He nails Giant with some vicious chair shots which brings out the entire Dungeon of Doom.  Each one of them eats a chairshot to the head for good measure.

Flair runs up to the announce booth and is dancing, strutting and whooing.  He says he beat Hogan twice on Nitro and he’ll do it again at SuperBrawl.  Giant comes up and says he’s going to take Hogan’s bones and make his bread.  His body, heart and soul are his forever.  Flair says that the match with Hogan and Giant will be unsanctioned.  He tells Savage he’s going to take his title and Liz from him one more time.  The announcers all bail as Flair starts going nuts.  Heenan stays behind, trying to calm Flair down.  Heenan puts over Flair and Giant, saying that at SuperBrawl they’re going to take everyone out.  Flair says at SuperBrawl he’ll be champion for the 13th time as Nitro goes off the air.


Wow…this match should have been on NEXT week.  This would be an amazing go-home show to SuperBrawl.  The heels have destroyed the babyfaces.  They’re on the run, they have them on the ropes, and we end with the heels running rampant.  This show honestly makes me excited for SuperBrawl…so I have no idea how next week is going to play out.  I just don’t see it getting me more pumped for the PPV than this show right here has, so I’m very interested to see what happens and what moves they make.

The Horsemen / Dungeon thing confuses the crap out of me.  You would think that Sullivan jumping Arn would have been the end of the line for Flair to be involved with them.  Hell, Paul Orndorff simply came out to run his mouth about Pillman and he got his career ended for it…but Sullivan jumps Flair’s best friend and he’s still hanging out with Hart & Giant?  Kind of odd.

Anyway, not a bad showing tonight.  Hope you enjoyed the write-up and we’ll see you back here soon for next week’s episode!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.4

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.8

(Raw – 9, Nitro – 9) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


Still neck and neck through the Monday Night Wars.  This one deserved a win, though.  Great setup for the PPV.


WWF Raw results from this week

Diesel defeated Davey Boy Smith (w/ Jim Cornette)

Henry Godwinn & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) defeated Skip and Zip (w/ Sunny)

Shawn Michaels defeated Yokozuna (w/ Jim Cornette)


Not too much seems to have really happened on this show.  It did feature Roddy Piper being named acting Commissioner of Raw since Vader took out Gorilla Monsoon not too long ago.  This one, I remember, had Piper saying a quote that my friend Chris always got a kick out of.  “Rules, dammit, rules!”  It also had a Mankind promo since he’s going to debut right after Wrestlemania I believe.


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