Kick Out at Nitro! 2/12/1996

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KoaNitro copyWe’re back, ladies and gentlemen, with another exciting issue of Kick Out at Nitro!  We’re one day removed from SuperBrawl VI, where we saw the WCW World Heavyweight Championship change hands and Ms. Elizabeth leave Macho Man’s side and style & profile to the side of the Nature Boy.  We got the introduction of the Loch Ness Monster, a silly gimmick that will absolutely go nowhere despite being hyped up like crazy.  We saw Hogan destroy the entire Dungeon of Doom by himself, thus reducing a huge gang of monster heels to cannon fodder.  We also saw Brian Pillman’s final run in WCW.  What could possibly happen tonight?!

WCW comes to us live from Tampa, FL, from the Florida State Fair.  Man, to have been a WCW fan during that first year of Nitro and living in Florida like I do now.  I would have had two Nitros in Miami, PPVs just four hours up the road in Tampa, a Nitro in Lakeland…it would have been great.  Bischoff starts the show off running down what went on last night, including Ric Flair’s 13th World Championship.  Their big story is Liz leaving Savage.  We get a slideshow recap of the Respect Match from last night, including Bischoff saying that Pillman is “history.”  They run down the rest of the matches, including the main events, ending with them talking about Loch Ness before kicking us to the ring.

Match #1: Hugh Morrus VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Bischoff tells us that Savage was planning on defending his title tonight but now he won’t be since he’s not champion.  So, Morrus was going to get a title match?  Are we already in Goldberg territory?

Savage did just what I wanted him to do here…he didn’t come out with a big extravagant entrance.  He’s rattled.  He’s a little pissed.  He’s more serious and not as playful.  He’s really doing a good job of selling what happened to him last night.  That carries over nicely into the moment the match starts.  Savage enters the ring, slams Morrus with a double leg takedown and starts raining blows.  Morrus cuts him off quick, though, with some punches and a clothesline in the corner.  Savage fires back, raking Morrus’s eyes across the top rope.  Morrus takes the match back over pretty quickly, though.

Nitro 1Bischoff says that this entire situation dates all the way back to the time when they were taping an episode of Baywatch, which will air on February 19th he says.  That taping happened around Bash at the Beach so this has feud has been happing for a good while.

Savage gets some fire back under him as he gets a back elbow in the corner and works the crowd a bit for the first time in the match.  Morrus takes Savage down and goes for the No Laughing Matter, but Savage moves.  Savage answers with a body slam and then follows with a big elbow drop.  He goes up top for a second one, nailing it just as nicely.  Savage’s elbow drop is a thing of beauty.  He hits that thing perfectly every time.  He pins Morrus on the second one for the win.

Winner: Randy Savage

Savage goes up top again immediately after getting his arm raised but Morrus saves himself and rolls out of the ring.  Savage gets a mic and says “You’re right, I don’t want him…I want the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.”  Bischoff says that Savage will get him next week in the return match for the title.

We go to commercial, including the WCW Magazine ad that we’ve seen a few times, and we come back to Mean Gene at the entrance with Steve Grissom.  I inaccurately wrote last night that they would be speaking with Gus Grissom, which was incorrect.  Steve Grissom has never been in space, as far as I know.  Gene talks to him a bit about the WCW race car in the Daytona race this weekend.  They show the car, which I always thought was pretty cool.  Grissom says qualifying for the Daytona race is tomorrow.


Match #2: Scotty Riggs VS Loch Ness w/ Jimmy Hart

 Nitro 2           Loch Ness is just a massive man.  He’s billed at “nearly 700 pounds,” which could be legit.  He’s a very rotund dude.  However, he’s just a giant bearded dude with jacked up teeth wearing gray camo pants and a matching vest.  Riggs starts off with dropkicks and punches, including a dropkick from the top, but nothing is effecting Loch Ness.  Riggs goes for a cross body off the top, but Loch Ness grabs him and just falls.  He doesn’t slam…he just falls…and it looks like garbage.  Loch Ness hits him with two elbow drops for the win.

Winner: Loch Ness

I really hope they didn’t hire this guy thinking they’re going to get a main event against Hogan out of him.  Main event on WCW Pro, maybe…but I have a feeling they think this is going to Main Event Uncensored.  Ugh…

Nitro 3Gene is up at the entrance ramp with Woman and Elizabeth, pulling out a hospital bed with a body covered in a sheet.  Elizabeth says that last night Savage promised that someone was leaving on a gurney, and it took them all night but they delivered.  Flair jumps up from under the sheet and starts his promo.  I’m guessing Liz is implying that it took them all night of banging to finally tire out Flair.  Gene brings up the title match next week and Flair says he can’t wait.  He goes arm in arm with the ladies and says that any time he has the opportunity to style and profile, to walk the aisle, to fly in Leer jets and ride in limos and talk to the girls about Space Mountain…you gotta love it.  Flair says that sometimes only a woman can say things as eloquently as they need saying before he turns the mic over to Liz.  Liz says that for seven years she walked behind Randy, sat in the corner and never said anything.  When she left Randy, she took half of the money, half of everything…but last night, she took it all.  She knew that the belt was everything to Randy, so she took that last night.  Flair is in rare form tonight and I’m loving it!

We go to commercial with an Up Next graphic showing Konnan and Devon Storm, who in about three years we’ll know as Crowbar.

Match #3: “Dangerous” Devon Storm VS Konnan (WCW United States Champion)

Damn, Storm looks goofy as all get out.  Bright lime green and black, mullet…wow.  Konnan comes out in hot pink and looks better than Storm does.  Konnan walks out to the ring holding the title very loosely towards the crowd and it looks like someone almost grabs it from his hand.  That would be some crap if someone took the US title from Konnan.  We go to commercial and come back to Konnan standing still, looking out into the crowd.  Has he been there the entire time?  Storm blindsides Konnan with a dropkick, sending him to the floor.  Storm runs outside, grabs a chair and sets it up in the ring, running towards it, jumping up on it and diving off of it to the floor with a senton.  He goes outside, sits Konnan in the chair, grabs the steel steps and sets them up in front of Konnan and runs at him, diving off the steps.  Konnan jumps up and catches him, though, giving him an awkward power bomb onto the floor.

Back in the ring, Konnan hits Storm with a big running clothesline, goes to the apron and hits a flipping hurricanrana.  Konnan’s offense comes from weird flips and grabbing people with his legs.  It’s very hard to describe.  Storm tries one of Konnan’s moves but Konnan catches him in a Crashing Ocean suplex, one of my favorite moves.  Bischoff says that Konnan is to wrestling what Talladega is to cars.  Umm…so Konnan is a wrestling venue?  Talladega is just a track where the cars race.

Bischoff mentions the 4 Horsemen, then corrects himself and says the “3 Horsemen.”  I’m guessing Pillman really is gone.  I read this really interesting story in the Wrestling Observer from around this time talking about this guy getting arrested in a hotel that some of the WCW talent was staying at.  Everyone was watching the guy get arrested by the SWAT team and apparently Pillman was in gimmick the entire time, including rubbing the 4 Horsemen handsign into the guy’s face as they were taking him away.  That was one of the funniest things I had heard in a long damn time.

Storm sits Konnan on the top rope and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Konnan stalls it and falls forward with a very damaging looking power bomb for the win.

Winner: Konnan

We go to commercial with a Hulk Hogan VS Arn Anderson graphic.

Match #4: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson w/ Woman VS Hulk Hogan

Now this is the Horsemen I remember!  Granted, as Bischoff yet again tells us, there are only 3 of them, but still…when I really got into the Horsemen, it was with Woman and Liz at their sides.  Double A comes out with Woman, wearing that black leather vest and his black trunks, looking like a badass.  I love me some Arn Anderson.

Hogan still has the patch on his left eye.  Mongo says that knowing Arn, he’s going to go for the eye first.

Anderson gets the first move or two and the Hogan starts his nonsense, backing Double A into the corner and biting him.  Anderson eats two clotheslines and is sent into the corner for a third.  This match is gonna be hard since everyone knows Arn could eat Hogan’s lunch in the ring, but we gotta sit through the normal Hogan chicanery.

Hogan sends Arn outside and they wander around the ring a bit before Arn kicks Hogan in the gut and goes for a piledriver on the floor.  Hogan blocks it and slingshots Arn into the ring post.  Hogan rips the patch off of his eye, then decides to be a heel a bit more as he runs Arn’s shoulder into the ring post, then wraps his arm around it twice before raking Arn’s back, punching him in the head and choking him with his freaking wrist tape.  Yes…WCW’s biggest babyface just did all that.  Not Arn, one of the most vicious heels in WCW history.  Not Ric Flair, the “Dirtiest Player in the Game.”  Hulk Hogan…the biggest babyface in history.  What the serious hell?

Nitro 4Hogan stomps Arn a few times as we cut to George Steinbrenner laughing it up in the crowd.  Hogan clotheslines Arn again and then punches him back into the corner.  Arn got the first two moves in and it’s been the Hogan show ever since.  Arn goes up top and Hogan tosses him off, crotching him on the top rope.  Arn gets a shot to the gut as Hogan is lifting him up, then goes to the eyes with punches and rakes.  See…this is okay, since Arn is the heel.  The crowd goes nuts as out comes Ric Flair and Liz.  Flair is strutting and dancing at ringside, cheering on Arn.  Arn sends Hogan to the ropes and hits that beautiful Spinebuster that Hogan powers out of and tosses Arn halfway across the ring at the count of two.  Arn forgets he’s in the ring with Hogan so he starts punching him, but Hogan starts Hulking up, punches, Big Boot, strut making fun of Flair, then locking Arn in the Figure 4.  Flair comes into the ring, tries to attack Flair but Hogan rolls Flair up in the small package.  Mongo says “he’s taken care of the Dungeon of Doom, now he’s taking care of the 4 Horsemen.”  God, I hope not.  Although, that’s a total Hogan thing to do…run through the two dominant groups in WCW singlehandedly.  Woman throws powder in Hogan’s eyes, blinding him.  Flair slips Liz’s shoe into the ring to Arn, who nails Hogan with it and covers for the win.

Winner: Arn Anderson

We don’t get to celebrate too long, though, as Hogan comes in and starts beating people down.  Anderson gets a big boot and is sent to the floor.  Out comes Savage and a chair.  Hogan and Savage attack Flair, hitting him with a chair and the heels scatter.  They make a beeline for the announce booth, though.  Flair grabs a headset, saying that Hogan just got his ass kicked again.  They’ve got the women, they’ve got the belt…they’re on a roll.  Arn grabs the mic and says it’s not the end of time, Arn Anderson just beat the unbeatable Hulk Hogan!  He’s doing this on the house mic, though, where Flair was using the headset, so the babyfaces can hear the promo.  They run for the announce booth and clear out the heels and everyone else.  Hogan says that next week, we’ll have Flair VS Savage for the title and Hogan VS Anderson in a rematch.  They finish out the show cutting a promo on the Horsemen, pitching next week’s show.


Not the greatest show to follow up a PPV with, truthfully.  The Loch Ness match was useless and showed how useless Loch Ness is himself.  The Devon Storm/Konnan match was kind of a mess.  That’s three matches that we’ve seen of Konnan now and they’ve all been rough.  I don’t know if it’s just him needing help adjusting to the American style or not, but he’s got to start looking smoother in the ring.  His stuff is just really rough.  I liked the Flair segment a lot and I really liked seeing Anderson go over Hogan, but I would have liked to have seen Anderson get a little more offense in the match first.  It was presented as Anderson being clearly outclassed by Hogan until the outside interference became a factor, which doesn’t paint Double A in the best light.  He should have taken it to Hogan.  I’m not saying it should have been a squash, but it should have been a bit more even, with Anderson getting the best of Hogan in a few spots by being underhanded or just more vicious.  That doesn’t work, though, when Hogan as the babyface runs through a spot of heel moves.  If you had reversed that entire set I explained and had Arn doing that stuff to Hogan, it would have come across way better.  I’m not certain why I should cheer for Hogan at this point, since he’s basically a jerk.

The Pillman mentions have been interesting and I’m not certain that we ever see Pillman again, to tell you the truth.  We may have seen the end of Brian Pillman and the 4 Horsemen…at least until May, but that’s another story.

Join me next week, ladies and gentlemen, for another exciting trip to the past for Kick Out at Nitro!


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – NA

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.7

(Raw – 9, Nitro – 10) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 3)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


Nitro runs unopposed this week.


WWF Raw results from this week

There was no episode of Monday Night Raw this week.


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