Kick Out at Nitro! 4/22/1996

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KoaNitro copyWelcome to another amazing installment of Kick Out at Nitro!  Bischoff welcomes us to a new episode of Nitro, telling us that Ric Flair and the Giant will wrestle Sting and Lex Luger.  All titles are on the line!  Anyone who beats Flair gets the WCW Championship.  Anyone who beats Luger becomes TV Champion.  If Flair and Giant beat Sting and Luger, they’re Tag Team Champs!  This is crazy!  They tell us that the arena is on high alert because Savage is here after being taken out last night in handcuffs.

Match #1: Public Enemy VS American Males

During the intro, Bischoff tells us that they’re not like the “World Whining Federation” where the show has been taped for a while.  He runs down the card for us (which I’ll do later…no reason to do it at this point in my post when I do it as my own segment) while Public Enemy sets up shop.  This is apparently the episode that they show on the Monday Night War DVD when they talk about Bischoff giving away results.  It’s sad I’ve seen some of those documentary DVDs so many times that I know stuff like this.  I remember freaking Robbie and Derick out by doing the “Don’t try this at home” spiel from the early 2000s DVDs.  (Trainers, EMTs, referees down…)

American Males are FINALLY doing the overhand clap!  Nice!

Males starting the match off fast!  These two were a pretty damn good tag team back in the day.  Their high flying and fast style really contrast nicely against the brawling from Public Enemy.

The announcers run down the Lethal Lottery, coming up at Slamboree in May.  32 men will be randomly drawn into 16 tag teams and then face each other in a tournament, until the last 8 are in a battle royal to become Lord of the Ring.

Public Enemy’s brawling eventually gets the best of the Males, hitting Bagwell with a gorilla press slam, then following up with some more punches, kicks and a few slams, before draping Bagwell’s neck over the second rope.  Rocco Rock sends Bagwell into the corner, but he comes out with a splash and a cover but it’s broken up by Grunge.

Tag out to Riggs and the Males are fighting back a bit, but Public Enemy comes into the ring and tosses him over the top rope, which, apparently, is still a DQ in WCW.

Winners: American Males (via over the top rope DQ)

After the match, the PE put Riggs on the table that they setup at the beginning of the match and do an “enemy sandwich” (as coined by Bischoff), where Grunge does a flipping senton into Rock and they fall through the table, taking Riggs with them.

We get a replay of it, then we go to commercial where we find out that next we’re getting Benoit VS Guerrero!  Whooooooo!  This is a good day.  Tampa Bay VS Montreal, game 4 (and hopefully the sweep), what looks like a Hogan-less Nitro, and Benoit VS Guerrero.  Derick’s gonna punch me after the episode that he had to watch last time!

We come back to Mean Gene, Emily and Cherry.  Emily and Cherry are two ladies that are helping Gene draw the random teams for the Lethal Lottery.  First up is Hugh Morrus and Meng VS Barbarian and “Hard Work” Bobby Walker.  We also get Stevie Ray & Big Bubba VS Fire and Ice (Scott Norton and Ice Train).

Fire and Ice!!!!!!

Gene has the ladies shuffle the cards and we get Ric Flair teaming with “Macho Man” Randy Savage!  They’ll be taking on Arn Anderson and Eddie Guerrero.  Wow, that wasn’t staged, haha.  We all know, as wrestling fans, that it’s a show…but you gotta wonder sometimes if there is a fan out there that just wonders how all of these coincidences happen.

Match #2: “The Crippler” Chris Benoit VS Eddie Guerrero

Eddie and Benoit wrestle into the corner, where Benoit gives a clean break after giving some playful slaps to Eddie’s face and flashing the 4H sign.  Eddie wrestles Benoit into the opposite corner and then hits two of the quickest arm drags I have ever seen!  Ricky Steamboat would see these and go “damn!”

We go to commercial as Bischoff says we’re going to hear more about the Cruiserweight Championship after this.

We come back to Benoit with Eddie in a rear chin lock against his knee.  Bischoff says that in Japan, Otani will be the Japanese representative.  Eddie Guerrero, Scott Armstrong and Bobby Eaton are still in the tournament.  Bischoff says that Benoit lost to Otani and is taking the frustration out on Eddie.

Benoit, frustrated or not, German suplexes the crap out of Eddie Guerrero for a two count before backing him into the corner and punching him a few times.  Eddie fires back and the two trade punches for a bit.  Bischoff tells us that we’re going to get an interview with Savage.

Benoit gets Eddie in the corner and Eddie goes for a sunset flip out of a victory roll, but Benoit holds the ropes, comes down and pins Eddie for the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

We get the Up Next graphic showing us Hacksaw Jim Duggan VS Meng.

We get Mean Gene again who is standing with a very disinterested WCW VP Rob Garner.  Out comes Randy Savage.  Garner says he understands Savage’s feelings but that the actions are out of line.  If Savage doesn’t start toeing the line, there will be ramifications as it pertains to Savage’s career.  Savage says everyone at “city hall and WCW” are getting too comfortable around the Macho Man.  He says he’s going to be the tag team partner from Hell.  Garner says that Savage needs professional help.  Savage says if he needs a psychiatrist, then so does the Garner for standing there and talking to him like that.  Savage asks him if he knows what an open hand slap is before storming off.

We go to commercial and come back to our Saturday Night rundown.  Steven Regal VS the Belfast Bruiser.  Randy Savage.  The Giant.  Benoit VS Alex Wright.  We’ll also see Sting and Luger VS Harlem Heat if they still have the titles after tonight.

Match #3: Meng VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan

We go to commercial the moment Duggan gets in the ring and the match doesn’t start until the show comes on again.  What the hell did they do for three minutes?

Bischoff, for the second time, calls Golddust a “transvestite, Ru Paul impersonation.”

Bischoff takes a moment to say hello to Hulk Hogan.  Apparently he’s traveling and we’ll get an update on when he’ll be back.  Part of me seems to think he’s gone for a while…like, until July…but I’m not so sure about that.

Generic Hoss Fight.  Meng spends a few moments with Duggan in a nerve hold with Duggan looking like an idiot while in the move.  Duggan fires back and starts calling for Sweet Chin Music by stomping on the mat, but he’s taken back out and cut off by some Meng kicks.  Hacksaw staggers to the corner and grabs his 2×4, but the referee takes it.  Meng takes Duggan down and pins him, but only gets a 2.  Duggan rolls to the floor, tapes his fist up and punches Meng for the win.

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Man, you gotta love how wrestling logic dictates that a few layers of tape turns your fist into concrete.

Gene and the ladies announce Alex Wright & Disco Inferno VS Dick Slater and Earl Robert Eaton.  Gene asks the ladies if they have any plans after the show and Cherry says that they do, with him!  Gene says he feels like a mix between Bob Barker and Ric Flair.  The ladies draw Lord Steven Regal and…wait for it…The Belfast Bruiser!  They’ll take on VK Wallstreet & Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  Gene says that completes the first round for Battle Bowl…but, that’s only like 16 names.  What about the other 16?

Match #4: All Titles on the Line: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (WCW World Champion) & The Giant w/ Jimmy Hart, Ms. Elizabeth and Woman VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW TV Champion) (WCW Tag Team Champions)

Ric Flair stops for a moment to talk to Debra McMichael and to kiss her hand.

During the entrance, Randy Savage hits the ring and tries to take out Flair but is quickly handcuffed by the police.  While he’s being handcuffed, Flair starts stomping him in the head, which I’m certain is against some sort of law.    After dispatching Savage, Flair runs back down to pose for Debra.  Mongo says Flair better watch or they’ll be calling out more security for him!

Sting and Giant start the match off.  Giant backs him into the corner and tries to squash him a bit, but Sting retaliates with three dropkicks.  Giant no-sells them, though, as Bischoff tells us that Giant has been invited to try out for the Detroit Lions.  Luger enters and he and Sting punch Giant until he’s against the ropes and then hit a nice double clothesline to take him out of the ring.  Flair takes The Giant’s place but is met with a Sting press slam for his trouble.  Flair poses for Sting, turns around and Luger flexes for him, scaring the crap out of Flair.  Luger press slams Flair for good measure before tagging out to Sting.

Sting hits 7 punches in the corner, a hip toss and then a dropkick, sending Flair to the corner.  Sting whips him into the opposite corner, follows after him but is met with a Flair back elbow.    Flair forgets who he is, goes up top, and is tossed off the top.

Bischoff says that next week Nitro will start at 7 PM due to the NBA Playoffs.  I remember watching that episode.

Sting goes for a Stinger Splash outside but eats guardrail hard.  Woman rakes Sting’s eyes for good measure.

In the ring, Flair hits a good vertical suplex to Sting, who no-sells, fires up, and brings in Luger.  Luger is taking it to Flair when Giant comes into the ring and grabs Luger for the choke slam.  Sting comes off of the top rope and buckles the knee of The Giant.  Luger and Sting eventually break up the choke slam.  Woman hands Flair a cup of coffee, which he inadvertently tosses into the eyes of The Giant.  Flair bails fast as the match is called off.

Winners: Sting and Lex Luger (via DQ)

Flair runs back to the ring with a towel, drying off The Giant.  Mean Gene enters as Flair tries to apologize.  Giant says the coffee burned, but it lit a fire in his soul!  You can hear Flair yelling in the background but you can’t hear him over The Giant.  Flair’s at the announce booth.  He says he tried to apologize and Giant didn’t like it, so now he’s mad.  He didn’t like the way Giant looked at the girls anyway.  Flair says Giant has until the end of the show to apologize or he’ll kick Giant’s big ass!  Giant takes off towards Flair, so Flair gets the hell out of Dodge.  Bischoff says that Rob Garner will get it signed and next week, the World Championship will be on the line.  Heenan gives Flair some advice as we go off the air.


Not a terrible episode.  The Males/PE match was pretty entertaining.  Benoit VS Guerrero is never bad, so that’s awesome.  The Main Event wasn’t bad, with Lex showing way more babyface tenancies as we head into the summer of 1996.  Hacksaw VS Meng was awful and brought the show down a bit, but over all, not too bad.

I like the idea of the Lethal Lottery and am looking forward to Slamboree.

No Hogan!

Well, that’s it for this week. Thanks for bearing with us as we play catch up, but my school year is about to end, so this summer should be a time for banking tons of episodes so we should be running smoothly.  Plus, as we get nearer to the nWo arriving, I want us firing on all cylinders.  Until next time!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 3.3

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.7

(Raw – 13, Nitro – 14) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 4)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 3

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


WWF adds another notch to its longest streak column.  Unfortunately, that column is going to get a little longer before WCW really takes over.


WWF Raw results from this week

Goldust (w/ Marlena) defeated Savio Vega to win the vacant WWF Intercontinental Championship

Vader (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Fatu

Henry Godwinn & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri & Ken Patterson

Mankind defeated Aldo Montoya


As stated earlier, Bischoff ran down this card twice, letting us know not to switch to Raw.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work, as Nitro lost by almost a full point.  Not a great card, if I do say so.  WTF is Tajiri doing on there?!  Interesting.


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