WWE Fast Lane (2015) PPV Predictions Results

Posted: February 24, 2015 by Kick Out At 2! in PPV Predictions, Special Features
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Well here we are. Fresh off the events of what seemed like a lackluster PPV. WWE had a big chance to make an impact with the debut of a new PPV but I can’t help but fell that overall it missed the mark. Sting/Triple H was cool, although not nearly as cool as Triple H/Undertaker setup for WM27. Bray Wyatt officially challenging Taker was awesome but for me the match of the night was Cesaro and Kidd winning the Tag team titles from The Usos. Literally it was the only prediction I got right. Looks like Derick is still in the lead, Shane takes second and I’m dead last. Hopefully Wrestlemania will be better….

Derick – 9/13

Shane – 7/13

Robbie – 5/13


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