Kick Out at Nitro! – 2/5/1996

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KoaNitro copyWelcome back everyone to the Internet’s only chronological walk through WCW’s history, starting at the first episode of Nitro and going forward!  This, ladies and gentlemen, is Kick Out at Nitro, and I am your host, Shane, walking you through the wonder that was WCW in 1996.  We’re coming off of a big show last week that set up the heels in a major place as we head into SuperBrawl this weekend.  Hulk Hogan has had his eye damaged by Ric Flair.  Randy Savage has been decimated by Flair and The Giant.  There is dissention in the Horsemen/Dungeon of Doom alliance but it seems that as far as Flair goes, everything is working for the destruction of the Mega Powers.

We come to you this week from Lakeland, FL.  It’s interesting how there’s no consistency in whether they announce where they’re coming from each week.  This week they decided not to run the plate that tells us where they are.  It seems like it’s just about every other week that they decide to bother telling us where they are.

Pepe is in a dress and a Raggedy Anne wig for some reason.

Match #1: WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match – “The Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage (WCW World Champion) w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth

Guess the rest of the cocktail waitresses had the night off.  Savage makes a beeline for Benoit, who ducks out of the ring to avoid him.

Really…Benoit gets a title shot?!  Plus, AGAIN with the title matches on free TV?  I think there has now been a title match on every TV show…or just about every TV show…since the second week of December.  You have to watch it with that stuff.  If you’re giving away title matches on TV, why should I part with my $30 to see title matches?

Benoit and Savage lock up and move around the ring until Benoit gets the upper hand, sending Savage outside and slamming him into the guardrail and chopping him hard.  He just about takes Savage’s head off with a hard clothesline off of an Irish whip, too.  Benoit’s clotheslines were always awesome because he’s hold on and basically slam/drag the guy to the mat instead of just hitting him.

Flair has a title shot at SuperBrawl…so why is Benoit getting the title match?  If he wins, will it be Flair VS Benoit?  Would it be Flair VS Savage in a cage in a non-title match?  Weird booking.

Interesting…when I was younger and watching this in real time, I didn’t find Woman attractive at all.  33 year old Shane sees things differently now.

Benoit slams Savage and hits the big diving headbutt in the center of the ring.  He doesn’t go for the pin, though.  He pulls Savage to the ring apron and elbows him.  Back in the ring, Savage is swinging at the air and Benoit is mocking him.  He hits a “back leg round kick,” which is oddly enough Bischoff’s favorite call.  I have no idea what the hell that even means.  Benoit is beating Savage down hard.  I’ve mentioned that no one takes a beating like Savage and they’ve been playing up that Savage is hurt all match, but still, you’ve got a mid-card guy beating down your World Champion.

Nitro_2-5-96_2Savage pulls Benoit outside and tries to get some momentum back but Benoit slams Savage’s arm and head into the steel steps.  Back in the ring, Savage hits a running clothesline.  Woman distracts the ref and Benoit tosses Savage over the top rope and then goes for a dive through the ropes, but Savage moves and Benoit hits the concrete floor like a sack of crap.  It’s rough!  Savage rolls him back into the ring and hits a flying elbow drop to a Benoit who is laying face down, driving his face into the mat.  Flair comes out and distracts Savage, who hits the floor and goes after him.  Flair starts accosting Elizabeth, drawing Savage’s ire.  He goes for Flair but Woman grabs a length of television cable and starts choking Savage from behind!  Out comes Arn Anderson and the Horsemen start putting the boots to Savage while Woman laughs!  Hogan comes out, his eye still taped up but not as bad as last week, and he’s nailing everyone with a chair.

Mean Gene comes out as we have officials taking Savage to the back.  Hogan is in the ring with Liz and cutting a promo, talking about how he’s taking out everyone, when Ric Flair comes out and nails Hogan from behind.  Liz, however, is looking right at Flair, as is Gene, but neither bothers to tell Hogan that he’s about to take an ass beating.  Flair takes out Hogan and starts ripping at the eye tape, busting Hogan open again.  Hogan starts to fight back a bit and out comes The Giant and Zodiac.  Giant nails Hogan from behind with a chair, taking him down.  Miraculously, Savage returns with a chair and takes out Giant.  Savage says that what he’ll do to Flair in the cage can’t be said on live TV.  He gets in Liz’s face and asks why she didn’t tell Hogan about the blindside.  Gene starts yelling that she was trying, which is a bold faced lie, because she wasn’t doing anything but standing there watching.  We go to commercial as Savage tries to get help for Hogan.

We get a commercial for WCW Magazine which will have a write-up about World War 3, because that was only two months ago.  That used to aggravate me about WCW Magazine so much…you’d buy it and it would be two to three months behind.  I do wish I could get ahold of some of those old magazines, though.  If any wonderful fan out there has any that they don’t want anymore, please let me know!

Match #2: “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan & Hugh Morrus w/ Jimmy Hart VS “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman

Nitro_2-5-96_3I wish Pillman had stuck around in WCW longer than he did.  He’s got such a cool look and I like the idea that he would be this Wildman that the Horsemen could just unleash on people.  He’s got such a cool look, too!  The vest he wears along with the cane with the horse head on top…it’s just such an interesting look that plays very nicely off of the other Horsemen.

We go to commercial and come back to our Saturday Night rundown.  Wallstreet vs Craig Pittman.  Pillman & Anderson teaming.  The Giant.  Sting & Lex Luger as well.  We’ll also get a rematch of Savage and Benoit.

Morrus starts off laughing and Pillman goes down to his knees, laughing even harder, playing off of the joke of Morrus’s name, I guess.  Morrus gorilla press slams Pillman as well as Anderson, sending them outside.

Bischoff tells us that we will get a Respect Match between Sullivan and Pillman at SuperBrawl.  They’ll be strapped together with a leather strap and the first man who says they respect the other loses.  If you know anything about Pillman’s late WCW history, you know what happens in that match.  I won’t go into it because we’ll spend a lot of time on it when I do the SuperBrawl write up.

Pillman constantly tags out to Anderson.  It doesn’t come across as quick tags, either…it’s more that Pillman is just being obnoxious and that it’s not planned to go like that.  While Anderson is in the ring, Pillman is constantly playing to the crowd.  Anderson tags out to Pillman, who backs Morrus into the corner and immediately tags back out to Anderson.  Pillman has this brilliant moment when he slams Morrus’s name into the guard rail and IMMEDIATELY jumps back up onto the ring apron in his corner and starts messing with his boot laces.  Him getting to the corner so quickly and acting like he did nothing wrong was pretty cool.

Morrus finally tags out to Sullivan and Pillman makes a rush for him and they start scrapping hard.  Sullivan ties Pillman up in the tree of woe and hits him with the knee, but Pillman responds with a hard slap and they start brawling again.  It actually looks legit, but I’m sure it’s just Pillman playing into the whole thing.  Arn quickly gets Sullivan out of the ring and takes him to the back, near the entrance ramp and attempts a piledriver, but a broom comes out from the curtain and hits Arn, taking him out.  The announcers play dumb but you can clearly see that it’s Paul Orndorff.  Sullivan makes his way back to the ring and is given a leather strap by Jimmy Hart, who starts whipping the crap out of Pillman.  The match is thrown out and Morrus gives Pillman a No Laughing Matter moonsault for good measure.  Anderson makes his way back to the ring but Pillman just walks past everyone and heads to the back.

Winner: Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman via DQ

This was a very odd match and you can tell it’s playing heavy into the whole “Pillman is legit crazy” angle that Bischoff and Pillman are working backstage. The match came across as disjointed, though, but the parts where Sullivan and Pillman were in the ring together really came across like they couldn’t stand each other.

Looks like WCW is in the Florida loop.  Lakeland tonight, St. Petersburg for SuperBrawl, Tampa on next Monday.

Match #3: Marcus Bagwell VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman

Nitro_2-5-96_4During Flair’s entrance, Paul Orndorff makes his way to the announce booth and says “that’s the thing about paybacks, you never know when they’re going to happen.”  Well, now the announcers are clued into the fact that it was Orndorff that took out Anderson.

I like that they wasted no time putting Woman with Flair and having her be his valet.

Bischoff tells us that Savage has taken Hogan to the hospital and he’s on his way back to the arena.

Bagwell spends a lot of the early part of the match taking it to Flair.  He’s mostly using punches and kicks, though, so it’s not really wrestling talent.  He has this awkward moment where he covers Flair and gets 2, but then just lays on top of him for another two count.  It doesn’t come across like he just wanted to try again…it comes across like he forgot what to do and just laid there.

Flair goes for the Figure 4, Bagwell pulls it in to a small package for two.  Then there’s another weird spot where Flair sidesteps a clothesline and kind of clotheslines him, but Bagwell wells it by hitting the ropes and backflipping over them.  It was disjointed, especially following Bagwell’s weird lay-there spot.

Flair and Bagwell trade slaps and some really damn weak punches from Buff-to-be.  Flair goes up top and gets tossed off the top rope for his trouble.  I love Flair…but the going to the top rope spot bugs me.  I’ve never liked it.

Bischoff runs down our PPV card coming up.  Harlem Heat vs Sting & Luger for the tag titles.  TV title and Diamond Doll on the line again.  US Championship on the line with Konnan vs One Man Gang.  Street Fight between Public Enemy and the Nasty Boys as well as the aforementioned Respect Match.  I’m guessing the TV Title/Diamond Doll match is Johnny B Badd vs DDP again.  All in all, not a terrible PPV.

Bagwell gets a little offense in, including a superplex, before Flair locks on the Figure 4 for the win.

Winner: Ric Flair

Flair knocks out the referee and refuses to let go of the Figure 4.  Out comes Savage, causing Flair to break up the hold as well as break 100m dash records as he heads to the back.

This match looked like crap in a few places.  I’d normally say it was Bagwell’s inexperience, but he’s been around for years at this point, so that’s definitely not it.  I guess it was just miscommunication or mistiming.

We go to commercial break again and come back to our Main Event.

Match #4: WCW Tag Team Championship Match – The Road Warriors VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Tag Team Champions)

Another title match just six days before a PPV.

LOD are hot in Florida as the crowd chants for them as Sting and Animal lock up.

So…they’ve had one match back and they’re getting a title shot.  Benoit gets a title shot for the MAIN title in the company for apparently no reason.  WCW Championship Committee got some ‘splanin to do.

Animal picks Sting up for a vertical suplex and just tosses him across the ring with a gordbuster.

On the Sting hair update, Sting is full brunette now with some blond highlights.

Nitro_2-5-96_14Hawk no-sells a Luger piledriver, showing that a piledriver is the least effective move against the Road Warriors at this point.  One of the most dangerous moves in wrestling, but Hawk laughs at them.  Luger tags out to Sting and Hawk hits a few clotheslines before taking a Stinger Splash.  Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but Animal breaks up the hold and the Road Warriors tag out.

I always liked that WCW didn’t refer to them as the Legion of Doom.  Maybe it has to do with having a team called the Dungeon of Doom, or maybe it has to do with the fact that they were always the Road Warriors and were usually the LOD when they would team with other groups or with Ellering, but I like it.  Heenan, of course, being used to calling matches in the WWF, constantly refers to them as LOD, though.

Partway through this match, the feed goes a little crazy and we get a message on the Network that says that it was presented to us in its original form.  Bischoff tells us that the entire building temporarily lost power and that’s what happened.

Luger tags in, hits the power slam and calls for the Torture Rack, but he’s stopped short by Animal, who gives him a back suplex and covers.  The cover is broken up by Sting, who brawls on the floor with Hawk.  Inside the ring, Animal power slams Luger and out comes Jimmy Hart with a big lead plate.  Animal takes out Hart, but Luger gets the plate and hits Animal in the back with it while the referee is dealing with Sting and Hawk on the outside.  Luger pins and gets the win.

Winners: Lex Luger & Sting, still WCW World Tag Team Champions

Luger is celebrating like he just won the Super Bowl.  He tries to celebrate with Sting but Sting is not happy at all.  Gene gets in the ring with the Road Warriors.  Hawk says he is demanding a title match with the winner of the title match at Harlem Heat and Sting & Luger.  Gene pitches us back to the announcers to close out the show.

They keep referring to having “two cages” at SuperBrawl.  I don’t know if this means that they’re having two separate cage matches or if they’ve got some weird kind of cage gimmick that they’re going to try to pull off.  I wouldn’t put it past WCW to be the latter, but I know that Uncensored is going to have the crazy cage gimmick, so I don’t know if they’d do that two months in a row.

While this wasn’t as good a show as last weeks, it still leaves us in an interesting place going into SuperBrawl.  The heels again got the better of the babyfaces, sending Hogan to the hospital and taking away Woman from them.  It really puts Hogan and Savage against the odds going into the PPV, which is something that I feel we’ve been missing over the last few months.  I’m excited for the show!

Thank you again for joining us this week here at Kick Out at Nitro!  See you soon as we re-live WCW SuperBrawl 1996, our first PPV of this year!


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.7

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.9

(Raw – 9, Nitro – 10) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


Nitro takes the lead overall but we’ve still yet to have more than a two week winning streak.  We’re getting ready to turn that corner, though, I do believe!


WWF Raw results from this week

Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeated Davey Boy Smith &Yokozuna (w/ Jim Cornette) via count-out

The 1-2-3 Kid (w/ Ted DiBiase) defeated Hakushi

WWF World Champion Bret Hart fought the Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) to a no contest


Only one match on this card went to a full decision.  A count-out and a no contest on a show with three matches is a little rough.  It looks like there wasn’t much else going on aside from the ongoing angle of trying to have Vader reinstated after he took out Gorilla Monsoon.


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