Kick Out at Nitro! 4/15/1996

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Kick Out at Nitro fans…The Champ…is…here!  For an unprecedented two weeks in a row, you get a bit of a different flavor of commentary than that usually provided by myself.  Derick makes his long awaited return to us here in WCW-land, so I leave you in his loving arms.


Ladies and gentlemen, The Champ is back with a review of Monday Nitro. It’s been awhile, but Shane tapped me for this one, so here we go. On a side note, Hogan starts this episode, so I may have made Shane mad at some point, and this is retribution. I’m not sure.

Nitro kicks off with it’s normal video package of ridiculous sound effects and buildings exploding. Eric B reminding us for the millionth time that we are LIVE.

Uh oh……

And here comes Hogan. Heenan with a dated plug about Greg Norman choking at the Masters. And we go straight into the handicap Match.

Match #1: Handicap Match: Hulk Hogan VS “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson & “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Woman, Ms. Elizabeth and Jimmy Hart

Originally a tag team match. However, The Booty Man got hurt 2 weeks ago at Saturday Night Main Event. Basically, if Hogan wins, he gets his choice with a manager of his choice for 5 minutes. Same for Sullivan/Anderson. Hogan goes for back to back figure 4 leg locks. God, those look terrible. I’ve always thought that Sullivan stole Hogan’s tights and painted lightning bolts on the rear. Typical handicap match going back and forth. Heels using their numbers to beat down Hogan, but every single one of you knows what is going to happen. Hogan goes into his “shaking man” status, hits the leg drop and wins. Shocking, people. Absolutely shocking. After the match, Hogan corners Woman and Kimberly. Not going to lie, this looks weird. By weird, I mean creepy. Finally, Hogan goes after Jimmy Hart. Atomic drop that Hart sells like he landed on spikes in Hogan’s knee. The Giant comes out and chokeslams Hogan. Hogan IMMEDIATELY no sells it (stupid) and takes out Giant.

Winner: lolHoganwins

After the match: Gene interviews Hogan. Not going to lie here, I don’t really care what Hogan is talking about. A whole bunch of “Brother Brother, Mean Gene, climbing a ladder brother”. Hogan poses like he is deaf.

Back from commercial, commentators talking about Flair teaming with The Giant taking on Luger and Sting in the main event. Damn Mongo has his dog still. I don’t get it.

Match #2: Streetfight – Public Enemy vs. The Nasty Boys.

Nasty Boys were awesome back in the day. And Public Enemy were ok I guess. There is literally a trash can in the ring. Not your standard trash can. A legit “made of hard plastic that feels like concrete” trash can. Basic hardcore match. Seems the weapon of choice is trash cans and trash can accessories. A table is introduced and broken instantly. I’ll give WCW this, WCW didn’t mess around when it came to tables. They didn’t look gimmicked. I’m not sure if budgeting caused the hard takes or what, but I’m a fan. Nitro utilizing the “side by side” camera technique they were famous for. Bischoff begged for a “camera shot of the crowd because they are going crazy”. Nope. The shot they showed was the opposite. Heenan thinks someone has a chainsaw. Made me look, but unfortunately none to be found. Wow. Pinning attempt by Knobbs, broken up by a foot in the ropes. I thought this was a streetfight? Finally…..Knobbs rolls up Grunge for the win. Forgettable match. And now the beatings continue after the bell. Saggs gets an “Enemy sandwich” through a table.

Winners: The Nasty Boys

Match #3: Earl Robert Eaton w/ Jeeves VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Commercials, and out comes Earl Robert Eaton. I forgot about this guy! Probably for good reason. Most generic “European” music ever. OUT COMES SAVAGE!!! Thank God this is picking up. Commentators talking about the hatred between Savage and Flair. Bell rings and we’re off. Savage dumps Eaton to the outside, throwing Eaton into the ring post and back inside for the pin. 2 count. Fred Flintstone in the crowd promoting “Dial M for Monkey”. Eaton thinks he is Ric Flair complete with taunt and figure 4. Savage reverses it, cancelling the hold. Savage back on top. Action spills outside again briefly. Back inside the ring, Savage up top. Nails the elbow and this one is in the books. Savage goes for another elbow. Gets it!!. Appearance by Dillinger. Randy is now handcuffed and escorted to the back. Oh my!  Alex Wright and Hacksaw sighting. I guess security was given the night off, so they were asked to play enforcers. Plug for WCW magazine.

Winner: Randy Savage

Match #4: WCW World Tag Team Championship – “Nature Boy” Ric Flair & The Giant w/ Woman, Ms. Elizabeth and Jimmy Hart VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Tag Team Champions)

Flair’s music hits and out comes the champion and Giant. Woman and Kimberly escort them out. Sting and Luger out next, and its main event time. The tag titles are on the line? Okay then. Sting and Flair start the match with classic back and forth. These 2 together were truly great. Sting with the Gorilla press to Flair and drop kick to Giant. Tag to Luger and another gorilla press to Flair to the outside. Both times Flair is caught by Giant who tosses him back inside. Flair has had enough of this. He slaps the taste out of the Giant’s mouth, and books it to the back. After the break, Flair and Luger are in the ring. Tag to Giant. Giant commences to throw Luger around the ring and uses his weight to his advantage. Impressive suplex by Giant to Luger. Flair back in and Luger needs a tag badly. Giant and Flair taking turns now beating Luger and keeping him away from the fresh Stinger. Figure 4 by Flair. Luger is selling his heart out. Ric with the extra leverage by Woman and the ropes. Flair lets off the hold and pushes Nick Patrick the ref. Giant tagged in and Gorilla press to Luger. Right back to Flair. Luger fights back, but only momentarily. Flair to the top rope, but it never works (surprisingly). Hot tag to Sting! Sting slams Flair and Irish whip into the corner. Second time tonight a cameraman takes a fall. Sting with the death lock. Woman gets on the apron with hot coffee and attempts to hit Luger with it. He ducks and it goes straight into the face of Sting. Luger and Sting win by DQ, but this is far from over! Chokeslams for everyone courtesy of Giant.

Winners: Sting & Luger by DQ (still Tag Team Champions)

We go to commentary to discuss the final thoughts from tonight’s episode. And that’s the end, everyone

Final thoughts:
You could split this episode in half, literally. The first half, not that good. Second half however was a major improvement.

Hogan is going away soon. Shane and I are certain that Hogan leaves (probably to film some Z-grade celebrity flick) and comes back later on this year. So to waste time, he’s stuck inside the storyline with Sullivan and Anderson.

Public Enemy and the Nasty Boys was a very typical hardcore match. Didn’t really expect much so I wasn’t disappointed.

The Randy Savage match was a squash match. Basically used to get Randy on TV. It worked. Served its purpose and I’m not going complain to see Savage on my TV.

Main event was good. It pushed the storyline forward without going too far. Luger and Sting were great together. Flair and Sting were always money.

I gotta say this. Steve “Mongo” McMichael is absolutely terrible on commentary. He doesn’t bring anything to commentary and is constantly shown up by Bobby Heenan. If I could mute him and only him, I would.

-The Champ

While I don’t exactly mirror Derick’s sentiments that this is the worst Nitro ever…it wasn’t particularly amazing either.  The Hogan match was a particular point with me…and not for the normal “Derick and I can’t stand Hulk Hogan” reasons.  First off, what a let down.  After the tag match two weeks ago, we were lead to believe that there would be this “never before seen” match that featured all four men.  Then, after a two week buildup, we find out that Booty Man was injured on an episode of WCW Saturday Night, so that’s that.  Do we get the Mega Powers as a replacement?  Nope.  We get Hogan dominating two of the top heels in the company, single-handedly.  When you throw in everyone involved, I think we come to 1 VS 6 (Sullivan, Anderson, Woman, Liz, Hart, Giant) and Hogan still comes out on top.  That’s pretty ridiculous.  

What I figured the match would end up being is a tag match with maybe the women in as mixed partners, so that way Kimberly could get her hands on Woman or Elizabeth…that would have been new…or NEW-ISH for WCW…but no, regular handicap match with no fanfare.  Not only that, but the reward was they get the manager of the other team alone in the ring.  That was a little nuts, since the heels have never really shown violence towards women, so them beating up Kimberly would have been a little out of place…although dastardly and would have probably gotten heat for sure.  The odd part, though, was Hogan…the biggest babyface in the company at this time…agreeing to beat a woman in the middle of the ring.  Sure, he picked Hart after the fact, but before that, he teased some good ole fashioned domestic violence for a long time.  One has to think that if Giant and Jimmy Hart hadn’t made their way in, Hogan would have commenced to beating a woman in the center of the ring.  Wow…think that one through for a moment.  

Hulk Hogan is a dick.  I’m beginning to think Hollywood was less of a heel than this version of Hogan.

Tag match was interesting, but forgettable.  Public Enemy’s style doesn’t really work in WCW, I feel.  These bedlam brawls are getting old and it just feels like there’s too much going on.  It’s odd, the older I get, the less that ECW style appeals to me.

I kind of marked out for the Dial M For Monkey plug since I remember watching that episode!  Savage played Wres-lor, an intergalactic wrestler.  It was pretty cool.

Tag match was cool…definitely better than the rest of the show, but the whole “Woman hits someone with something” shtick is getting old fast.  It’s like they come up with one thing and then just recycle it over and over.  Between shoes and coffee, Woman is starting to get on my nerves.

Cool plugs for the Lethal Lottery, which I’m interested to get into.  We’re also starting to setup for Mongo’s in-ring debut as we have had Flair wooing Debra McMichaels for two weeks now (pun intended).  Not overly excited to see him in the ring, but I’m willing to give him another shot, 19 years later.  Just happy to have him off of commentary at this point!  I’ll take some throw away matches to not have to hear him anymore.

Well, that’s it for this week.  Join us here next time as we continue to move through April and into May, when everything changes!


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 3.1

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.8

(Raw – 12, Nitro – 14) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 4)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


From the looks of it, WWF runs April and the first half of May.  With this show, yeah, I can see it.  This one just wasn’t good enough to claim that top spot.


WWF Raw results from this week

Marc Mero defeated Leif Cassidy

Steve Austin defeated Bart Gunn

Savio Vega defeated Goldust (c) (w/ Marlena) to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship


Moments thereafter, another referee disputed the call and WWF President Gorilla Monsoon vacated the title and ordered that the two compete in a rematch to be held the following week.


Not a terrible card.  Not one I’m running to check out, mind you, but still, not a bad card.  I’m okay with this episode of Ntiro losing to this card.


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