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KoaNitro copyIt’s time, once again, for Monday Nitro!  Tonight we’re coming from Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, FL, for the third week in a row and we’re heading towards Hog Wild, WCW’s outdoor PPV at the Sturgis Biker Rally in Sturgis, SD.  Last week we had a Nitro where most of our star power was in Japan, allowing the nWo to show up at the end and decimate Lex Luger.  Let’s see where tonight’s episode takes us.

Our Hour #1 announcers, Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko, talk about the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and mention Muhammad Ali lighting the torch.  They replay video of them honoring Ali with an award and a donation to his foundation at Halloween Havoc 1994.  Tony says that tonight we’ll get an answer from The Giant as to whether he’ll be defending his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Hulk Hogan at Hog Wild.  Tony replays last week when the Outsiders were hanging out at their rooftop party central, covering the WCW letters with the nWo.

Match #1: Squire David Taylor w/ Jeeves VS Scott Norton

We’re told that Norton walked out on Ice Train on Saturday Night, which makes me sad.  I thought these guys were a tag team for a bit longer than they were.  How long were they a team?  Like two months?  That long?  I’m sure I’ll footnote this later when I actually look it up, but damn, I really liked them and now they’re gone.

Taylor tries to start off by shoulder blocking Norton, but Norton is having none of it and Taylor bounces off of the brick wall.  Taylor nails Norton with a couple of European uppercuts, but Norton derails that with a stiff clothesline.

Quick ending to the match as Norton tosses Taylor over the top rope, showing us that evidently that is still a disqualification in WCW.

Winner: David Taylor (via DQ)

Norton keeps brawling on the floor, attempting to powerbomb Taylor but he’s not really able to do it and just kind of drops him on the mat.  The referee is eventually able to run Norton off as we go to commercial and a promo from VK Wallstreet.  In an era of more reality based wrestling and the Outsiders, a gimmick like Wallstreet just sticks out like a sore thumb.

Mean Gene is with the Horsemen (sans Flair) and the ladies at the VIP section.  Mean Gene mentions Flair’s absence.  Arn says the Horsemen aren’t worried.  He says Flair likes to make an entrance and he’ll be here right on cue.  Gene asks Mongo about the match tonight and Mongo says he’s happy to finally get a shot at the big boys; Sting, Savage, and Luger.  Gene tells Benoit that those guys are really frustrated by the Oustiders, so they may take that out on the Horsemen tonight.  Benoit says that tonight the babyfaces will get a feel for the Crippler first hand.  Mean Gene asks Mongo for a banana and we cut to…

Match #2: VK Wallstreet VS Konnan

Konnan’s gear is so odd.  I guess it makes sense in a lucha atmosphere, but in WCW it’s just so random and odd and pink.  Wallstreet’s isn’t any better, truthfully, since it’s just a black singlet with a giant gold $ on the back.

Decent back and forth match, with Wallstreet controlling most of it and getting a decent amount of heat, but I’m not sure it’s heel heat or just Wallstreet Heat.  Crowd starts building up for Konnan, chanting his name, causing Larry to say “this isn’t Mexico!”  Konnan rushes into the corner, Wallstreet reverses, brings him down into an armlock and Konnan never quite realizes he is near the ropes and the hold lasts about twenty seconds longer than it should.  Off of the break, Konnan fires up a bit more, hitting a running lariat, a back kick and an X-Factor.  Wallstreet hits Konnan with the Wallstreet Crash fireman’s carry slam, but Konnan rolls it through and wins with a crucifix.

Konnan is constantly referred to as the Mexican Heavyweight Champion, but isn’t carrying a belt.

Winner: Konnan

Konnan, off camera, apparently walks by the Horsemen’s VIP section, causing Larry to ask if Konnan has his green card!  Stay classy, Legend.

Mean Gene is at the entry way with Sting, Luger, and Macho Man.  He mentions that they’ll be wrestling the Horsemen and Gene tells Luger that he still doesn’t know where Flair is.  Lex says Flair is probably in a hotel or a limo, but the babyfaces are here.  He says they’re here to make a strong statement and passes it to Sting.  Sting says that there is only one man around here in a limo, and he can stick it!  Savage says he wants the Horsemen, Hogan, and the Outsiders all at once!

New Glacier commercial.  This one isn’t just quick cuts of a logo, it’s Glacier doing martial arts katas.  Glacier was a dud, but still, I like his look.

Tony says we’re going to get an 8 man tag with some of WCW’s young guys and we go to a video of them.  It’s the exact same thing for each guy…Joe Gomez, Jim Powers, Alex Wright, and Renegade.  Each man walks down the beach and takes off his generic white WCW shirt.  It’s silly beefcake stuff.

Match #3: Jim Powers, Joe Gomez, Renegade, & Alex Wright VS The Dungeon of Doom (Kevin Sullivan, Hugh Morrus, Barbarian, & The Leprechaun) w/ Jimmy Hart

What the living hell, WCW?!  This is why I hate the Dungeon of Doom.  Good guys in there, don’t get me wrong.  I love the Faces of Fear and I really like Sullivan, but damn, man.  DoD is hokey 90s wrestling at its worst.  The Leprechaun is actually Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker, future trainer at WCW’s Power Plant facility.

As the match begins we’re told that there is a disruption at the control room.  A camera goes to the back and the Outsiders have broken into the control room and start messing with the controls, fading everything to black and making fun of the production staff.  Tony is super worried about the Outsiders taking them off the air and is calling for security.  Nash puts on a headset and immediately says “Ground Control to Major Tom.”  Hall puts one on and tells the control room to stop filming the match and to start panning the crowd because they’re looking for a buddy of theirs.  Finally a bunch of yellow shirted WCW security shows up to try to kick Hall and Nash out of the truck.  Our favorite security head, Doug Dillinger, shows up to finally boot the men from the production truck.

So, WCW wants to put these young guys over and cuts from their match to show super bored crowd members for the first five minutes of it.  Interesting.

Back in the match, Jim Powers gets booted from the ring and apparently decides to just sit out there for about thirty seconds as the camera man stays on him, still refusing to shoot this match.  Teddy Long shows up and gives him a pep talk and Powers hits the ring like a house of fire.  All Teddy said was “you’re doing a good job” basically.  Plus, didn’t he see how well his encouragement did for Fire & Ice?  They’re not even a damn team anymore!  Anyway, our young studs all follow suit and start beating the living crap out of the Dungeon until The Giant comes out and it’s a chokeslam party and the young guns all have invitations.

Winners: No Contest

Mean Gene risks a chokeslam and gets in the ring to ask Giant about the challenge from Hogan.  Giant says when he came to WCW, his mission was to win the WCW Championship, and he did that.  He says he swore an oath to defend the belt wherever it needs defending, and he’s done that.  Apparently no one told Giant he is a heel as that’s a pretty babyface move.  Giant says that WCW came up to him and asked him what they’re going to do about Hogan.  He says at Sturgis, he’s going to chokeslam Hogan in the center of the ring and the crowd eats it up.

We get a WCW Saturday Night Promo and apparently it’s tag team night all over TBS as Sting & Luger, The Steiners, Rough & Ready, and the Nasty Boys will all have matches.  Also, apparently the Booty Man has been hiding on Saturday Night as he’ll have a match as well.

Match #4: Diamond Dallas Page VS Prince Iaukea

Super quick match.  Some back and forth wrestling for about a minute and DDP hits the Diamond Cutter off of an Irish whip for the win.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

I was watching this one for a few moments just to get a feel for it before I started typing and suddenly, BANG, it’s over.  Nice squash match, gets the Diamond Cutter over…I like it.

We go to commercial and get a promo from Chavo Guerrero, Jr., and we find out he’ll be wrestling Dean Malenko later tonight.  When we come back, we get a look at the war between Sullivan and Benoit, including footage of their falls count anywhere match and their match from Bash at the Beach.

Match #5: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. VS “The Man of 1,000 Holds” Dean Malenko

I always liked Chavo.  He’s bland as all get out for most of his career, but I always enjoyed his stuff.  He’s still going strong on Lucha Underground as well, which everyone should check out.

As Dean comes out we get a replay of the end of the Eddie VS Benoit match that Dean was instrumental in.

Chavo starts off fast and strong, flipping over Malenko and hitting a quick headscissors, but Dean stops that with a knee to the gut off of the ropes and follows with a gutbuster, showing that he had no regard for Chavo’s midsection and what he may have had for lunch.  Dean sends Chavo high off of an Irish whip and just lets him fall to the mat, but Chavo retaliates with a dropkick, sending the Iceman to the floor to slow the pace.  Dean again goes to Chavo’s stomach with a knee and then suplexes him, keeping control of the match.  Dean’s been vicious since losing the WCW Cruiserweight Championship a few weeks ago and Tony points out that he’s shifted into high gear since then.  Dean sets Chavo on the top rope, going for a superplex that Chavo fights off as we go to fireworks and our Hour #2 announcers.  Chavo fights Dean off and gets two off of a sunset flip.  Dean snapmares Chavo, drops a knee and gets two before clamping on a headscissors.

Audio issues like crazy with our new announcers but Bischoff plays it off nicely by blaming the Outsiders.  Heenan’s first comments are inaudible, but apparently they get it fixed and he’s able to jump in and start complaining about the Outsiders.

The fans sitting at ringside for this match are mimicking wrestling each other.  It aggravates me.

Dean locks on an STF in the center of the ring and then pulls it back into a surfboard that Chavo kicks out of.  Dean is having none of it, though, and kicks Chavo in the chest and elbows him in the head as the ringside fans continue to piss me off.

Dean drops Chavo with a  brainbuster and a powerbomb as Jimmy Hart comes out to cheer Malenko on.  Dean questions him and Chavo rolls him up for two.  Chavo again almost catches Malenko with a small package.  Chavo comes off the top rope, Dean catches him and locks on the Texas Cloverleaf for the win.

Winner: Dean Malenko

Dean flashes a 4 Horsemen sign, which this time is meant as a mocking thing, but in just two years he’ll flash it for real and I’ll mark out like crazy.

Match #6: Ice Train VS Meng w/ Jimmy Hart

“Did you know that just 100 years ago, these people were cannibals?” – Eric Bischoff

“I’d have believed it if you said just last Thursday.” – Bobby Heenan

This should be a nice hoss fight.  Meng starts off viciously but Ice Train gets a nice crossbody block in that sends a ton of weight down to the mat.  Teddy Long is standing at ringside watching Ice Train, so I guess Teddy is going to add Ice Train to this terrible jobber stable he’s building with Craig Pittman and Jim Powers.  Is Teddy just trying to manage the WCW Saturday Night roster?

Meng takes control with a barrage of headbutts, even able to capitalize when Ice Train tries to slam him as he shifts his weight and comes down in a crossbody for two.  Ice Train gets a bit of momentum from a flying clothesline off of an Irish whip but Meng gets a jab to the throat and a headbutt to the chin, sending Ice Train back down to the mat.

What the hell is an Ice Train anyway?

Whatever it is, he fires up, splashes in the corner, powerslam for two.  Ice Train goes for a double axe handle but Meng kicks him right in the face.  Meng takes Ice Train to the floor and out comes Scott Norton to beat down Meng.

Winner: Meng (via DQ)

Norton yells into the camera that Ice Train doesn’t have anything to worry about because he’s got his back.  He says that he wants him to have no excuses at Hog Wild.

Bischoff sends us to a video replay of Hogan turning on WCW and joinging the nWo.

Match #7: Psicosis VS Eddie Guerrero

This crowd is hot for Eddie.  It’s crazy to think that as good as Eddie is here, he isn’t anywhere near his peak.  In a year he’ll be even better, having arguably the best match ever with Rey Jr., then he’ll get even better later down the line when he joins WWE.

Eddie starts off fast with a quick armdrag and they take it to the mat as we go to a commercial break.  Back from break, Psicosis has Eddie in the corner, whipping him to the opposite one and following him in, but Eddie moves.  Eddie flies around the ring a bit before eating a dropkick from Psicosis.  Eddie clotheslines Psicosis out of the ring, heads up top and flies off with a dive to Psicosis on the floor.  Backdrop from Eddie for two.  He goes for it again but Psicosis moves and nits him with an enziguiri to the back of the head.  Psicosis slams Eddie and goes up top, presumably for his top rope legdrop, but Eddie stands up, so Psicosis adjusts and takes him out with a spinwheel kick.  He follows with a suicide dive through the ropes to the floor.  Psicosis rolls Eddie back into the ring and comes off the top with that awesome legdrop, but doesn’t go for the cover.  He whips Eddie into the ropes, but Eddie rolls him up for two.  Flip up to a Frankensteiner and immediately into a backbreaker for two from Guerrero.  Psicosis gets two off of his own Frankensteiner, then hits a nice powerbomb.

“Unfortunately, I can speak from experience…that hurts.” – Bischoff

Senton off the top for two by Psicosis.  Eddie takes him to the top, top rope Frankensteiner and immediately follows with the frog splash.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Match #8: Steve “Mongo” McMichael, “The Cripper” Chris Benoit, & “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman, Ms. Elizabeth, and Debra McMichael VS Sting, “The Total Package” Lex Luger, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Ric Flair is announced as being with the group, but doesn’t come to the ring with them.  There is speculation as to what that means as we go off to commercial break.  We come back and Arn Anderson is looking into the windows of a long white limo, presumably for Flair.  Anderson, dejected, makes his way to the ring and joins his fellow Horsemen as their third man.

Sting comes out channeling his inner Bret Hart, dressed all in pink and black.  His hair is getting long, too.  Looks like he shaved that big of goatee off of his face from the week before, though, which is good as it just looked weird.  Macho Man is wearing one of his outfits with the top, which I never liked.  I hated that look in WWF and I still hate it now.

Sting and Double A start off and Sting is a house of fire.  Clothesline city for Double A, a press slam for Benoit and a punch for Mongo, but Mongo comes back with a diving shoulder block from the second rope that knocks out Sting’s momentum.  The babyfaces chase the heels around the ring a bit as Double A goes to work on Sting and tags out to the Crippler.

Benoit chops the living shit out of Sting in the corner and apparently Benoit’s chops are more effective against Sting than Flair’s because Sting didn’t no-sell anything there!  Benoit takes him down, slaps him around, and tags out to Mongo to keeps up the punishment.  He tags out to Benoit again, who takes it to Sting, picking right up where he left off.  Sting gets a moment of hope but the Crippler shuts that down and tags out to the Enforcer.  Arn puts it on Sting some more, keeping him in place with a leg lock and tagging out to Mongo.  Sting fires back up a bit but is again taken down by Mongo, who very awkwardly slams him in the corner before tagging out to Benoit.  Really, it was odd…like Mongo didn’t have any clue where to go.  Plus, Sting was holding the top rope, so he came down weird.

Quick tags between the Horsemen brings Arn back in.  Sting gets a sleeper hold, Arn reverses it, Sting drops him in a backdrop, finally getting the tag to Luger as Arn tags in Benoit.  House of fire and clothesline city from Luger, taking out all three Horsemen.  In come Sting and Savage, beating all three men back into corners.

On the outside, it looks like Debra wants to send in the briefcase but she and Woman end up fighting over it.  Savage runs out, grabs it, and uses it to waffle Benoit.  Luger pins him for the win.

Winners: Sting, Luger, and Savage

We to go commercial and come back to Mean Gene in the ring with the babyfaces.  Gene randomly says “Young lady, don’t throw your underwear into the ring,” to which Savage grabs the mic and says “it’s okay!”

Gene says that Sting and Luger will be taking on the Outsiders at Hog Wild.  Sting says that last week, Luger was feeling a little down, but now with the news that they’ll get the Outsiders at Hog Wild, they’re just feeling mean.  Sting says he never paid much attention to the horoscopes, but he thumbed through the paper and it looks like Hog Wild is going to be a real bad day for them.  Luger cuts generic wrestling promo #234, but he’s pretty damn intense about it, so that’s cool.  Savage cuts his promo to Hulk Hogan.  He says the Giant accepted the title match, but he’ll never make it because he’s going to ambush him in the aisle before he can make it and no one is going to stop him!  With that, Gene sends us off the air.


Pretty good show tonight.  The main event was fast paced and full of excitement, which was awesome.  Best main event in a good while, honestly.  Some good technical matches with Eddie/Psicosis and Dean/Chavo.  Some intrigue with Flair missing.  I wonder what was up with that.

I still find it funny that during the match where you can tell WCW wanted to show off their young studs that they cut away from the match for so long, dealing with The Outsiders in the production truck.  It’s also interesting that the few moments of that segment was the only time that we saw the nWo this entire show.  As we’re in a time now when you have wrestlers showing up in four or five segments of a TV show, it’s refreshing to see that WCW could take the hottest thing they had going at the time and only give us five minutes of it.  They’re doing a great job of making the nWo a presence, like the shark from Jaws.  You don’t always have to see it to know it’s around, lurking, waiting to strike.  Great stuff there.  I wish they could have kept it up as we head further into the year, but still, what can you do?

We’ve still got pissed off, intense Sting, which is great.

Pretty good show this week and they keep setting the stage for Hog Wild, which I’m very excited for.  Until next time, WCW fans!


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.2

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.6

(Raw – 17, Nitro – 23) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 5)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6


All tied up now, as far as winning streaks go!  Six more wins than WWF in total!  Looking good, Nitro!


WWF Raw results from this week

Mankind defeated Freddie Joe Floyd via submission with the Mandible Claw.

Goldust defeated Barry Horowitz with the Curtain Call.

During the bout, Brian Pillman did guest commentary.

Marc Mero (w/ Sable) defeated the Goon with a legdrop over the top rope into the ring.

Shawn Michaels & Ahmed Johnson defeated The Smoking Gunns (w/ Sunny) via disqualification in a WWF Tag Team Championship


Three squash/job matches and a decent main event that I kind of want to go back and watch…when does this show turn the corner, man?


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